PCH Instant Bingo Is Here – Free Online Bingo With A Big Jackpot!

Remember a few weeks ago we told you that we’d be launching an exciting new web site with FREE Online Bingo?! Well it’s here And boy is it exciting!

Here’s what it means for you…

You could win over $1,000.00 instantly (as in today!) — or you could become our next Bingo Progressive Jackpot winner

It’s FREE! It’s FUN! It’s FAST! It’s PCH Instant Bingo!  In just a few minutes you can enjoy loads of Bingo action and get exciting chances to win cash, or get entries for merchandise … even our millionaire-making SuperPrizes. The faster you get a Bingo, the more cash you instant cash you could win.

Here’s how it works: each and every day you can play in four thrilling rounds with one free online Bingo card per round.

  • Round One: Win up to $50.00 Cash
  • Round Two: Win up to $100.00 Cash
  • Round Three: Win up to $150.00 Cash
  • Round Four: Win up to 250.00 Cash

Every Card You Play Earns You Extra Chances To Win!

Even if your card doesn’t win instant cash, you will get an entry for a chance to win another exciting prize like a Ford Escape, a $3,000,000.00 for a Dream Home or a $10,000,000.00 SuperPrize®.

Plus, You Can Earn JACKPOT Balls To Win A Big Cash Prize!

That’s right, each and every game also gives you the opportunity to collect JACKPOT balls. Collect the balls to spell J-A-C-K-P-O-T and you’ll win the cash amount in the Big Jackpot bank. Each day, the JACKPOT gets bigger and bigger until there’s a winner – as high as $5,000!

Best yet, you can collect JACKPOT balls throughout the week. So the balls you collect on a Sunday will be there for you on Monday. Your letters won’t expire until that Saturday at 11:59 PM ET, so you’ll have an entire week to try to collect all seven letters.

Choose A Card — Win A $500.00 Last Chance Drawing!

When you’ve finished playing your four BINGO cards, you get another exciting opportunity to win – the LAST CHANCE DRAWING!

You’ll be shown the four cards you just played in addition to a winning Bingo pattern. Select one card to enter into that night’s LAST CHANCE drawing. If your card matches the winning pattern after the nightly draw, you win $500.00 cash! Make sure you check PCH Instant Bingo the next day to see if you’ve won!

Visit PCH Instant Bingo Today!

Don’t wait a second! You could win over $1,000.00 as soon as TODAY!

“Playfully” Yours,

Elliott M.

202 thoughts on “PCH Instant Bingo Is Here – Free Online Bingo With A Big Jackpot!”

  1. Gerald conley says:

    U GUYS real WINNERS pch.I want win. If u GUYS fine me here box 1000000)0))0)))0000 ORThers I’m in win. It’s Gerald …love do pch.dance if I win TV cool

    1. yvonne leeper says:

      I won 3 weeks ago and never got paid!!!!! my words macth

  2. Gerald conley says:

    Win I want CLAIM 2 bingo.S pch.I want win.$100).000.000.00

  3. Iluminado says:

    Why I can’t open the pch instan bingo to play, I try many times and I cant play.please somebody help me

  4. Gerald conley says:

    I want play its Gerald again all day night I want win No stoping Gerald hello Howie hello Dave hello Todd and hello Danielle hope see guys soon .u guys wellcome here home.check me out VIP.love games over 25000.000.000. Good luck all have bless day.

  5. Gerald conley says:

    I’m in win pch.THANK u can I say want win jackpot bingo…CLAIM GWY no 4749. I want win Big…..

  6. Gerald Conley says:

    I played my card 12 o3 said won hey what that mean any way I want CLAIM GWY 4749 and want CLAIM bingo card said 4900 I’m CLAIM that please someone tell me this means hallmart

  7. tressie salazar says:

    Love pch…. love bingo and many others. Please check pch.com $20,000.00 instant win a couple of the games can not be played and are upside down. Just thought id help. We are all in this together. I am a 35 year plus pch member. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a blessed day pch.

  8. How do you get into the new Bingo gamed???????

  9. I love playing all of these games, except the new slots, with the wild west, I hate that game, I’ve read all the rules etc. I just can’t get anywhere on it! Also when I play instant win, my screen freezes up on at least two games every time, then I lose those tokens, can you help/

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