Win Your DREAM VACATION from Publishers Clearing House!

I can almost taste it! The cheese…the wine…more cheese…more wine! Ahhh, in just a few short weeks, my husband and I will be leaving for a much-needed vacation, and this time, we’re going BIG. REAL BIG. I’m talking SPAIN big.

Yes, for a blissful 9 days, we will be exploring and enjoying everything that Barcelona, Madrid and Seville have to offer. It’s been our dream vacation for years (you know, the one we always wanted to go on, but couldn’t really afford), and now we’re finally doing it.

So what’s the problem? Well, the price tag of course! Travelling abroad isn’t exactly what I’d call cheap, and we’re not exactly what you’d call rich. If only there was a way to have the entire trip paid off.

I’m talking both of our round-trip flights…

The hotels…

And YES, all that wine and cheese!

Well, for you folks, there is! You see, you can enter to win $10,000.00 for YOUR dream vacation from Publishers Clearing House. That’s right, you could “cash in” on a lot of money and take that trip you’ve always fantasized about!

Win your dream vacation from PCH


Imagine going WHEREVER you wanted – somewhere tropical like Hawaii or Fiji…or maybe somewhere really far away and fun like Australia…hey, you could even go on a European tour like me!

So the question is…

Win your dream vacation


WHAT DREAM DESTINATION WOULD YOU TRAVEL TO WITH AN EXTRA $10,000? Comment below and let us know your dream vacation! Then be sure to go for your chance to win!

Bon voyage blog readers!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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