Did You Miss Out On April Fools’ Day? Let PCH Give You a Few Laughs!

Hello Searchers,

Happy belated April Fools’ Day!  So even though April Fools is technically over, who says the fun can’t continue on? I mean laughing makes every day a little bit better doesn’t it? And of course, who doesn’t love playing a fun prank on friends and family? It’s the one day of the year where people can’t get mad at you for playing all the practical jokes you want!

SW_April Fools

Well PCH fans, if you missed out on April Fools’ Day this year, you have come to the right place! PCHSearch&Win is stocked with tons of fun pranks, stories, mishaps and more! Start looking up ideas for next year, or maybe you just feel the need to celebrate and play a prank on a friend or family member right now! Either way, if you didn’t get to celebrate yesterday, get ready to laugh at the hilarious ideas and stories PCHSearch&Win has for you all year long!

So what are some of the best pranks you have ever played on someone? I mean everyone does the classic “salt in the sugar shaker” joke, so it’s time to get creative! This year, I wanted to look for a good one to prank my roommate. I headed straight to PCHSearch&Win and started searching for that perfect joke that wasn’t mean or destructive, but just plain ol’ hilarious!

I found so many fantastic ideas on PCHSearch&Win that made me laugh until I was crying! One of my favorite pranks I found was to go into the unsuspecting person’s closet and hide one of each shoe! So simple, but so funny!

SW_April Fools SW

Since I had so much fun with prank ideas, I decided to ask around and find out what ideas my co-workers came up with for this April Fools!

Fellow blogger Matt K.’s prank had me hysterical laughing!  “When I was growing up, my dad used to try and scare us by putting our pillows under our sheets so we’d think someone was sleeping in our beds!  So one April Fools, he walked in to his bedroom find that one of us had did the same thing to him, and even put a Halloween mask on the make-shift dummy. He wasn’t scared at all, but when he walked over to move the pillows back, I jumped out of the bed with the mask and scared him half to death! It was ME under his bedspread the whole time!

Creative employee, Glenn G. shared another simple but great prank that he pulled off. “One year at my old job, a few of us unplugged our co-worker’s mouse and plugged in a wireless one. We kept controlling his computer until he got so frustrated that he was ready to call the IT department!”

How funny is that? So while all you pranksters out there are watching your master plans unfold, what about the unsuspecting person getting pranked? Have you ever had a joke played on YOU, PCH fans? One of my fellow co-workers, Laura G. had a super fun story about a surprise she found one April Fools’ Day in college! “I came out of my last class of the day to find that my friends had taken my keys and had filled my car with at least two dozen colorful balloons! They were everywhere, even in my trunk!”

With all of these silly stories and the power of PCHSearch&Win, coming up with your own pranks should be a piece of cake! So don’t worry if you missed out on this April Fools’ Day because now you have an entire year to think up some hilarious pranks of your own. Oh, and don’t forget that when you log in, your first search of the day gets you an entry for a PCH SuperPrize AND a chance to instantly win some really cool prizes! That’s no joke!

Happy Searching (and pranking!)

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

10 thoughts on “Did You Miss Out On April Fools’ Day? Let PCH Give You a Few Laughs!”

  1. barbarahelton says:

    i would love to win that mony it would do a lot for me thank again

  2. Wilma North Peigan says:

    This year I did not prank anyone. But in previous years, I
    did. I hope that #14-04 Notice is one that will lead my family to better times.

  3. Kanika Loeung says:

    The pictures above were look fun. :D

  4. Deborah F. says:

    It is fun to kid around sometimes.

  5. carolinejinks says:

    I want to win the 7,000.00 aweek for life gwy no 3080 I also want to put in my entry for number 14-04 notices please I want to win

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I playing and am waiting to win.

  7. Marianne Clay says:

    Thanks for the additional laughs Victoria!! Great Blogging!!! :)

  8. I always love April Fool’s Day, but I didn’t get a chance to play any pranks on anyone this year. Even so, it would be a nice prank if the prize patrol would decide to fill the van with some balloons and make a visit to my house this month to
    deliver the $7,000,00 a week for life prize.. WOW! THank you, Victoria!

  9. Natasha Davis says:

    Good morning Victoria and thanks for a prank blog =)… Yes even though April fools is over I can not think of any pranks I did… How bummer is that lol =) thanks again for a great blog and I am never giving up V, I am in it to win it woohoo =)Good luck everyone and never give up… even if pch.com is job cause I am dedicated to coming everyday woohoo …#1Dream =)

  10. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Yeah April Fool’s Day the so cool…..But whatever I search or entry it still something because the Publishers Clearing House never gives anybody lives in Connecticut a chance to win. It would be nice to be the next winner of every hour Instantly Cash today and pch#3080 This April 30th SuperPrize. Thanks Victoria C.

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