Ready for the Full Court Frenzy of the College Basketball Tournament?

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O.K. college hoops crazies, the excitement and action of the big basketball tournament is in full swing and PCHSearch&Win is a great way for you keep up on the latest scores, stats, schedules and bracket busters!

Whether you’re a round ball fanatic or just a casual fan who wants to keep current on the latest happenings in the big dance, PCHSearch&Win is the place to get the information and updates you need — and get entered into great prize drawings!

So who will you be rooting for?  Do you like to go with favorites like Arizona, Florida, Virginia or the incredible undefeated Wushockers from Wichita State?  Or maybe you like to root for the long shots.  Remember, a number 16 has never beaten a number 1 but is this the year it finally happens?

And what about the women’s tournament?  Those games are super exciting to watch, too. Perennial favorites like UConn, Tennessee, and Notre Dame are back on top of their brackets but there are plenty of midmajor representatives who could make some noise like the Red Foxes from Marist who won their 9th straight championship to make it to the big tournament or Chattanooga Mocs who will be making their 12th trip!

For me, there’s nothing I like more than the action of the early round games.  But it can be so hard trying to figure out who’s playing and when.  And forget trying to figure it out on your TV or from your local paper.  Instead, go to PCHSeach&Win, type in college basketball tournament schedule and in just a click or two you’ll have a complete listing of who’s playing who, what time and what station!

Basketball Madness

Or, better yet, maybe the big College Basketball Tournament is going on near you.  Believe it or not, there are probably still tickets available and you can find out fast by going to PCHSearch&Win. And if you really want to show your spirit and get set up with a team shirt, hat or other mascot merchandise, you can find anything you’re looking for just by using PCHSearch&Win.

And remember, while you’re searching, you’re also entering to win fantastic PCH Search&Win instant prizes – cash, merchandise, gifts cards and many others!  Entering is so easy – just search (and make sure you’re logged in first!).

So who’s your favorite team?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear who you’re rooting for. Comment below and share your enthusiasm with our readers!

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20 thoughts on “Ready for the Full Court Frenzy of the College Basketball Tournament?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    I’m ready

  2. I would like to win if given the opportunity thank you PCH, praise the lord.

  3. rebecca wolf says:

    Wish every one the best win are. Loose. Gd luck to you all

  4. rebecca wolf says:

    Still dreaming about winningh as I’m sure that we all do this my grandkkids are for sure I’ll win it lol mayb e they know some thing I don’t know their so young yeyt I jusy smile and say thayt would be nivce for all of us if I did will lol kids are great

  5. Brenda Carlton says:

    Hey PCH after the basket ball tournament can we have a party to celebrate the win . I want to win the game of 7000,00 a week for life . I am trying my best .I don’t want to let you down. I want you to be proud of your next winner. I hope it is me. I love PCH and at the games .If you haven’t tired to win anything People you need to take a few minutes and play some games you might just win something. Who know you might become a Millionaire . You won’t ever know if you don’t try. PCH is the place to go and play the games .Dave said it is all about winning and I be leave him. I want to win. So should you.

  6. Jim Spies says:

    For all good Gators, this is for you!,,,,

    “GO gators”

  7. Our team about 15 minutes away high school basket ball are going to state they pray before every game i love the Kentucky Wild Cat’s but i’m a Hoosier that’s Indiana i guess everyone has there choice my husband before he passed on was from Kentucky it is why i love the team have a great week hoping to win with you all someday .

  8. carolinejinks says:

    yes I am bring it on

  9. roshun haynes says:

    my favorite team is what the owl is on. The pch team.My lucky number is 7,21,8,33,11.

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