Come play “DELIVERY DASH,” one of our newest, most fun online games ever!


Okay, my blog pals, I’m hooked! And once you try Delivery Dash, our free-to-play “Minute Mania” game, you’ll be hooked, too! It’s a fast-paced, interactive sensation that will keep you coming back for more fun and PCH tokens to “cash in” for chances to really win fantastic prizes!

The object of the game is to help Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol deliver lots and lots of prize checks, and pick up “money bags” of cash — all while steering clear of anything getting in her way.



Sound complicated? Believe me, our free-to-play Delivery Dash is so much fun, you’ll pick it up 1-2-3, whether you play it on your “touch screen“ or on a desktop computer!



As you get more “into” playing Delivery Dash, you’ll just keep boosting your score and piling up PCH Tokens to redeem at our PCHRewards Token Exchange the place to go for chances to really win cash, free gift cards and exciting brand name merchandise.

One more thing before I let you get started on your Delivery Dash-ing … when you hit Delivery Dash’s “PLAY NOW” button, you’ll fire up an entry to win our millionaire-making SuperPrize! at the very same time.


See? Playing our free online “Delivery Dash” game could even bring the Prize Patrol dashing to YOUR house with a Big Check you can really win!

Hope I’ve convinced you to give this spectacular new online game a try. Prepare to have yourself a smashing, dashing good time!

Your pal,


P.S. How do you like playing Delivery Dash? Comment below!

P.P.S. Who’s winning at PCHSearch&Win this August? Find out on today’s PCHSearch&Win blog!

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