What Color Roses Would You Want If You Won The “Forever” Prize?

As most of you may already know, in just about a month, the Prize Patrol will be hitting the road to surprise one lucky winner with the GUARANTEED “Forever” Prize! Yup, you heard that right! On February 27th, PCH and the Prize Patrol will be giving away $5,000 A Week “Forever”!!! This means that the winner will receive $5,000 A Week For Life, then after that, get to choose someone to pass those payments onto! And this time around, it’s GUARANTEED! No special early look drawings or second chances of $1 Million…$5,000 A Week “Forever” is DEFINITELY going to be awarded!

This is such an exciting time for our fans and us here at PCH! As per usual, the Prize Patrol needs their must-have props ready before they head to the winners house! And I’m sure most of you know what those are, so say it with me…BALLOONS, CHAMPAGNE, ROSES, AND THE PCH BIG CHECK!

When it comes to the flowers, the Prize Patrol usually brings a presentation style display of luscious red roses sprinkled with some beautiful baby’s breath! It’s a classic PCH style that we love! However, if you could choose the style and type of roses that were presented to you if YOU were the winner on February 27th, just what would YOU choose? There are so many options! Would you go with the traditional red rose? The sweet pink rose? The vibrant yellow rose? The gentle white rose? Or how about a mix of them all!? We’d love to know what YOU would want handed to you if you were our next big winner!

What color roses would you want the Prize Patrol to bring

We’re so excited for next month’s prize, and we hope you are too! Wishing all of you good luck in the sweepstakes!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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