The New & Improved PCHGames Fan Page With More Instant Win Fun!

Hey gamers, I have non-breaking news and BREAKING news for you. Which you want first?

We’ll start with the non-breaking news: I am addicted to social media. Seriously, I love it and it only makes sense that I work on the Social Media team here at PCH. It also makes sense that I’m the one writing this blog because have I got a MAJOR update for you. Which brings me to the breaking news…

The PCHGames Fan Page on Facebook just got a facelift!!!!!

Here’s a look at what it looked like before…


Still cool…but we all felt it was time for a change and a BIG one at that! So the Games team went back to the drawing board and completely revamped the page. Here’s a little look at what this new & improved “winning” experience looks like.


(We’ll talk about that giant stack of cash in a second…after all, good things come to those who wait!)

Click on each of the featured games to get more information! Once you’re in the overview you have the option to “Play Now” or you could “share” it with your friends by posting about it on your wall. Then everyone can join in the fun!

Below that, you’ve got easy navigation to the Events page on PCHGames so that you never miss a tournament or a bonus token event.

You can even “like” some of the other PCH Fan Pages on Facebook.

OK now back to those dollar, dollar bills y’all! At the very top of the page, we’ve got the most important components:

1. The information that YOU could win $1,000.00 playing an instant win game. (But how?)
2. The “like” button…to officially become a fan of the PCHgames Fan Page!

Once you click it, everything changes. The world will tilt on its axis. Up will be down, left will right and of course, I am 100% kidding about all these supposed consequences, but things WILL be different.

Yes, you click that like button and BOOM! Even more fun!

Can YOU spot the changes? Well, of course you can but I will point them out nonetheless!

1. Most important, you’ve now got a direct link to the instant win games where you could win $1,000.00 instantly!
2. How good are you at Puzzles? Drag and drop the puzzle pieces into place and see what happens when you get the picture right!
3. You can even take a poll!

Beneath this, we’ve still got the featured games and the ability to “like” the other pages, so not everything has changed!

So, as you can see Gamers, the page has definitely gotten a revamping. What are your thoughts? Do you “like” the new makeover?

Comment below and let us know what you think of the NEW & improved experience!

Sarah S.

Social Media


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Margarine Hill said...

The new change is wonderful.It,s just like when you change your funiture around things look a lot better. I will be there to catch all the fun of the new games.

cindy gusman said...

i like playing everyday since i am unployed right now and maybe easier for me thank you people at pch love sinserly like yours trully cindy gusman

Muliyani Made said...

I am already check out the game this morning and be awarded then by this game I can to win.Thank you so much.

Roma Sue Noffsinger said...

Wow !!

Pete D Perse said...

I REALLLY enjoy playing PCH games, so this new look and more prizes, is GOOD news to me! WAY TO GO, PCH!!

Susan Gerdom said...

Don’t know yet I’m just getting to know my way around the games and facebook.

sherry Daugherty said...

sounds new and improved for sure will be better

Kanika Loeung said...

I always like PCH games!

Francis M Mendekeh said...

The New place perfect thanks to PCH.

Kanika Loeung said...

PCH games are the best!