“PCHlotto, I Want to Become a Millionaire for the Holidays!”

Ever wonder what it’s like to become a millionaire? Just ask John Wyllie of White City, Oregon! Only four weeks ago, John made PCH history when he became the first person ever to win our life-changing “Forever” Prize! Now Publishers Clearing House is gearing up for another historic prize event…and it’s happening at PCHlotto!

If you play our free lotto cards regularly, you know that we’ve been offering the $1.25 Million Jackpot for some time now. Every day you play it, you’re eligible to win a whopping $1,250,000.00 in the nightly drawing. It’s always fun to play because someone — maybe YOU! –could wake up to find they’ve become a millionaire OVERNIGHT!

But now we’re taking this thrilling giveaway to a whole new level…with the $1.25 Million 12/12/12 Jackpot Prize Event!

For the first time ever, the $1.25 Million Jackpot is GUARANTEED to be awarded by 12/12/12! You still play your free lotto card daily, and we still hold a nightly drawing for the winner. But if no one wins the prize by December 6, EVERYONE who has submitted an entry to date will be eligible to win in our “Second Chance” drawing where a winner is GUARANTEED! The Prize Patrol would even hand-deliver the BIG PRIZE on 12/12/12!

Just in time for the holidays — how cool is that?

Imagine waking up on December 12 to find you’ve hit the jackpot, get in on the $1.25 Million 12/12/12 Jackpot Prize Event today and every day at PCHlotto. YOU could experience what it feels like to become a millionaire, just like John Wyllie!

Wishing You The Best of Luck,

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

79 thoughts on ““PCHlotto, I Want to Become a Millionaire for the Holidays!””

  1. anita robinson says:

    I want to win just to have something that I got all by myself. I have never won anything in my life.But to have a little money in the bank I would not have to depend on my family to help me. God bless PCH

  2. marvel marks says:

    Im pray my confidence an beliefs an dreams of pch winnings come trueApril 30,2015

  3. lisa garrett says:

    i wish for my hopes and dreams too come true….

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    I want to become a Millionaire for the Holidays

  5. Christine Smith says:

    Millionaire …Lord please help me and my family became capable of giving back to all who has helped me through such an amazing way! PCH Thank you for the opportunity to wish upon a publisher star

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    I would Love To be a Multimillnare for the Holidays

  7. Sandra Rosner says:

    Hello PCH Elite Team, this comment is to let you know that my dream wish is to become a “Millionaire” on PCHSearch&Win. Please help me to make my dream come through soon.

  8. DearPCH My name is Barbara brown I would love to be the one who wins 1,250,000Dollars That will make all my dreams come true I could pay off all my debts Get a good medical insurance Get me a home number 1 I be debt free I help my family I must Save for my grandchildren future I would have to struggle anymore Are worried I just too little to be happy That will be the best blessing of my life My daughter came and fix my phone So I can pull up Everything I need to I just want to say Thank you for giving me this chance To become a winner I know there is many of us And God bless the winner I’m not a selfish person I’m not a sore loser I just know I never gave up And I did my best No matter what the situation was My phone just trying to hold up I really appreciate You are sweet state. I have been enduring Every since I was 22 years old I Will be 54 years old This month It was just one of my dreams come true that will be a great blessing Where I could pay off all my debts That would be the best birthday gift Connect. Axe for more Thank You PCH For the wonderful jobYou are doing So many people God bless you all And protect youAnd keep you safe do you all your long journey I give you thumbs up Good luck. I still waiting P.s hope to see you soon Your friend Barbara Number4900. God bless us all Antigua face

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