At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!

Back in my grade school days, summer vacations were spent playing street games with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes those games were rough, and when our blood was high, you could hear one of us shouting, “Hey, that’s not fair! You cheated!” Then we’d yell for our mothers, and someone would get a smack on the fanny, be pulled out of the game, and maybe even denied a treat from the ice cream truck! Oh the horror!

These days, if I play any games at all, I do it at PCHgames  – “Your Favorite Online Destination For Playing Games And Winning Prizes!” Yet even there, as I’ve discovered, some people don’t play fair or by the rules.

So who do you call when you feel that someone is taking an unfair advantage? Why, the “CheatBusters,” of course!

At PCHgames, the head “CheatBuster” is Danny. Danny told me, “I take cheating very seriously, and I make every effort possible to ensure that our winners have played honestly and fairly.” So when he recently received numerous complaints of impossibly high game scores and excessive token collection, he felt we should tell you what PCH is doing to ensure a level playing field.

Here are some of the measures we’re taking:

• We’ve updated our Terms of Use (section 15) to formally disallow the use of multiple browser tabs or windows to play multiple games simultaneously in order to expedite token earnings and/or give an unfair advantage in regular game play or game tournaments.

• We thoroughly investigate any complaint of excessively high scores on the leaderboard.

• Danny literally spends hours looking at scores and token earnings to ensure that sweepstakes and tournament winners haven’t cheated.

We know that if cheaters can win on PCHGames, the site won’t be fun or fair for anyone, so we do our absolute best to make sure that everyone who plays has a fair shot at our sweepstakes and prizes.

And when cheaters get caught, watch out! Anyone who engages in unfair methods, or otherwise breaches the Terms of Use Agreement on PCHgames, may have their account terminated without notice and their access to the site blocked. Any entries they submitted will be invalid, any prizes and winnings they may have been entitled to will be void and/or forfeited, and those already received will have to be given up on demand.

Because at PCHgames, we like to play fair! Our winners never cheat and cheaters never win!

Have fun, and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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Kanika Loeung said...

I always wondering how did they get the high scores?

Renata said...

The following are the events that transpired beginning 1/5/13 regarding fraudulent activity by Dave Sayer under the guise of Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol.

I have been playing the PCH contest for over 2 years and believed that I had won. I was contacted initially on 1/5/13 by Dave Sayer via facebook informing me that I had won a PCH prize in the amount if 1.8 M and in order to claim that prize I had to purchase a money pack card first in the amount of $499.99 and send him the 14-digit number from the back of the card after it was purchased. I purchased the Money Pack Card at Wal-Mart (WPB, FL). This information was relayed via messaging on facebook. I was informed that after this information was verified that the prize patrol would be on the way to my home to deliver the check. This did not occur. Thereafter, Mr. Sayer contacted me on the phone stating 3 additional money packs in the amount of $499.99 each were required. At that point I realized this was a scam. He continued to call me insisting that I call 209-568-4920 insisting on the additional money pack purchases and that he could assure me the prize patrol would be at my home and everything would be okay. I have these voice mails saved on my phone. I notified the police and filed a claim with the West Palm Beach Sheriff’s department on 1/7/13. I also notified Money Pack of the situation and they have opened an investigation in an attempt to track the money.

    Jussie At PCH said...

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is definitely a scam. The offer you’re describing did not come from Publishers Clearing House. PCH, like any legitimate Sweepstakes, will never ask you to pay any fee or make a purchase to claim a prize. You may report this occurrence to us using our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. We also recommend that you report this incident to the National Fraud Center at

julia justice said...

i like to play p.c.hgames and win. sincerely. julia justice. on this day 1/9/13 the time is 2:44p.m.

Jennifer Haney said...

This all looks great. I hope Danny was able to find and deal with this character: Yesterday on Mahjongg Dimensions

Rank: 1

This score is not legitimately possible.

Curtis Martin said...

Thank you, because seeing so many players with scores in the hundred thousands the day a tournament started is very discouraging.

M Bowman said...

There are some phenomenally high scores on 52 card pick up in a very short period of time! I have been wondering how they do this and thought maybe they were a robot or hacker. Have these impossibly huge scores been investigated by PCH?

I was wondering also if it is against the rules to have multiple tabs open in order to not have to wait for the ads to play when one has finished a game. Perhaps this is how some people pump their scores up, but when you see scores in the thousand after just a few hours, it must be much more than multiple tabs open–at this point it must be multiple players logged in as one person–or it is some hacking device?

In any case, please advise on the multiple tab open issue–is it “against the rules” for one person to have more than one tab open if one plays a game to its finish, and because one does not want to have to wait for the entire ad to play,(heard it already multiple times), one goes to the next tab that is ready to play a new game, and so on? No two games are being played simultaneously with this movement from one tab to another at the finish of one game and especially not doing so in any form during during a tournament…Also, do players on the east coast have an unfair advantage because they start earlier with their new day than those on the west coast?

    PCH Staff said...

    Hi M, players locations DO NOT impact the number of points they or tokens they accrue. Players achieve high scores either by spending most of their time playing PCH games or are cheating. If we find evidence of cheating, that player will be removed and will forfeit any winnings as well as potentially having their account shut down. Please be assured all scores earned during a tournament are reviewed for cheating activity before the winners are posted. All players found to be cheating will be disqualified from winning the tournament. Prizes will only be awarded to users who are playing fairly. We apologize for any concern this may have caused and thank you for taking the time to notify us. If you ever notice a change in your score, or if you have any questions, please speak to a member of our Customer Service team for further assistance by calling our toll-free number 1-800-459-4724, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-8:30pm, EST.

    - Jussie W. at PCH

Jerry Berkley said...

The Cheaters are still taking the trophy’s. A cheater has got the trophy for being in the 4 million token range on Jigsaw Deluxe. I don’t see it passable to do a 70 piece puzzle in 1 to 3 minutes back 2 back for hours. My fastest was 3 and a half minutes. It usually takes me about 4 and half minutes plus the time for the game to start and watch the ad makes it at least 6 to 7 minutes apart. Would it be fair to ask that the trophy winners are reviewed for cheating activity before the trophy’s are awarded?

Willie Rogers said...

Well, Danny, Eliana R., I played the “High Roller” game twice, and won. But the site’s response was “Technical difficulties. Please try again later”. I played the game again today, won, and got the same response. Why? Are the games rigged so that no one should be able to win? Why else would that be the automatic reply when a person wins?

Ted Cunion said...

People are racking up thousands of tokens in Heavens Sevens in just a few minutes with scores in the hundreds of thousands. Either they are cheating or they have access to the game that actually awards tokens according to the pay table. Since the game has never paid according to the pay table for me I’ve been assuming that it was the same for everyone, but those scores and the payouts call into question the legitimacy of the game.