PCHlotto $1.25 Million Jackpot — Will It Be YOU On The Red Carpet?

How excited are we to be awarding the PCHlotto $1.25 Million Jackpot by 12/12/12? Watch the video below from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol to find out!

As the Prize Patrol told you in the video above, each and every night we’ve been taking a look for a $1.25 Million Jackpot winner in anticipation of a PCH “Red Carpet Moment”.

We haven’t found the winner yet, but it could happen tonight. It could happen tomorrow. One thing’s for sure — we will definitely have a new $1.25 Million winner by 12/12/12 — GUARANTEED!

And that $1.25 Million winner standing on the PCH Red Carpet could be YOU!

Just imagine the media frenzy…

“Look this way,” the newspaper reporter would shout.
“How does it feel being rich?” the TV reporter would ask.
“What are you going to do with all that money?” Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol Executive Director, would want to know.

It would all be SO exciting!

Just imagine the Red Carpet treatment you would receive…

Having the famous Prize Patrol knocking on your door…
Watching your neighbors stare at you as they realize you’re the richest person on the block…
Plus balloons, flowers, champagne…and oh yeah, that $1.25 Million Jackpot Big Check!

But you have to enter before it’s too late!

The search for the big jackpot winner continues tonight and every night until December 6th! If YOU want to be the one getting the Prize Patrol “Red Carpet treatment,” make sure you play today and every day before the December 6th deadline (11:59 PM, ET). Every play gives you another entry to win $1.25 MILLION THIS DECEMBER!

Remember what Dave Sayer said: the next drawing is TONIGHT! PLAY NOW! 

Good luck!

Elliott M.

P.S. What would you say for the TV cameras if you were selected the $1.25 Million Jackpot winner? Comment below to let us know what your “winning words” would be!

19 thoughts on “PCHlotto $1.25 Million Jackpot — Will It Be YOU On The Red Carpet?”

  1. Dante Wright says:



  2. Dante Wright says:


  3. TRUST ME I DONT gamble, besides I never won a thing !! Good luck to all //

  4. randy viola says:

    Its all about winning ! 12/12/12. Pch lotto $1,25 million dollar. winner. Red carpt will be rolled out for the prize patrol to deliever to the lucky winner. Randy viola

  5. Luann Reniska says:

    With all the stuff going on in West, Texas it hits homes here because it’s about 20 miles from me. They almost had me move out at 3am this morning due to the fumes. I feel for all the people in West and have donated blood today as well. And have also donated other stuff for those who can use it. If i were to win anything from PCH i would donate the money to help rebuild the town because it is a small town and even the nursing home got blown up. It’s sad to say the least. God help them all. Take care & ride safe, Luann

  6. linda moore says:

    please pch come with giveaway 1830

  7. Jorge Ramirez says:

    no wasn’t me Mr. Rivera won this prize amount lol ok …… omg!!! this is true!! i cant believe it!!? …. please tell me i am dreaming? … ” in my head 1 minute would feel like 10 minutes lol” … speechless and shaking tears of joy and a unforgetable moment

  8. My friend sent me here and I’m glad! I will definitely save it and come back!

  9. Ariel munoz says:

    I wanna know i f i win

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