July 2016 PCH Winners: What a Hot Month This Was for Winners!

PCH Month in winning

What a month for winners and winning! On July 4, Joey Chestnut downed 70 hot dogs to win the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest while America celebrated its 240th birthday. There was also some notable wins in the worlds of international tennis and soccer.

No doubt these are significant achievements, but they pale in comparison to the July 2016 PCH winners! To be exact, 568 fans that took home more than $38,650 in just the first half of the month!

So without further ado, let’s recognize the intrepid fans that played their favorite PCH.com Games and reaped the rewards this month.

PCH.com Games


And now, let’s celebrate some of the folks who had “reel” fun with PCH Slots.


PCH.com Slots



Of course, one of the best things about banking tokens is that you can redeem them at PCH Rewards for opportunities to win cash and other prizes.


PCH Rewards



Fans of Search & Win make us proud when their searches were profitable!





PCHfrontpage is keeping people, informed and entertained, as well as sending some fans on to celebrity by becoming a winner.




PCHlotto is one of the best free online lotto sites available, which probably explains why we have so many players and so many winners, including:



And last, but certainly not least, let’s give a hurrah to fans who went to the PCH Play & Win app – the app that says what it means and means what it says, as these folks found out.

PCHPlay&Win App


So, there you go – just some of our July 2016 PCH winners! Until next month, I hope all of your games, all of your searches are successful, that you bank tons of tokens and even win some CASH so we can see your name on this list next month.

Till then,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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