$1,000 Cash

$1,000 Cash

259 thoughts on “$1,000 Cash”

  1. If I won $1,000, I would put it in my savings account, at my bank, or go and buy myself things That I could’nt allow myself before to spend that amount of money.

  2. Nance Psrra says:

    iWork’s like to win $1000. Cash

  3. HANNA says:

    I win 1000 cash ?

  4. cbarbee says:

    I WANNA WIN, Not Lose, It should be my time to win!!!

  5. Alex Galaviz says:

    I could use a vacation with that money

  6. CAROL says:

    Love to have the extra cash to start buying my son and grandson Christmas presents. In addition, pay off a couple of bills.

  7. Ivy Holmes says:

    This would be a nice prize to win, but the best prize would be a lifetime winner. Either way money is nice no matter how much it is.

  8. Lisia Skinner says:

    Enter me for gwy. No. 6884 local TV area 1,000 cash

  9. TN Wright says:

    Searching for $1,000.i could use any amount you want to get rid of! Thanks

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