Start The New Year Right With Edwin & PCHSearch&Win!

Happy New Year PCHSearch&Win Fans!

It’s Me, Edwin, and I’ve got a BIG Question for you! Hoo…Hoo…Who’s Ready to Make This a Year of Great Change? I know I am, but it seems like time is flying faster than I do these days!


Just last week, I was writing to wish you a Merry Christmas, and here we are, already in 2014!   And while I was having a hoot of a time last night with my owl-pals …


Those wise guys (and gals) asked me if I had a New Year’s resolution … and my head nearly spun around!  I’ve been so busy here on PCHSearch&Win that I had forgotten all about it!  But your pal Edwin knew just what to do — I reached for my phone, came to PCHSearch&Win and did a search for New Year’s Eve Resolution ideas right away!  So I could happily tell my pals in this parliament of owls that I intend to get fit …


and relax more …


But the biggest thing I want to do is make this a year of great change — for YOU that is!  And I’m not just talking pocket change, here!  I’m talking about the Life-Changing SuperPrize and Instant-Win Payouts you can go for at PCHSearch&Win (make sure you’re logged in, search for any word or phrase and you could Win Big)!  I want to resolve to keep on bringing you prizes that could change your life!  So you know what you have to do to help me stick to my resolution, right?  Search today and every day and let your pal Edwin keep on bringing you great Prize news!

So, tell me — Hooo’s in it to win it already today and who’s ready to start the year right with a WIN?  Let me know below — and tell me about your New Year’s resolutions, too!

Happy New Year!


2,849 thoughts on “Start The New Year Right With Edwin & PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    I’m entering for a chance to win $50,000.00 cash prize and plus the $10,000.00 a week for life on December 23rd and my local tv area Springfield MO. Yes I do want to win. Thanks PCH

  2. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    Entering for a chance to win a $20 cash prize winner, and my local tv area Springfield MO. Plus the $10,000.00 a week for life on December 23rd. Yes I do want to win. Thanks PCH

  3. Debra Betties says:

    I will love to be bless with year’s of income in the need of a blessing pch God bless. Debra Betties ,Bless me Lord.

  4. simaarts says:

    Dear PCH, I am ready and I know I am the winner. On Jan,11,2016 my numbers matched in High 5’s and I hit the Jack Pot at 2:33 PM and 2:34PM and 2:35 PM . I kept it as a secret, but now is the time to claim my ” win it all” on June 30. Yes, I am so excited and I want to win $ 2000,000.00 + more. I also had matching numbers , on June, 14,15,16,and 21. Yes, I want to claim my winning prize number and get my big check on June,30. God bless you all. SW

  5. Deloris Wilkins-Rodgersi says:

    YES YES PCHSearch&Win on June 30th I would like to win 2,000,000.00 plus more. Thank you

  6. Sandra Dorman says:

    Ok Mr. Edwin, yes, I have committed to not smoking and sticking with it! I see you have been very busy, therefore you broke one of your resolution, more relaxing.


    P.S. I’ll be waiting for the knock on my door by Prize Patrol holding beautiful roses, colorful balloons, yummy champagne and a “Big Check”! WOW!

    Thanks PCH Team

  7. June 5 ,2016@ 5:36
    Hi PCH Prize Patrol what a wonderful Sunday evening in
    Augusta, GA I’M Shirley Stephenson I would love secure
    and claim and comfirm my eligible prize number in time
    manner Pch Prize number 54 0852 . To possibly win $2,000 000.00 in cash plus more. .. I’m claiming pchgwy #6900 $10 ,000.00 a month for life. In special early look
    On June 30th.

  8. Nancy Henderson says:

    * just want to win pch.

  9. Loyce Stewart says:

    Thanks to pch for the chance to win big and the $15,000.00 I’m here to win

  10. Larry williams says:

    Thank pch for the Five 5 Entries to win the Exclusive prize of $15.000.00 cash,From Gwy No.7233. I Larry Williams want to win. One day this yrs.

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