Congratulations To Another PCHSearch&Win Winner, Andrew S.!

Hey Searchers!

It’s happened again! Another lucky searcher has won an awesome prize from PCHSearch&Win, and it’s a BIG one! Just recently, fellow PCHSearch&Win searcher Andrew S. from Titusville, PA won a brag-worthy $5,000 just from being logged in and searching on PCHSearch&Win! Some of our fans on Deborah Holland‚Äôs PCH Fan Page on Facebook recently told us that they wanted to hear MORE about our PCHSearch&Win winners, so I decided to ask him a few questions to find out what it was like winning $5,000 just from just searching online! Here’s what he had to say…

Christa: Hi Andrew! Congratulations on your win! Can you tell our blog readers what PCHSearch&Win prize you’ve won?

Andrew: I won a $5,000 Search&Win Exclusive prize on PCHSearch&Win!

Christa: Wow, Andrew! That’s awesome! Did you ever think you’d win?

Andrew: No, I never thought I would win, but I thought I would give it a try!

Christa: I bet you’re glad you did! Is this the first time you’ve won anything from Publishers Clearing House?

Andrew: Yes! This is my first time winning with PCH, hopefully more to come!

Christa: We can only hope right!? How long have you been entering to win through PCH?

Andrew: I actually had only been entering through PCH for a few months before I won.

Christa: I mean it only takes one right? How often do you use PCH websites? What sites do you use?

Andrew: I use the main PCH site, and also PCHSearch&Win. I use them about once a week.

Christa: That’s great! Can you tell us how you got started with PCHSearch&Win? What do you like most about it?

Andrew: I got started when I entered an entry form on the internet. The PCH site was really easy to use!

Christa: I’m glad it was easy finding your way around! Since your win, have you encouraged friends or family members to enter Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?

Andrew: Yes! I’ve told my family and friends about my win and encouraged them to try it too!

Christa: The more the merrier! Would you recommend PCHSearch&Win to others?

Andrew: Yes of course! I encourage others to use the site because it’s easy to use and there are some really great offers.

Christa: There sure are! One final question, what winning advice would you give to our blog readers?

Andrew: I would encourage people to just keep trying because you never know! I rarely win anything, and this was a complete shock to me when I received my notification in the mail that I won $5000.00!

Christa: I’m sure that must have been quite a good shock! Thanks so much for your time Andrew, I hope you enjoy your winnings!

There you have it folks! A word from one of our recent winners, Andrew! Congratulations again Andrew! If you want to become a PCHSearch&Win winner like Andrew, remember to use it for all your searching needs!


Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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