What’s YOUR Favorite Game at PCHGames?

Hi blog readers!

The other day I started wondering what the FAVORITE game is at PCHGames. I mean there are so many awesome ones to choose from — arcade games, card games, casino games, instant win games, sports games, strategy games, trivia games and word games! But I figured there had to be a favorite!

I decided to see if any of my PCH coworkers could help me get to the bottom of this mystery…and well…a funny thing happened along the way. Watch the video below to find out for yourself!

Turns out A LOT of games at PCHgames are popular among us PCHers — everyone seemed to have their own favorite!

So what I’d really like to know now is which one is YOUR favorite? Is it one of the games mentioned in the video blog above? Or a different one? Comment below and let us know! And tell us why!

Happy gaming,

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

P.S. I did find out from Max B. that the most played game at PCHgames is actually Mahjongg Dimensions. Have you played that game yet?


19 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Favorite Game at PCHGames?”

  1. Nettie Jenkins says:

    The Solitaire Games are great ! I wish that I could play bridge though . (Smiles)

  2. Rudy Misiti says:

    get rid of the Kellog ad,iknow every flake & raisen.Ive seen it over 300 times. Thank You

  3. i like that you give every one a chance to play and win in these games and. sweepstake. thank you may I will win someday soon rosetta m smith

  4. Rudy Misiti says:

    How do I find Token Splurge?

  5. tammy foore says:

    hi pch my favorite pch game is token splurge and yes i want to win a million………………………

  6. Tonia Gordon says:

    I like fander, spider solitary, puzzles, word games.

  7. Alejandra Moser says:

    I love the prize patrol token game!
    Haven’t won any prizes yet, but no giving up :)

  8. Wichita Santos says:

    I’d love to play all the games.That’s why I’m always luck of sleep.

  9. jan bo says:

    These games are fun, even tho I have not won.

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