Celebrate The New Year By Winning With PCHSearch&Win!


Hey Searchers!

Congratulations! You’ve survived another holiday season!

Now that all the hustle and bustle of family, presents, and holiday plans is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy the first days of 2014. For a few years now, I have been fortunate enough to be able to save up enough money to take a nice relaxing vacation after the winter holidays are over. This is probably the only time during the year besides summer that a college student like myself can actually sit back and do absolutely nothing. It’s so great! However, going on vacation isn’t cheap, and it involves a lot of planning and decision-making. If you’re like me and look forward to getting away after the craziness of the holidays is over, listen up!

Like I do whenever I have a question about something, I went right to PCHSearch&Win to find my answer. This time, I decided to search for “Top Inexpensive Vacation Destinations For After The Holidays”. While I’m more of a beach and frozen drink type of girl, this year I’m open to taking a vacation right here in the beautiful USA!

And what do you know…PCHSearch&Win impressed me once again by showing me an article from Conde Nast Traveler titled “6 Great-Value Holiday Travel Destinations”. Wow! That’s just what I was looking for! Some of the destinations on the list include the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., Denver, New York City, Orlando, and Las Vegas! NOTE: All of the places I just listed have relatively low-priced plane tickets, and plenty of affordable, quality hotels to choose from. That’s the most important thing after all —making sure your getaway doesn’t break the bank.

So searchers, I was wondering…would you like to land some extra cash and cool prizes to take with you on your wonderful vacation? Perfect, because I have just the thing for you! Today kicks off another wonderful week of PCHSearch&Win Prizefest! Listen up to hear all of the amazing instant prizes you could win!

Monday, January 6th: Be sure to search ALL DAY LONG! There will be a winner every hour AND from 7pm to midnight there will be a cash winner every 15 minutes!

Tuesday, January 7th: ONE searcher will be Mr./Ms. Fix-it with a $500 Home Depot Gift Card!

Wednesday, January 8th: ONE extremely lucky winner will walk away with a brand-new Dell Laptop!

Thursday, January 9th: ONE winner will instantly be $1,000 richer with $1,000 FAST CASH!

Friday, January 10th: The cash continues! TEN lucky searchers will win $25 CASH prizes!

Saturday, January 11th: Get ready to redecorate for the New Year! FIVE searchers will win $100 Ikea Gift Cards!

Sunday, January 12th: CASH CASH CASH! Search ALL DAY LONG for your chance to win over $2,000 in CASH prizes!

The winning is strong with this week searchers! Be sure to login at PCHSearch&Win every single day and search for your opportunity to win awesome instant prizes!

Happy New Year!

Christa P.
Creative intern

28 thoughts on “Celebrate The New Year By Winning With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Mario Echeverria says:

    Dray up a vera special occasion to celebrare him for winning muy PCH and break the bank . Anxiously i hope that day . ME

  2. PCH GWY NO.4900 BREAK THE BANK, and I’m staking my claim on this Entry for the win the win!
    PCH 14006

  3. hello pch and yes i would like to win 10,000.00 a week for life plus 1 million cash

  4. wyron Oard says:

    The first word I spotted was cow and to that’s cash over women rules my world

  5. wyron Oard says:

    The first word I spotted was cow and to that’s cash over women rules my world

  6. Kathy kersey says:

    I wood love to win it thank you pchit wood be a blessing to me and my love ones Thank You PCH

  7. Renee Wuitron says:

    Yes I want to win so please pick my numbers
    Thank you Pch!!!! Renee Wuitron
    God Bless.

  8. I want to win a big check to pay off all that i owe and after that buy myself the truck of my dreams.

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