At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!

Back in my grade school days, summer vacations were spent playing street games with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes those games were rough, and when our blood was high, you could hear one of us shouting, “Hey, that’s not fair! You cheated!” Then we’d yell for our mothers, and someone would get a smack on the fanny, be pulled out of the game, and maybe even denied a treat from the ice cream truck! Oh the horror!

These days, if I play any games at all, I do it at PCHgames  — “Your Favorite Online Destination For Playing Games And Winning Prizes!” Yet even there, as I’ve discovered, some people don’t play fair or by the rules.

So who do you call when you feel that someone is taking an unfair advantage? Why, the “CheatBusters,” of course!

At PCHgames, the head “CheatBuster” is Danny. Danny told me, “I take cheating very seriously, and I make every effort possible to ensure that our winners have played honestly and fairly.” So when he recently received numerous complaints of impossibly high game scores and excessive token collection, he felt we should tell you what PCH is doing to ensure a level playing field.

Here are some of the measures we’re taking:

• We’ve updated our Terms of Use (section 15) to formally disallow the use of multiple browser tabs or windows to play multiple games simultaneously in order to expedite token earnings and/or give an unfair advantage in regular game play or game tournaments.

• We thoroughly investigate any complaint of excessively high scores on the leaderboard.

• Danny literally spends hours looking at scores and token earnings to ensure that sweepstakes and tournament winners haven’t cheated.

We know that if cheaters can win on PCHGames, the site won’t be fun or fair for anyone, so we do our absolute best to make sure that everyone who plays has a fair shot at our sweepstakes and prizes.

And when cheaters get caught, watch out! Anyone who engages in unfair methods, or otherwise breaches the Terms of Use Agreement on PCHgames, may have their account terminated without notice and their access to the site blocked. Any entries they submitted will be invalid, any prizes and winnings they may have been entitled to will be void and/or forfeited, and those already received will have to be given up on demand.

Because at PCHgames, we like to play fair! Our winners never cheat and cheaters never win!

Have fun, and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

65 thoughts on “At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!”

  1. Wessley says:

    It is a sad thing to think that PCH cares so little about the integrity of their program they allow the unscrupulous behavior to be financially rewarded. Even worse is the thought that these individuals using dishonest behavior to score impossible scores and consistently bring home the rewards are potentially into far more devious behavior than simply cheating on PCH.

    Although there is no solid verifiable proof to hold in court I suspect there are just a few individuals using fraudulent profiles. Maybe part of an organization. They may individually be amassing only small individual prizes…. daily….. from hundreds of different daily prizes…. yeah, it’s a fortune.

    Now the terrifying thought that convinced me never again to purchase from PCH
    ….. what if the organization proposed is terrorist? These small prizes amount to millions in short order. Our gaming, our PCH purchases which I have always been happy with could be getting amassed through dishonest unregulated practices to fund terrorist organizations to kill our kids!!!!!!!!!! There is no way to know for sure, of course….. but criminal activities are being implemented here, and that in itself is scary enough!

    Yeah, I agree fully…. someone is using hack or bot activity on PCH to repeatedly bring in the daily prizes…. possibly just one individual using proxy servers set up to repeat false locations under false profiles. Shoot that type of money could be used to set up forwarding addresses across the country easily!

    It’s terrifying that no one listens, no one is concerned, and criminals get away with everything.

    I will NEVER EVER ORDER AGAIN! I don’t play token scams anymore. They are hacked. I don’e even know how deeply the hack goes. Does it cross to the sweeps too?

    I’ve tried token tournaments and quickly learned that competition is impossible. My best daily was about 90k. Someone managed 260k repeatedly. It’s definitely rigged.

  2. PCH...where are you? says:

    Fun facts: TrangNha N. of El Monte, CA won Total Tokens Earned Mobile on June 10, June 16, June 17 and Top Scorer Mobile on June 20 and June 21.. He plays Mahjongg Minute getting about 33,600 tokens an hour. Since the maximum tokens you can earn per game is 500 that means you would need to complete a minimum of 68 games in an hour, almost all games earning the highest 500 score. 68 games/hour = 1 game every 0.882352 minute or just under 53 seconds. This next part is open to discussion as perhaps my phone and/or wifi is slow. On my phone it takes at least 25 seconds AFTER I finish a game (finish matching the last tiles) until I can start matching tiles on the next game. Is this about the amount of time it takes you other players between games? Subtract 25 seconds (time while you’re not able to play) from just under 53 seconds and you get a completed game (actual game playing time) of just under 28 seconds.

    On June 20 Hai H. came onto the scene. They earned around 36,000 tokens an hour on Mahjongg Minute. I could have sworn it was TrangNha playing. I wondered if they knew each other. After the daily contest ended and I saw were Hai H. was located (Rosemead, CA) I ran a mapquest. El Monte, CA to Rosemead, CA is a distance of 3 miles.

    Tam P. arrived on June 23 has been on an abolute tear. Top Scorer Mobile on June 23, June 24, June 27 and Top Scorer Desktop on June 26. Where are they located? South El Monte, CA. Hmmm….spitting distance to both El Monte and Rosemead.

    So we’ve got:

    TrangNha N. from El Monte, CA with wins on June 10, June 16, June 17, June 20 and June 21.

    Hai H. from Rosemead, CA with wins on June 20 and June 27.

    Tam P. from South El Monte, CA with wins on June 23, June 24, June 26 and June 27.

    All within miles of each other. This sounds like a cancer cluster. Winner cluster? Remember, folks, for each of these wins they receive $100.

  3. Matthew P. says:

    Over 600k on Delivery Dash is 100% impossible even with perfect RNG. Assuming some how you got ALL super prize houses (the chances of that are very close to 0 if not impossible by design) anything over 400k would be very sketchy. Come on PCH, ban your cheaters.

    1. PCH...where are you? says:


      My reply to you was awaiting moderation by PCH. Looks like they removed the pending post as it’s gone! Good thing I copied and pasted it. Here’s a milder version that hopefully the mods will see fit to allow through.

      Yep, on June 7 jordan d. from Kirkland, WA was the master yet once again on Daily Delivery, Daily Minute Mania, Desktop. Top Scorer with 633,997 and also Top Token Earner. Like has been mentioned, that score is impossible to achieve by anyone except by underhanded means. That’s 3 times he’s won so far this month alone.

      Let’s not forget another master, Destiny K. from Imlay City, MI. They have been the Top Scorer on the Mobile game on June 4, June 6 and now June 7.

      At a minimum PCH is complicit with these c̶h̶e̶a̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ masters by refusing to ban them. I think enough examples of unobtainable scores have been shown for PCH to realize their is a problem with the system?

      I think this one still takes the cake as irrefutable proof. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

      Token Toss,Daily Minute Mania Tournament, Mobile, May 22, 2016.

      Top Scorer
      1. Michael H. 134,512

      Over 2,000 tokens a second? Really?!?

      1. Faith Kent says:

        Indira s i believe is cheating.I have problems at pch website and yet she doesn’t.

  4. PCH...where are you? says:

    Token Toss,Daily Minute Mania Tournament, Mobile, May 22, 2016.

    Top Scorer
    1. Michael H. 134,512
    2. Justin G. 1,035

    Sure enough, the next day Michael H. was listed as the winner, and got his $100 prize. A glitch in the system or did he hack to get that score? It’s not possible to score over 2,000 points a second on that game. Don’t get me started on the fact that all the values you earn in that game end with a 0 or 5. Try adding a nickle, dime and quarter together and ending up with $.92.

    Good thing that Gigi B.(Ball) and Greg B. (Ball), both from Federal Way, WA were banned(?) from PCH. Now we’ve got jordan d. from Kirkland,WA that started winning (very frequently) right after they were banned. Don’t forget about StevEn A. from Galesburg, IL and Kristin B. from Lancaster, CA. More often than not you’ll find one or several of them as the $100 winners on the Daily Tournaments, both Mobile and Desktop. How does StevEn A. almost always get a high score of 41,975 on Mahjongg Minute? Can these people really play continuously at a high level for 18-22 hours a day? So it seems.

    Just noticed that Theo T. from Tacoma, WA was both the Top Scorer and Top Token Earner on Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Daily Minute Mania Tournament, Desktop, May 24, 2016 and won a cool $200. Today, May 25, 2016, he’s currently the Top Scorer (637,965) of Daily Dash, Daily Minute Mania, Desktop. I’ve run through that game dodging all obstacles and collecting alll money bags. I get a score of around 25,000. That was to see what that part of the game earns. Delivering a check is a maximum of 30,000 per door and that’s only on the SUPER PRIZE! doors from the bottommost lane. That means it requires having 20+ SUPER PRIZE! doors on the course, that all get delivered checks from the bottommost lane, you never run into any obstacles and you collect all the money bags to equal 637,965???

    People cheat and hack and find ways to beat your system. I call shenanigans.

    1. Ann C says:

      Thank you May 25 – I too complained about Steven A cheating as there is NO WAY anyone could be that lucky on every Mahjongg tournament but I was fobbed off by customer service who closed my incident # before even looking into it. What a joke – I bet Danny the cheat buster doesn’t even exist. I would love to earn an extra $5-7,000 free money a year so maybe I’ll build my own cheaters app as it seems to okay with PCH

      1. PCH...where are you? says:

        Nice to see jordan d. of Kirkland, WA began the new month by being the Desktop Top Token Earner on June 1. That’s another cool $100. I swear he must have won a dozen times total (Desktop and Mobile, Top Scorer and Top Token Earner) in May alone.

        1. Ann C says:

          Less than 20 mins past midnight Randy W topped his own score in Mahjongg Minute 3 times then Steven A roared into second. Both have scores way above everyone else but they are allowed to keep on earning that free money. COME ON PCH GET YOUR **** SORTED OUT. IT’S NOT FAIR ON EVERYONE WHO ISN’T A SCUMBAG CHEATER.

          1. PCH...where are you? says:

            Well, our buddies StevEn A. from Galesburg, IL and Kristin B. from Lancaster, CA were at it again on June 5, 2016. They’ve got to just LOVE Mahjongg Minute. FREE $$$, right?

            Kristin B. accumulates tokens at the rate of approximately 27,000 an hour. Since the maximum tokens you can earn per game is 500 that means you would need to complete 54 games in an hour, each game with the highest 500 score. 54 games/hour = 1 game every 1.111 minute or 66.666666 seconds. Nice, right? On my phone it takes at least 25 seconds AFTER I finish a game (finish matching the last tiles) until I can start matching tiles on the next game. Is this about the time it takes your phone Ann? Subtract 25 seconds from 66.67 seconds (rounding up here) and you get a completed game in 41.67 seconds.

            So, Kristin B. played for 9 straight hours (starting when the contest began at 9PM Pacific)….got a score of 500 for every game…and finished each game in under 42 seconds? That’s what they would have to have done to reach what their token amount was at 6AM Pacific. I was watching their progress. No games where they only scored 400, no stretching breaks, no potty breaks, no pauses to put in eye drops, no going to get something to drink or a snack???

  5. ronald says:

    your games cheat on numbers and tokens

  6. ernest bowie says:

    How do you end pch search & win how do you complete the search

  7. Richard says:

    I am just wondering how there people are getting over 250000 on slots? I have been a member for over 6 mos and have yet to break 100000, not even once.I mean, REALLY? The law of averages does not seem to apply here at all. I’ve seen the wheel stopped, then shoot up two spaces. I’m seeing the same names coming up on top of the leader boards multiple times, yet I can’t even break a 100000? I called in to customer support and they said, and get this…” It’s all about timing” Really????? and how is that a factor when all you do is hit a button once?? Now, I know I’m not going to always to win, or even come all that close to winning, but, damn!!!! Hey PCH, I’d like to win once in awhile, or at least have a fricking CHANCE to win.I currently hold VIP status, but I’m currently spending a whole lot of time on your site playing your games with no chance of winning. I’m ready to give all this up…..because let’s face it…it is not a level playing field here.

  8. Faith Kent says:

    PCH does not play fair!You do not pay your winners money either!Whenever I am winning,all of a sudden you start having technical difficulties and then when you do come back,I become clear behind!Then another time,I was really up on everyone and then you stopped counting my tokens until others could catch up!Tell me again about how you are fair!!!I also won an 4 year subscription of several of your magazines twice and have not received the first one but if it is all the same to you,I would rather have the money which you owe me which is $810.00!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pat says:

    what a joke. the slots do not work correctly, if I land on anything good when the reels stop they start again on that same play and I win a minimal score or nothing.

  10. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    And Harlem Shake it to The Hottest Mega Event

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