Indulge In An Autumn Vegetable Inspired Recipe From PCHSearch&Win!

Preheat those ovens, folks! October can get quite chilly and nothing warms you up quite like a nice hot meal. One of my favorite things to do when the temperature drops is to whip up hearty meals chock full of seasonal vegetables! So, what’s in season, you may wonder? Walk into any supermarket and you’ll [read more…]

What Happened On This Day In History? Search At PCHSearch&Win!

When you have a great search engine at the tip of your fingers, you can find out practically anything you want in seconds — even what happened on this day in history. All you have to do is search at PCHSearch&Win to find out! Why not give it a try, and search to answer the [read more…]

Discover a New World of Prizes with PCHSearch&Win

If Christopher Columbus had access to PCHSearch&Win back in the 1400s, would he have used it to look up directions for a Western route to Asia? Instead, today we celebrate the 524th anniversary of his “discovery” of the New World. And while some enjoy a day off from work, for many others it is a [read more…]

Let Your Creativity Flourish This October With PCHSearch&Win!

Greetings, PCH Fans! You all already know by now how fantastic PCHSearch&Win is for all of your searching needs! I’m sure you have all depended on it for finding travel deals, merchandise, news and more, but have you ever tried searching for tips, instructions or “how to” videos? I recently used PCHSearch&Win to search for supplies, techniques [read more…]

Prepare for the Baseball Playoffs with PCHSearch&Win

The baseball postseason began last night as players of on each of the playoff rosters dream of showering each other in champagne and hoisting a championship trophy. During the next four weeks, the best of the best will put all five tools of baseball – hitting for average, hitting for power, speed, arm strength, defense [read more…]

Search smart, and you could win an instant prize this week, with PCHSearch&Win!

Be honest: did you look something up on your computer today?  Maybe a few hours or minutes or seconds ago? And tell me: did you do your searches with search engines that pretty much everyone uses … or did you search smarter with us at PCHSearch&Win where you can search and really win! If you had [read more…]

Claim Your 5 Day Token Bonus At PCHSearch&Win!

Hello, searchers! If you’re reading this blog, you probably know all about the instant prizes you could win every day, just for searching at PCHSearch&Win. But here’s something you might not know: when you search at PCHSearch&Win, you could HIT IT BIG and score lots of bonus tokens — I’m talking about thousands and thousands [read more…]

Breaking Sports News at PCHfrontpage!

Hey PCH Sport Fans! With baseball season coming to a close and football season finally underway, the amount of sports news is increasing tenfold! I live in New York where there are so many teams to follow. The Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Sabres, Jets, Giants, Bills, Redbulls, and NYCFC are all tough to [read more…]

Combat That Manic Monday Feeling With PCHSearch&Win

How many of you have heard the term “manic Monday” before?  Maybe you’ve experienced that chaotic feeling where everything seems to go wrong or take longer than it should? Let me tell you, PCH fans I’ve experienced this one too many times! It usually starts early in the day with a spilled coffee, or maybe [read more…]

Learn the warning signs of a PCH SCAM today!

Friends, you know we love you and that we want you to enter to win our genuine PCH prizes.  And we ALSO want you to stay safe from the “bad guys”  who pretend to be from Publishers Clearing House so they can TAKE money from you – not give it to you!  So be alert [read more…]

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