At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!

Back in my grade school days, summer vacations were spent playing street games with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes those games were rough, and when our blood was high, you could hear one of us shouting, “Hey, that’s not fair! You cheated!” Then we’d yell for our mothers, and someone would get a smack on the fanny, be pulled out of the game, and maybe even denied a treat from the ice cream truck! Oh the horror!

These days, if I play any games at all, I do it at PCHgames  — “Your Favorite Online Destination For Playing Games And Winning Prizes!” Yet even there, as I’ve discovered, some people don’t play fair or by the rules.

So who do you call when you feel that someone is taking an unfair advantage? Why, the “CheatBusters,” of course!

At PCHgames, the head “CheatBuster” is Danny. Danny told me, “I take cheating very seriously, and I make every effort possible to ensure that our winners have played honestly and fairly.” So when he recently received numerous complaints of impossibly high game scores and excessive token collection, he felt we should tell you what PCH is doing to ensure a level playing field.

Here are some of the measures we’re taking:

• We’ve updated our Terms of Use (section 15) to formally disallow the use of multiple browser tabs or windows to play multiple games simultaneously in order to expedite token earnings and/or give an unfair advantage in regular game play or game tournaments.

• We thoroughly investigate any complaint of excessively high scores on the leaderboard.

• Danny literally spends hours looking at scores and token earnings to ensure that sweepstakes and tournament winners haven’t cheated.

We know that if cheaters can win on PCHGames, the site won’t be fun or fair for anyone, so we do our absolute best to make sure that everyone who plays has a fair shot at our sweepstakes and prizes.

And when cheaters get caught, watch out! Anyone who engages in unfair methods, or otherwise breaches the Terms of Use Agreement on PCHgames, may have their account terminated without notice and their access to the site blocked. Any entries they submitted will be invalid, any prizes and winnings they may have been entitled to will be void and/or forfeited, and those already received will have to be given up on demand.

Because at PCHgames, we like to play fair! Our winners never cheat and cheaters never win!

Have fun, and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

94 thoughts on “At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!”

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Several times I have noticed that while I am playing and winning tokens that the account name displayed is Shara Robinson instead of me ! I believe that my account
    and possibly others are being hacked and the points/tokens won are being awarded to a different account other than the actual contestant’s. This might also account for some of the seemingly impossible scores reported in this blog.

    1. Random Player says:

      Mary Jo – I think there are some computer glitches I seen when a tournament ends and a new tournament begins. Now, if you notice tokens are added to another person instead of yours, then something is awry.

  2. Jordan D. says:

    For the person and to all the rest of the complainers on this board, I have to tell you most of the gamers do stink. I am accredited progressional gamer for the COD platform Xbox and PS and PC consoles and endorsed by reputable companies. I know how to play with speed and fair gaming for each game play during tournament. I got banned from PCH because all the complainer making lies I cheat and all this does a disservice to future players. Just think: What does Tournament play mean? It means the BEST of BEST only wins and that means clean and fair plays. You have to learn to adapt to each new PCH games. What browsers games work to get the HIGH score which browsers are dependable?

    I am glad PCH banned me because I can’t stand and in utterly disabelief there are GROWN ADULTS who act like kids crying to PCH about this and that. How sad is that? These a JUST GAMES. It is amazing when $$$$ is on line GROWN ADULTS act like little kids crying. Get a grip on your LIFE! *shakes head*

  3. PCH POLICE says:

    Here are the past and current cheaters who have used Ad blocker app and uses multiple browsers to expedite higher token scores.

    Terry G – Ohio
    Ryan M. Ohio
    Doris A – Tacoma, WA
    Indira S – New York
    Margaret W
    Aileen G
    TrangNha N.
    Hai H
    bang I.
    StevEn A – Currently uses Adblocker and uses mutiple browsers to win..
    Ben O – Arlington, TX – Banned hacker
    Matthew P – Arlington, TX, Hacker
    Franklin D – Arlington, TX Hacker (they use .js) hack scores and high scores. Typically I have seen they do this early in the morning when most players are not playing.

    I am sure there are others but those are some I have come across. I am a techi buff and I can what browsers and apps cheaters use.

    1. CHEATBUSTERS says:

      Giang H – Seattle, WA – New player that uses Ad blocking app. He is currently winning on every tournament game.

  4. marym says:

    Certain games you can only get high score like Flight Frenzy, Token Toss and others by using the Microsoft Edge Browser. If you use Firefox or Google Crome browsers yoy can’t get the high score. PCH generates a random score when using an Edge browser so luck is involved too. I hope that helps others to understand the PCH scoring system. Good luck!

  5. Sore LOSERS says:

    And since you have alot of time on your hands by keeping tabs on every winner name and date…you seem bitter. I cant believed how petty you are when it comes to free gaming for a lousy bit of money up for grabs…lol It is YOU who ruin the gaming for honest and repeat winners who put the time and effort to win. Oh yes, there will be cheaters and hackers but you cant labled repeat winners like that. PUT the time in the games in and then perhaps your thinking might change. Geez

  6. Ann C says:

    Don’t waste your breath getting PCH to ban cheaters or even care. Once again StevEn A. Is the top scorer on Mahjongg Minute with a repeat score of 41,975. He must be awesome!! I’ve complained more than once as have other players and PCH still allow him to cheat/win time and time again. Even the new anti-bot won’t stop him because it always comes up on game 9 of 10! What do they care if someone supplements their income by cheating – there are thousands more suckers out there who believe their bull. Oh no… there goes my 1:1.6 billion chance to win $5,000 a week for life;:(

    1. Terry G says:

      Awww…another player name Ann C who I rarely see playing Tournament and if I do see your name you play under 30 mins by the amount of tokens earned and you expect to win!!! PCH is aware of you as the TROUBLEMAKER as the person WHO CALLS in and CRIES and about repeat winners winning of cheating and all your lies. Then your last statement sums up your REAL INTENTIONS: A pure SELFish person who is only concerned about yourself…PURE GREED… ” Oh no… there goes my 1:1.6 billion chance to win $5,000 a week for life;:(” –Ann C

  7. Heather R says:

    I see many of the same people winning over and over again in Daily Token Leaders. They may not be getting rich, but they’re certainly winning several hundred (sometimes thousand) dollars per year. Statistically highly improbable!! How can the same people win repeatedly without cheating???

    1. Heather R says:

      Diana R. from MN has already won $1,000 this month. Must be nice to make your living doing this when the rest of us get NOTHING but frustration!!!!!!!! She wins on a regular basis.

      1. PCH...where are you? says:

        It’s unfair the odds aren’t the same for all players:-(

        1. Heather R says:

          And Diana R. wins again. That’s $1500 so far this month. Please tell me again PCH how there’s no cheating and the same people get “lucky” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and…………………….

  8. Jurgita says:

    I used to be very excited playing pch token tournament daily games, but not anymore. The top token scorers take such high token scores that it makes me feel as if hackers are winning ,because it is impossible to score so many tokens in one minute. Of course it is luck to win, though when you see the same people wining all the time with extraordinary and unrealistic scores, you stop trusting the fairness of the game system of pch all together. I’m disappointed.

    1. PCH...where are you? says:

      It really is too bad that PCH won’t ban these cheaters and make the daily minute mania contests fair.

      New cheater alert: Anna Georgina H. from Souderton, PA was the Mobile Top Scorer on July 2. Scored 780,579 on Flight Frenzy. No way, no how. Also a cheat on the game was Daniel G. from Brown City, Mi with a score of 525,207 which was good for 2nd place. He has won on June 8, 11, 12, 19, 25 and 30.

      Side note, Hai H. from Rosemead, CA (part of the gang of 4 who live within 5 miles of El Monte, CA who have started frequently winning) was the Desktop Total Tokens Earned winner on July 2. This goes along with his June 20 and June 27 wins.

      This gang of 4 (TrangNha N. from El Monte, CA, Hai H. from Rosemead, CA, Tam P. from South El Monte, CA and bang I. from San Gabriel, CA) all live within 5 miles of El Monte, CA have been winning almost daily since June 20.

      Minute Mania Contest dates and winners of this gang of cheats:

      June 10 TrangNha N.
      June 16 TrangNha N.
      June 17 TrangNha N.
      June 20 TrangNha N. and Hai H.
      June 21 TrangNha N.
      June 23 Tam P.
      June 24 Tam P.
      June 26 Tam P.
      June 27 Tam P. and Hai H.
      June 29 Tam P.
      July 1 bang I.
      July 2 Hai H.

      1. PCH...where are you? says:

        July 3 bang I.

      2. PCH...where are you? says:

        July 4 bang I.

      3. PCH...where are you? says:

        July 5 bang I. and Hai H This gang of 4 wins two more times…all members from within 5 miles of El Monte, CA. Unreal.

    2. PCH...where are you? says:

      July 9 TrangNha N. Yet another win for a member of the gang of 4.

    3. PCH...where are you? says:

      July 10 TrangNha N.

    4. PCH...where are you? says:

      July 11 Vuong N. from San Gabriel, CA…same as bang I. The gang of 4 is now upgraded to the gang of 5. All these winners from within a 5 mile radius of El Monte, CA.

      1. Heather R says:

        But there’s no cheating going on. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you…and some swamp land.

    5. PCH...where are you? says:

      July 18 TrangNha N. Gang of 5 strikes again.

    6. Random Player says:

      Hmmm..I saw you posed the HIGH SCORER on 7/24 for the Flight Frenzy…and you say you don’t play anymore? I think you are CONTRADICTING your statements and ACTIONS, since you are sure playing Tournament! Liar, liar…pants on fire…

  9. PCH...where are you? says:

    More fun facts. Since my last post on June 28 Tam P. from South El Monte, CA won yet again on the Minute Mania contest on June 29 and a new player, bang l. of San Gabriel, CA won on July 1. Why is this important?

    Minute Mania Contest winners, either Desktop or Mobile, Top Scorer or Total Tokens Earned.

    TrangNha N. from El Monte, CA with wins on June 10, June 16, June 17, June 20 and June 21.

    Hai H. from Rosemead, CA with wins on June 20 and June 27.

    Tam P. from South El Monte, CA with wins on June 23, June 24, June 26, June 27 and June 29.

    bang l. from San Gabriel,CA with a win on July 1.

    The kicker? ALL of these players list their addresses within an approximate 5 mile radius of El Monte, CA. Is this a gang? Organized criminal activity? A group of hackers? All these winners from such a close physical proximity, with so many wins, within such a short period of time…just does not happen without wrongdoing.

    I see Joshua G. from Saint Robert, MO was a winner on July 1, too. He’s part of the trio of winners (Joshua G., Jonathan G. and Jerry G.) that all list their address as Saint Robert, MO. A city of approximately 4400 people. Think they’re related or one person using 3 names to win?

    One final bit of information, jordan d. of Kirkland, WA was a Minute Mania winner on June 1, double winner on June 7 (Top Score and Total Tokens Earned, Desktop), June 9, June 11, June 15, June 18, June 21, June 26 and June 29. If I recall he won about a dozen times in May. Some of these scores (especially the Top Scorer) were where it was completely obvious that the game was either rigged or hacked.

    1. Sore LOSERS says:

      Sounds like your a BITTER PERSON…alot of these repeat players spend 16-20 hours of gameplay and it takes work so dont expect to win playing a few hours and the HIGH scores increase your as you spend more time quit WHINING like a SORE LOSER! WOW1

      1. Sore LOSERS says:

        You guys probably think the STATE LOTTORIES ARE RIGGED TOO…lol YOU feel some ENTITLEMENTS huh? Get a LIFE and quit blaming the repeat winners with all your FALSE accusations. If you want to WIN PUT THE TIME in 16-20 hours a day or more to ensure a win and then when you see other sore losers whining about you then you will understand they are just mad and jealous.

      2. Sore LOSERS says:

        plus, if a regualr person is good at a game they enjoy and they are repeat winners does that mean their cheating or the games are rigged? GET REAL! Have u ever thought perhaps this player is just good at gaming. I would know since I enjoy gaming since childhood playing on the Xbox 1 and Playstation 4, PC games etc..perhaps you are just mad cuz you SUCK at the games!!!

    2. Doris A says:

      Hey, for you posting every repeat winner and doing research how far they live and the dates and names you have tracked for months that is stalkish behavior called Cyberestalking. You really need to see your doctor for mental illness. I am sorry, but you crossed the line. Is this Doris A from Tacoma, WA?

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