Snack Away All Day With PCHSearch&Win!

Happy Monday!

 How many of you love eating delicious sweet treats? Cakes and cookies and chips, and oh my, I could list yummy snacks for hours! So, why am I starting off today’s blog listing all these delicious sweet treats? Well PCH fans, February marks the start of National Snack Food Month!

Snack away with cookies and milk

That’s right searchers! A whole month dedicated to a variety of delicious snacks! While some of you may run straight for the sweet treats, I’ve come to prefer a healthier assortment of snack foods. While I will never give up my love for the occasional sweet treat (red velvet cake is my absolute favorite!) I’ve found some super tasty snacks that are a bit healthier, but still delicious!


How did I find all these healthy snacks you may ask? Well I headed straight to PCHSearch&Win and typed in “healthy snacks” to see what I could find! My results were fantastic! I found recipes, tips for finding healthy snacks in my local supermarkets and so much more! Even with all these tasty recipes, I still think one of my favorite healthy snacks are my two childhood favorites – celery sticks with cream cheese and carrots with hummus!

Healthy Snacks

So searchers, what are your favorite snacks? Do you prefer the sweet treats, or a healthier alternative like the recipes and ideas I found from PCHSearch&Win? Whichever you prefer, head on over to PCHSearch&Win and start searching for snacking ideas of your own! Oh, and how could I forget that the best part of searching is that you can instantly win some awesome prizes? Want to know what you can win this week? Here is the lineup of fantastic prizes we have in store!

Monday 2/10: Need some extra green? And no, I am not talking about vegetables! Today we’re giving away (10) $25 cash prizes!

Tuesday 2/11:  Need to spruce up your space? Today we are giving away (5) $100 Ikea gift cards!

 Wednesday 2/12:  More green coming your way! Here is your chance to win your piece of $5,000, which is the total amount of cash we’re giving away today!

Thursday 2/13: Need that last minute outfit for your Valentine’s Day celebration tomorrow? Here is your chance to score one of the (5) $100 Macy’s gift cards we are giving away!

Friday 2/14: Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re showing the love today by giving away (5) $100 Ebay gift cards!

Saturday 2/15: Someone’s Saturday is about to get a lot more exciting! We’re giving away a fantastic $1000 cash prize today to one lucky searcher!

Sunday 2/16:  Nothing beats curling up with a blanket and a good book on a snowy winter day! Here is your chance to win one of the (10) Amazon Kindle Fire HDs that we are giving away today!

So PCH fans, log on now and get started! The chance to win one of these amazing prizes could only be clicks away!

Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

19 thoughts on “Snack Away All Day With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. PCH Strawberry Sweet Cash! $2,500.00 Instant WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO.4766! D.M.

  2. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    yes, im ready to win on nov. 25th. yes, if I do win my dreams will come true for my kids. thanks PCH.

  3. PCH Strawberry Sweet Cash! WIN $2,500.00 Instant WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY NO.4766! D.M.

  4. PCH Strawberry Sweet Cash! $2,500.00 Instant WIN! PCh SweepStakes Entry! From PCh GWY NO.4766! D.M. Oat-Meal Cookies & Milk Sounds Really Good Right Now.

  5. PCH Strawberry Sweet Cash $2,500.00 Instant WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY NO.4766! D.M.

  6. PCHSearch&WIN! PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH Strawberry Sweet Cash! WIN $2,500.00 Instant WIN! PCH GWY #4766! D.M Love Sweet Strawberrys Specialy With Whip Cream..

  7. michael walczak says:

    hello pch and yes i would like to win 10,000.000.00 and the 100,000.00 a week for for a year and the 1,000.000.00 plus 5,000.00 a week for a year and the 5,000.00 a week for life and i hope you come knock on my door mike walczak

  8. gil casillas says:

    some strawberry crunch cake and some cool whip . and some hot coco . all for a cold day.

  9. PCH yes I would like to win a million dollars and I love the snack on your sneakers sweets finger Butterfinger Reeses and twitch Nestle Crunch is Nestle I’m enjoying her she Allman Rollo I just like the wind support my family have a good time don’t have to worry about that no more like winsome it doesnt matter thats all accounts may God bless everybody out there is playing this game whoever wins hey man

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