$1,000 Cash

$1,000 Cash

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  1. Mary Phillips says:

    PCHsearch&win: A Local TV AREA PRIZE Winner PCH Contest OFFICIALS have Jurisdiction to a major $1,000.00 Prize in JACKSONVILLE TV AREA as part of and pursuant to Publishers Clearing House Gwy No.6884 must be awarded in JACKSONVILLE TV AREA. PLUS I COULD BECOME A WINNER OF$2,000,000.00 plus $10,000.00 A Month for Life plus A Brand New Lincoln MKZ valued over $36,115.00! From Gwy No.6900 As locality has been Confirmed regarding my 32254 zip code. THANK YOU Msg Deborah Holland EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Please ACTIVATE My Entry To #Win! IT ALL!# on June 30th! Ensure To SECURE MY FULLY ELIGIBILITY TO WIN! IT ALL! FROM Gwy No. 6900. I want to Win! ON June 30th!

    1. Mary Phillips says:

      This is during the Special Early Look Prize EVENT! For PCH Gwy No.6900+ Gwy No.6884 ! I Am #IN IT TO WIN IT ALL! #KNOCK Knock plus Ensure to SECURE my FULLY ELIGIBILITY TO WIN!

  2. I want to win $1,000 cash in my local Raleigh-Durham viewing area plus $5,000 or $10,000 a week for life will be great

  3. Yes I want to win $1,000 cash will be great

  4. Melinda Gracia says:

    I would surely love to win $1000 cash

  5. Keith Martin says:

    I. Would like to win a $1000.cash prize

    1. I want my entry activated to win $1,000 cash in my tv viewing area will be great

  6. I want to win $1,000.00 . Look forward to meeting you on April 29th . Thank you.

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