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Hello Searchers!


I am about to confess something to all of you right now….I…love…to…clean! Say the words spring-cleaning and I’m in my glory. The best time to begin your spring-cleaning is… well, right now! As a matter of fact, I am spring cleaning while I’m writing this blog. How is that possible, fellow PCH Searchers? I have a spring-cleaning helper whose name is PCHSearch&Win. Powered by the most popular search engines on the web like Google and Yahoo, PCHSearch&Win never lets me down when I am looking for answers to practically anything that is on my mind! Today I simply typed in spring-cleaning and found more tips and tricks than you could shake a broomstick at…so to speak.

From general cleaning tips like…

• Hang your broom or store it bristles side up. If you stand your broom on its bristles it will destroy its shape and lessen its effectiveness.

…to room-by-room checklists…

• Contrary to conventional wisdom, do not pull everything out of your bedroom closet at once! Chances are you will run out of time and/or the sun will set, leaving you scrambling to finish the job without the benefit of daylight. One morning do your shoes, at another time do your sweaters. By breaking it up into small projects you divide and conquer!

• Open your windows to let in fresh air. Believe it or not, the air outside your home is cleaner than the air inside your home!

Now is your chance to let in dozens of fresh ideas at PCHSearch&Win! Not only will you get a great selection of search results, but after you log on, with your first search of the day you’ll be entered to win the life-changing PCH SuperPrize…as well as other amazing instant prizes like home appliances, gift cards and cash!

Well, PCH Searchers, feeling a little spring in your step with all the winning possibilities? Have your family and friends join in the fun looking for spring-cleaning tips by visiting PCHSearch&Win! You will find all the answers you need, and who knows maybe one of you will even become an instant winner!

Before I wrap it up, here are “Before” and “After” photos of my wrapping paper supplies. Before, everything was a mess and hard to find. Now I keep my supplies neat and handy without taking up too much floor or closet space!

Spring Cleaning Before & After

In celebration of new beginnings, fresh starts and spring-cleaning, Happy Searching!

Emmi H.

PCH Creative

P.S. What spring-cleaning tip did you find at PCHSearch&Win today? Please comment and share below!

60 thoughts on “Spring Into Action With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Kimberly weeks says:

    Yes pch I’d love to win 2,000,000 plus more plus 5166 1,000,000 for a million a year for life 4900 3577 4902 4950 3080 plus so much more!!

  2. Shirella Sanders says:

    I just want to win win!

  3. Shirella Sanders says:

    I want to win too!

  4. paula Kelley says:

    Well I eventually spring clean not easy with a 2 and 3 yr old granddaughters but always seem to manage would help if I had my own home instead of this tiny apt. Most of my belongings stay packed so if I can ever find a decent place I can afford or strike it rich won’t have so much to pack and right now cause don’t have anywhere to put it all so I just keep out the essentials and really need a vehicle so come on pch bring it I love surprises

  5. Hello PCH,
    Happy Sunday Fun Day !!!!!
    Well the sun is shinning and the air is warm. I believe Spring has sprung. No Morales as of yet we have been checking. They will come and so will PCH. I honestly believe you PCH will pull in to the drive way where I stay. Coffee is on and the welcome wagon is waiting. Please except this as my entry for the I Want It All give away. If I was blessed enough to win I could buy myself my first home. HOME, it has such a nice sound to it. Don’t you think? I want to WIN !! WIN !! WIN !!!!!!
    I thank you for your time.
    Joann Parrott :)

  6. sally says:

    Spring in to cash this may 18th and I would love to win the thousand dollars…GWY # 5166

  7. Terry Eberl says:

    I can’t wait to Spring.

  8. carlamantee says:

    Household items to help spring cleaning


    ready to win superprize gwy no. 3577 on jan. 20th 2015

  10. Al l I want to say is I just want to win

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