Home Depot Gift Card

20 thoughts on “Home Depot Gift Card”

  1. awesome to be able to buy things I need

  2. bill says:

    could really use the cash

  3. bill says:

    Really would love to win cash

  4. james d. lee sr. says:

    I need to re-model my old house

  5. Dedei Okyne says:

    please enter me to the home depot gift card i would need a kitchen redone.

  6. URSULA says:


  7. Elizabeth Benton says:

    I just need my yard redone….Not able to do it myself, lost my husband 3 yrs. ago…..Need Mulch, and drain pipe to stop washing….

  8. I am praying for a miracle, had brain surgery and don’t know how ,but I’m two payments behind on my home its hard to take in don’t have know one to help me and my grandson I adopted in 2010 and there only given me till the 21st of Oct to come up with $3100 or they will foreclosure and this is why to much for me . So Iam praying some how God will bring us someone to help me.

  9. I am so ready ! I love to just know how Blessed I would be to pay off bills , an to get my organization , business . or help people wit a disabilty , an be a part of pch clearing house .

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