PCH Delivers Big Checks To Charity For Annual Give Back Event!

A good morning to all of you Search&Win fans! Hope everyone is dealing okay with all of the snowy, frigid, cold winter weather in most of the country. We thought it would be a good idea to send a little warmth your way with some “heartwarming” stories from Publishers Clearing House!

In addition to making dreams come true for winners, we’ve also been busy delivering Big Checks to some very deserving charities across the country. Remember we told you a few months ago about our annual charity event  on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook called The Give Back? Well, we asked fans to vote for their favorite charity to receive a big donation from Publishers Clearing House. And once the results were tallied, we made plans to deliver Big Checks to all winning three charities — each one amazing and each one very appreciative of the hand delivered donations from PCH! It’s my honor to now give you a brief rundown on them all.

The Prize Patrol Delivers $25,000.00 Check to The USO!


Danielle B. and Sarah S. were thrilled to don their Prize Patrol jackets and travel to Arlington, VA to deliver a well-deserved $25,000.00 to the USO (United Service Organizations). Sarah reports that when they boarded the plane carrying the carefully wrapped “Big Check”, they were met with stern disapproval from the flight attendant, who insisted that they “check in the check”! But once Danielle B. explained that they were the Prize Patrol with an important delivery to make, and that they could NOT leave the check out of their sight, it was all smiles and joy. What happened next will bring a smile to YOUR face. The pilot insisted the check travel with him up in the cockpit! How’s that for a first class delivery!

Next, they headed in the Prize Patrol Van to the USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir. Suffice it to say they were very warmly greeted and received! It was a great feeling to know that the check would go towards helping our troops and military families both at home and abroad . Sarah said: “Knowing that the $25,000 will go a long way for an organization that touches so many lives was definitely a moment that I will never forget.”

 Prize Patrol Gives Back to The ASPCA® With $35,000!



Since a great deal of us love and care for very special pets at home, we couldn’t have been more pleased when fans voted to award The ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®)  with a generous donation. Our own Cat J. (coincidence?) from the Social Media Team braved the elements to travel to NYC and present the carefully wrapped check in person. As you know, The ASPCA® is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services.  Their work helps at-risk animals in shelters across the country, and they provide invaluable resources for pet owners, too. We want to thank our fans for helping us to make a difference for the ASPCA®, whose tireless work to protect animals goes such a long way. If our furry friends could talk, I’m sure they would say a BIG thank you, too!

PCH Gives Back To St. Jude Children’s Hospital With $50,000!

St Jude


Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol and Brooke O. were on hand to deliver a very welcomed check at the St. Jude Children’s Hospital® in Memphis. They were given a very warm and happy greeting upon their arrival, and they came to appreciate what a remarkable hospital it is on a thorough tour of the facilities.  The young patients are treated to kid-friendly rooms, corridors and furniture, and the bright, beautiful colors give it a real warm and homey feeling. Did you know that this state-of-the-art medical and research facility was started more than 50 years ago through a promise made by founder Danny Thomas? And no family ever pays St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing and food — it’s all provided courtesy of generous public and corporate donations. Publishers Clearing House couldn’t be more proud to join St. Jude’s large group of benefactors.  We salute the unsung heroes at St. Jude, and their tremendous work toward increasing the survival rate of the most common form of childhood cancer from four percent in 1962 to 94 percent today!

We want to thank each of these charities for all the important work they do. And once again, a big thanks to all of our fans who participated in The Give Back event on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. Did you know you could find ways to make a difference in your neighborhood by searching on PCHsearch&win? Why don’t you give it a try! You could help make someone’s dreams come true, too!

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  1. Dylan Schwartz says:

    I would love to win it all! Plus bank the tokens so I could start a new charity as well as donate to all of the above! How sweet it would be able to be in a position to help others in a profound way. Thank you pch, for being so awesome and for helping so many people! You are beautiful for doing this and I send you love and gratitude.

  2. It’s a wonderful thing that people want to help.all these great charities.But has anyone ever THOUGHT ABOUT helping all the children HERE in The ORGHANS Home In the Great USA,instead of those over seas.You hear about all these charities,except this one.Chanel 8 news is the only one that reports,children needing to be adopted.Just think about it,all the people wanting to rush and help adopt,over seas.Children in theUSA want to feel loved and happy,andWANTED TOO.There the ones I want to help.

  3. Tornado victim’s, I live in Oklahoma, we need storm shelters asap.& just 1 housing addition has 50 or more Native Americans home’s

  4. says:

    gwy4900 and $1,000,00 Los Angeles local Kabc

  5. says:

    PCH $25,000,00.for donation

  6. Prize patrol ready to deliver $10,000,00 a week for life gwy4900 and $1,000,00 Los Angeles local Kabc tv area gwy 5035 from a special early look December 30th

    1. Plus $25,000,00 bonus cash gwy 4746

  7. Giving back a donation to help a group awesome idea

    1. PCH $25,000,00.for donation sant Jude children Hospital

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