It’s SEWARD’S DAY!  Let’s celebrate with PCHSearch&Win PRIZEFEST!

What? You don’t know what SEWARD’S Day is?

Okay, okay … neither did I before I did a PCHSearch&Win search!  Then it all came back to me: Seward’s Day celebrates the United States’ purchase of Alaska from Russia –– for a mere $7.2 Million!

Believe it or not, Secretary of State William H. Seward had a tough time “selling” the Alaska Purchase, even with its bargain price tag. That was BEFORE we found out about all that oil, gold, natural gas, timber and fishing.


Mr. Seward knew a good thing when he saw it. And so do YOU, my PCHSearch&Win “peeps”!  That’s why it’s time to get your PRIZEFEST on and go for all the amazing instant prizes we’re giving away, all week long!

To do that, all you have to do is log on to PCHSearch&Win and search! You get the same awesome results as top search engines … but the BIG difference is that you could win a terrific instant prize with any click of your keyboard!

Look at what we’ve got lined up for this week alone:

Today, March 31, we’re giving away five $50 t.j.maxx gift cards – nothing like a little “retail therapy!”

Tomorrow, April 1, you could win a terrific new G.P.S. or an Amazon gift card –we’re sending out a pile of those!

On Wednesday, April 2, PCHSearch&Win is totally out of control, giving away a prize every 15 minutes – from 7PM on!  It could be cash, it could be an Amazon gift card and it could be yours!

Looking ahead to Thursday, April 3, fifteen CVS gift cards are up for grabs – so grab ’em!

TGIF! And this Friday, April 4, five lucky “surfers” will each win a $100 Sports Authority gift card.  A great way to gear up for warm weather fun!

It’s Saturday – yayyy! –  April 5, and you could win one of five HSN Gift Cards. WOW!

Closing out the week, on Sunday, April 6, you could win a brand new Wii game console, putting family fun, fitness and entertainment right in your living room!

Wow … all those exciting instant-win prizes to go for –  in one week alone!

And remember … log in and your first PCHSearch&Win search of the day activates an entry into our stupendous PCH Sweepstakes … which could bring these nice folks – the Prize Patrol – to your door with good news and a BIG Check!

Prize Patrol

I’ve taken up enough of your valuable time, my dears. Time to start searching – for amazing Google results and instant PCH prizes – at PCHSearch&Win.

We know Search&Win friends like you are smart and inquiring and determined to WIN. So let me ask you: what are YOU going to search for today (and tomorrow AND all week long)?  We’d be thrilled if you would tell us in the Comments section below.

Viva La Prizefest!

Your friend,
Marybeth H.

46 thoughts on “Prizefest”

  1. says:

    I want to win all of the prizes of PCH that I am eligible

  2. AyseP says:

    Would you all look at the angel team, they look like angels as well and they are.
    The goodness within them reflected on their face.
    Thank you PCH Team!

  3. AyseP says:

    I want to win all of the prizes of PCH that I am eligible.

    $10,000 a week and others will make me a millionaire.
    Thank you PCH all the hope I have hope not to be disappointed.


  4. Mary says:


  5. Ernell. Ross says:

    Its my. Turn. Thank you!

    ERNELL. Ross

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