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Celebrate PCHSearch&Win Prizefest and National Pencil Day!

Greetings, fans and friends, Do you know what today is? If you have the “write” answer, you’re really “sharp”! It’s National Pencil Day! A quick search on good ol’ PCHSearch&Win led me to this fascinating fact – the patent for attaching an eraser to a pencil was received on March 30, 1858. Erasers are great for [read more…]

See Who’s Winning At PCHSearch&Win This March!

Hello, searchers! One of the best things about PCHSearch&Win is that the winning never stops. It’s true! There are instant winners every single day of the year! Have you ever wondered who’s winning at PCHSearch&Win? Lots of people, just like you! Let’s celebrate a month in winning by recognizing some of our lucky instant winners! WHO’S [read more…]

It’s National Puppy Day! Celebrate with INSTANT PRIZES all week long!

Who KNEW that today – Monday the 23rd – was National Puppy Day, created to celebrate cute, cuddly pups and encourage folks to find them good homes.  I learned about Puppy Day with PCHSearch&Win, where you could win amazing prizes just by logging in and searching the Web! Today is also PRIZEFEST here at Search&Win, [read more…]

Do You Think March Is About Winning College Basketball?

It’s that time of year when those of us who follow College Basketball go a little bit crazy! If you hear your neighbors hooting and hollering at their TV screens a little more than usual, there’s a very good reason! This is when all of our favorite college teams engage one of our country’s biggest [read more…]

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