Scratch Your Itch For Scratch And Win Games At PCHlotto!

Scratch Your Itch For Scratch And Win Games At PCHlotto!

I don’t know about you, but if I let myself, I could spend a small fortune on instant-win scratch games. There are so many to choose from, and they’re so easy to play — not to mention fun to win — that I’m easily tempted. I like to buy cards that feature my favorite color or lucky number, or that look intriguing. Usually, I don’t even win back what I spend, but one time, when I bought some cards for a friend, five of them racked up a total of $125.00! Figures, right? (Don’t worry — she bought me dinner to ease the sting.)

Since then, I’ve been looking online for FREE scratch and win opportunities, and so far, the best can be found at PCHlotto. Though I can play for the fun of it, I’m not eligible to win anything. BUT YOU ARE! Aren’t you glad?

If you haven’t yet discovered PCHlotto, you’re in for a treat. PCHlotto gives you multiple chances to win, with FREE “Pick Quick” games and Live Lotto Drawing Events. Play through all the games, and you’ll unlock a BONUS Instant-Win scratch card! With $5,000.00 in instant cash and prizes available each month, daily winners are guaranteed.

This month, if you feel like going “cold turkey” on “pay to play”-style scratch games, why not head on over to PCHlotto? Simply use “Pick Quick” to select your numbers (or use your own and save them for future use), and play all three autumn-themed games — the $10,000.00 Cash-Talkin’ Turkey Fast Cash card, the “Rake In” Cash Progressive Jackpot (up to $500.00!), and a $700.00 Cash Stuffed Turkey Special Event card! Plus, a $1.25 Million Jackpot Event — a HUGE PRIZE GUARANTEED to be awarded by 12/12/12 (awesome!)!

After you complete your PCHlotto scratch games, you’ll get a Bonus scratch and win game. Starting November 1 through 18, the featured card will be “Falling Green.” And from November 19 through 30, the featured card will be “Black Friday Green.”

Scratch for “scratch!” And look, Ma — no silver residue all over the place!  🙂

Winning money at PCHlotto couldn’t be easier! And, I ask you, what’s better than FREE?

So head on over to PCHlotto and start scratchin‘!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

35 thoughts on “Scratch Your Itch For Scratch And Win Games At PCHlotto!”

  1. Kristine says:

    Did I really win????? I scratched 3 one million amounts on black gold, did I really win one million dollars???

    1. jhenslin says:

      Omg! Did u win? Same thing happen to me. I match 3 one million of that black scratch off thing and I sent it back. Did you hear anything from them?

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