Edwin the Owl Teaches The Do’s And Don’ts Of PCHSearch&Win!



Good day, my searching students!  It is I, Edwin the wise and humble owl.  I am master of all things PCHSearch&Win!  PCHSearch&Win is the best source to get answers to questions, and it’s filled with chances to win some serious instant prizes!

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “how do I use PCHSearch&Win?” Well wonder no more!  In today’s lesson, we’ll be covering the five W-questions, and bonus H-question!  I’ll be watching as you follow along with me, and I’ll dispense the answers!

First up…


These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t do a web search every day.  But why choose from your favorite search engines like Google and Yahoo, when you can search at PCHSearch&Win and get results from the best of both worlds!  And that’s not all!  When you’ve logged into your PCHSearch&Win account, your first search every day grants you entry into the amazing SuperPrize!  Your searches also get you entries for our fantastic instant prizes like cash, gift cards, electronics, and more!


“Who” is an owl’s favorite question, and in our court of public opinion, we say EVERYONE!  But while we’re getting legal, the official rules for the instant win sweepstakes say they’re open to users ages 13 and up.


The simple answer is – ANYTHING!  You could search for TV listings, weather reports, entertainment news.  You name it!  I like to search for tips on keeping my feathers clean and my talons healthy!


Thankfully PCHSearch&Win is like the city of Gotham- it is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  That means you can hop on and do a search whenever you feel like it!  Plus our prizes are awarded at random times throughout the day, so any time can be the “right time!”


Feel free to use PCHSearch&Win on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device – wherever you feel most comfortable!


Let your wings take flight and start typing whatever you like into the search box!  When you’re done, click on the search button or press “enter” on the keyboard.  It’s that simple!

One thing I like to impart to my little owlets is a list of PCHSearch&Win Dos and Don’ts .  After all, we want everyone to remember that they can use PCHSearch&Win all day long, and not just when they want to win great prizes!  Remember, clicking on tons of links won’t help you win.  In fact, it could cause your account to be taken away, and that’s not good for anybody!

So let me leave you with that list I was talking about!

SW_2_7_PCHsearch&win Do's and Don'ts

All right class, that’s all the material I have for you today!  Please do let me know if there are any other tips or topics you’d like me to cover!  The best way to reach me (and the rest of the PCHSearch&Win team) is to leave a comment in the section below!

Happy Searching,


PCHSearch&Win Mascot-in-Chief


59 thoughts on “Edwin the Owl Teaches The Do’s And Don’ts Of PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Betty says:

    Where can I buy an Edwin mascot-in -chief doll?

  2. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Yes I hear opportunity “knocking” at my door with a dream come true on Nov 25th with the PCH Prize Payrol Elite Team handing me that Big Check and celebrating with me winning SuperPrize $10k week for life!!! So Welcome Dave, Todd, and Daneille see ya soon-Thanks PCH for all you do for us all- God bless

  3. JANE GROSS says:

    When I get up in the morning,first thing I make my tea,an a bagel,turn on the tv,oil up my kindle an SEARCH all day,on pch,from morning til nighttime it’s 11:02 right now,everything I find is very interesting.there are times I find my self in a place I don’t know how I got there,just hit the site I come to,I really In joy myself all day,thank you pch,

  4. pauline mcphersonthomas says:

    OK PCH thnx for the info., I wanna wanna WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you are legit,then show me the MONEY. I need some now.

  6. carolinejinks says:

    I want to win 4 chances to win 10,000.000.00 superprize

  7. Edwin this is a good post. I have learned a lot from it. THANK YOU!

  8. When I search I receive confirmation from PCH that I have received a successful search, however the search page never appears. What needs to be changed on my computer? Each time I search after that with new topics, I do not receive confirmation that I have searched it just says continue searching.

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    Thank a lot , Edwin!

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