You Need To Dream BIG To Win BIG With PCHSearch&Win!


Hey Searchers!

Have you ever dreamed about doing something great? Whether it be graduating from school with top honors, achieving world peace, or even winning a sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House, having dreams means that you have ambition, and that is a wonderful thing to have.

We at PCH can’t stress enough how important it is to let yourself dream — and dream BIG. You have the capability to do anything you put your mind to, all you need to do is try. For example, if you’ve been dreaming of winning from PCHSearch&Win, you should be searching on PCHSearch&Win every chance you get! Only those people who really want something will go after it with all their might! Do YOU really want to win? Well what I’m about to tell you will make you want to win even more! Listen up!

Without further ado, here are the instant prizes you can win this week!

Monday, January 20th: 25 searchers will get lost in a great book with $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards!

Tuesday, January 21st: FIVE lucky winners will be able to shop from home with $100 HSN Gift Cards!


Wednesday, January 22nd: TEN searchers will go cordless with Amazon Kindle Fires!

Thursday, January 23rd: FIVE winners will get the LIVE experience with $50 Stubhub Gift Cards!

Friday, January 24th: Prizes will be given away all day long including an Apple Gift Card, a Travelocity Gift Card, CA$H, and a whole lot more!

Saturday, January 25th: Mama Mia! TEN searchers will receive $25 Olive Garden Gift Cards!

SW_1_20_Olive Garden

Sunday, January 26th: TEN searchers will become $50 richer by landing 50 big ones!

There you have it searchers! I told you you could win BIG! Remember to log into PCHSearch&Win before you start searching! And of course, don’t forget to follow your dreams!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

85 thoughts on “You Need To Dream BIG To Win BIG With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. bill says:

    I am dreaming I win big

  2. says:

    yeah,i want to be a winner

  3. says:

    i love pch you geve me hope

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