The Making Of Daily Puzzle Game Jigsaw Deluxe!

We here are Publishers Clearing House Play&Win are always hard at work to come up with new ways to turn players like you into lucky winners. In fact, in the coming months, you’ll start to see that PCHGames is adding a bunch of new games with daily chances to win cash! To kick things off and get us in the winning spirit, we wanted to come up with a game that was enjoyed by many — and make sure that fans like you had a chance to win DAILY!

Now we just had to figure out what game that would be. First up: we looked through our catalogue of games. From there, we came up with quite a few that would work well, but we really wanted something that would fit a “Daily” game to a “T”.

So, we got down to the idea: “Something new every day”.

How about a daily puzzle game?!

That works! We can have a new theme for a jigsaw puzzle every day.

…And a puzzle’s just a deconstructed picture, right?

Well, some say a picture’s worth 1,000 words.

Not at PCHgames! We made this “picture” worth a chance to win $500 CASH after your first game play!

And we named it Jigsaw Deluxe!

The great part about a daily puzzle game like Jigsaw Deluxe is that the development and game design falls into place from there. We can set it up so the puzzle’s theme highlights seasons and holidays. And fans like you have a fun new puzzle — followed by a daily chance to win $500.00 — to look forward to every day!

We hope you enjoyed going behind the scenes with us and hearing how this daily puzzle game was created. Aren’t you curious to see what puzzle is up at PCHgames today? Go check out Jigsaw Deluxe now! And let us know what you think of it!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Greg L.
Junior Game Designer

P.S. What daily puzzle would YOU be most interested in seeing? Comment below and let us know!

P.P.S Here’s a Jigsaw Deluxe game tip just for you blog readers! Remember, you can set the game to make only the edge piece appear. This can help you sort through the pieces quicker!

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Naomi said...

Great coommn sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

Alina Smith said...

Designing a new jigsaw puzzle is a challenge by itself and I must say you guys are really doing a great job.

Dan Nicholson said...

I have been playing the Daily Jigsaw Puzzle and the other regular Jigsaw Puzzle BUT for the last 3 days I can’t play either one! I don’t know what happened

Rolland Augustave said...

I am usually to running a blog and i really revere your gratify. The article has truly peaks my interest. I’m free to bookmark your site and continue read-through for brand spanking new information.

Rebekah said...

I was playing the daily Jigsaw Puzzle daily until 3 weeks ago. I really enjoyed the challenge of each puzzle….I miss it. I don’t understand why but now I am unable to access it. Why?????

Karen Ellis said...

Nothing like putting the 1st piece in , maybe a middle piece, But you know it’s always that last piece that gets everyone looking and laughing. The best of all is the accomplishment of completing whatever it is you are doing weather it is a puzzle or a task Have Fun at whatever you do to give you that good feeling. Thanks’ a million for bringing the word fun back to me. Even if The PRIZE PATROL DON”T make it here to see me. I will be sure to see them on T>V> 28th February 2014

john wheelock said...

unable to get to daily puzzles oy other as system shows bad connect

Carol Scherer said...

The instructions talk about a MIX button, but I don’t see one.

How in the world do some players get such high scores?