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Searching Self Improvement Could Lead To Financial Improvement!

Hello, searchers! Do you know that every Monday is Prizefest here at PCHSearch&Win? That’s right! It’s the time of the week when we announce the exciting instant prizes up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win in the week ahead. Do you know what every September is? Self-Improvement month! It’s the time of year to take a look [read more...]

PCH Prize Patrol Changes An Oregonian’s Life “Forever”!

Can you imagine? You’re going about your day, focused on the task at hand, when suddenly it hits you — a bolt from the blue that changes your life forever. That’s what happened to John Wyllie of White City, Oregon, our first-ever “Forever” Prize winner when the Prize Patrol visited him with a Big Check [read more...]

Discover What You Can Accomplish This Week By Searching!

I bet you didn’t know that this date in history marks both discovery and accomplishment. According to PCHSearch, it was on this day in 1791 that Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering discovered Alaska. And also on August 20, Italian Reinhold Messner was the first person to get to the top of Mount Everest alone! But [read more...]

It’s True! People Win At PCHSearch&Win!

When people find out what I do for a living, everyone always wants to know: “Come on. Do people win those things?” It happened just this weekend. I ran into an old friend, Annie. After we chatted for a while about what we’d been up to for the past twenty years, we talked about our [read more...]

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