Score 5X Tokens On All Word Games At PCHgames Today!

Love to play word games and love to “score” tokens? Well you’re in luck because PCHgames has a special suprise for you! Read below!

Did you know each and every year, a single day is devoted to celebrating the glory of semicolons, commas and hyphens? Good news becuase that day is today! National Punctuation Day is here, and in true Publishers Clearing House style we want to celebrate by presenting you with a special treat!

You see friends, in honor of National Punctuation Day, you will have the chance to take on any one of our fun, challenging word games: Crossword, Hangman, Spellbound, Spliterature or Wordsearch — and you’ll automatically receive NOT 1X, NOT 2X, NOT 3X, NOT 4X, BUT 5X tokens! Don’t question it — make a dash to rack up 5X the Tokens. And remember, tokens can be traded in for sweepstakes entries!

Since we communicate faster than ever these days, through tweets, texts and facebook updates, today is the day to perhaps slow down with the help of a comma or two, to commemorate just how important punctuation truly is. Say, do you have a favorite punctuation mark? I know my go-to punctuation mark is the Exclamation Point. Can you guess why? It’s easy! Because here at Publishers Clearing House we’re always awarding big cash prizes and the excitment never ends!!!

Speaking of games, it’s time to put your punctuation skills to the test. My friend Rich in the Creative Department here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, NY was kind enough to help me put together this fun quiz.

Take a look at the fun pictures below and tell me what types of punctuation you see. List your answers in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to see who gets them all!

Good Luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

P.S. One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner. Halloween is but a few weeks away.  What if National Punctuation Day was like Halloween? Which punctuation mark would you dress up as? Comment below and let us know!

61 thoughts on “Score 5X Tokens On All Word Games At PCHgames Today!”

  1. Yes I am ready to win 5 x the entries for unclaimed prizes and the $7000.00 a week for life. Thanks PCH.

  2. Geraldine says:

    5X last day throwing my bid in..thank you PCH

  3. Omar gonzalez lopez says:

    Hello PCH Team and Prize Patrol Yes Today entries 750 score 5X Token Also get to Win $7,000.00 a Week For Life Super prize on October 23rd From PCH GWY 4900 Thanks you All PCH for opportunity Amen

  4. Miriam Miller says:

    I am entering top win $3,OOO.OO in instant cash and prizes.Also to win $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from PCH Gwy. No. 49OO. Thank you.

  5. wilma FRost says:

    question mark ,exclamation point
    Wilma Frost

  6. Annette Michael says:

    pch 5x the rewards

  7. Tashawna Cooper says:

    Please activate my entry to win…Tashawna, just “spin” by clicking on each button above during the five special time frames today to reveal the featured prizes! Then, search at PCHSearch&Win for your chance to win one! We have over $3,5OO.OO in instant cash and prizes in store for lucky searchers today!

    And that’s not all, Tashawna! Search now and you could ultimately win $3,OOO,OOO.OO for a Dream Home from PCH Gwy. No. 49OO.

  8. Dawn Everts says:

    left and right ( ) ? question mark and ! exclamation point

  9. My biggest score will be winning the big prize on June 30th

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