Attention, Search&Win Readers — it’s not too late! You still have a few hours to search for the chance to change your life. But be warned: Today is the LAST DAY to enter to win our incredible “Winner’s Choice” Prize!

I hope you understand what this means, and that you’ll take the time to search today  to make sure you’re entered to win. By tomorrow, you won’t be able to add any more entries to become the big December 23rd winner. And the stakes are huge: A winner of the Winner’s Choice Prize would receive $10,000 A Week For Life OR can choose a lump sum of $10 Million.


By the way, searching is not the only way you can enter before the 11:59 PM, ET deadline. We have so many ways you can lock in more entries for this prize right now — and each one will give you a new eligible entry to win!

Head to where you can enter with just a few clicks. From there you can also go to any of our games pages, such as Lotto, Blackjack and Slots , where you’ll get entries just by playing.

And if you happen to be busy today, don’t worry — you can enter on the go! Simply download our apps (Apple/Android) and you can enter to win right from your phone or tablet.

If you want to win the “Winner’s Choice” Prize then search today to prove it. This is the LAST DAY to enter, and no further entries will be accepted after midnight. With so much at stake, I sincerely encourage you to search now and enter as many times as you can!

Joe W.
Online Creative

170 thoughts on “It’s The LAST DAY To Enter To Win The WINNER’S CHOICE PRIZE!”

  1. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    Please accept my 5x entries for the final notice Today is the last day to enter to your incredible winners to Win it all $ af once plus $10.000.00 a month for life a brand new Lincoln MKZ valued at $36.095.00 during Special Early Look prize Event from PCH gwy.8800 plus more on June 30th Thanks PCH.

  2. Terry L. Fabry says:

    Claiming last chance winner of pch. $2,000,000.00 winner and more!!! 8800 tf

  3. Terry L. Fabry says:

    Yes I do want to ba the last chance winner of $2,000,000.00 and more pch 8800. I am here to claim the winnings and more!!!!

  4. Pch frontpage search and win entering my 3X entries to enter to win Superprize and Millionaire Making “win it all” $2,000,000.00 at once plus more $10,000.00 a month for lifetime and a brand new Lincoln MKZ. Gwy #8800 June 30th Thanks, Pch

  5. Pch search and win entering my 3X entires “win it all”$2,000,000.00 at once plus more $10,000.00 a month for lifetime and a brand new Lincoln MKZ (are same value)Gwy 8800 June30th Thanks,PCH

  6. Leanna Gazay says:

    Please unlock my forever prize numbers from pch to win on and would you please activate my prize pass cards to win $5,000 please activate Leanna Mares Gazay VIP Prize Thank you! L.M.G.

  7. Robinson Family says:

    PCH Claiming prize 8805 Thanks Pch

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