It’s a Play & Win Head-to-Head Challenge: PCHlotto Vs. State Lotteries!

“Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, weighing in at 656 million dollars, is the current heavy-weight Champion of the World, Mega Millions! And in this corner, weighing in at up to 1.25 million dollars, with thousands in prizes awarded to date, is the welter weight contender, PCHlottoooo!” And the crowd goes wild….

In a head-to-head challenge between PCHlotto and state lotteries, which do you think would come away as the play & win victor? Let’s imagine a contest between the two!

Round 1: FREE to Play! PCHlotto scores the first hit! State lotteries cost a dollar a game, but PCHlotto is ALWAYS FREE. Hey, why pay a buck, when all you need is luck? (And a computer, of course!)

Round 2: More Chances to Play & Win! With PCHlotto, you could hit it big with each game, PLUS your first daily play enters you into a Millionaire-Making PCH Sweepstakes — absolutely FREE! You don’t get THAT with a State Lottery!

Round 3: Nightly Drawings Every Day! It’s true that state lotteries have nightly drawings, but PCHlotto has nightly drawings every day! Get in on the action, and win a Fast Cash windfall, a Progressive Jackpot of up to $500.00, or even a $1,250,000.00 Jackpot! With drawings every night, you could wake up a winner — even a millionaire!

Round 4: Bi-monthly Special Live Events! Play Live Cash Lotto every day until the deadline for maximum chances to win! Then come back on drawing day — the lucky numbers could be YOURS!

Round 5: BONUS Scratch Offs! Play all your PCHlotto cards and get a BONUS instant win scratch-off — again, TOTALLY FREE!

Round 6: Convenience: PCHlotto scores a knockout! With Mega Millions and state lotteries, you have to fill out a ticket each time, even if you play the same numbers every day. PCHlotto is so easy because you can play from the comfort of your own home! Just pick your numbers, then save them. Next time you visit, hit “Play My Favorites.” (Or you can choose “Quick Pick.”) You never have to run out to the store or stand in line to pay!

There you have it, fans — in a contest with PCHlotto, state lotteries go down for the count! So what have you got to lose? Don’t sit ringside — play PCHlotto today! It’s fast, easy, fun, and ALWAYS FREE! Just think — you could hit it big without spending a buck!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. One more way PCHlotto has the state lotteries beat: you can play anywhere, any time with your mobile device!

23 thoughts on “It’s a Play & Win Head-to-Head Challenge: PCHlotto Vs. State Lotteries!”

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