At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!

Back in my grade school days, summer vacations were spent playing street games with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes those games were rough, and when our blood was high, you could hear one of us shouting, “Hey, that’s not fair! You cheated!” Then we’d yell for our mothers, and someone would get a smack on the fanny, be pulled out of the game, and maybe even denied a treat from the ice cream truck! Oh the horror!

These days, if I play any games at all, I do it at PCHgames  — “Your Favorite Online Destination For Playing Games And Winning Prizes!” Yet even there, as I’ve discovered, some people don’t play fair or by the rules.

So who do you call when you feel that someone is taking an unfair advantage? Why, the “CheatBusters,” of course!

At PCHgames, the head “CheatBuster” is Danny. Danny told me, “I take cheating very seriously, and I make every effort possible to ensure that our winners have played honestly and fairly.” So when he recently received numerous complaints of impossibly high game scores and excessive token collection, he felt we should tell you what PCH is doing to ensure a level playing field.

Here are some of the measures we’re taking:

• We’ve updated our Terms of Use (section 15) to formally disallow the use of multiple browser tabs or windows to play multiple games simultaneously in order to expedite token earnings and/or give an unfair advantage in regular game play or game tournaments.

• We thoroughly investigate any complaint of excessively high scores on the leaderboard.

• Danny literally spends hours looking at scores and token earnings to ensure that sweepstakes and tournament winners haven’t cheated.

We know that if cheaters can win on PCHGames, the site won’t be fun or fair for anyone, so we do our absolute best to make sure that everyone who plays has a fair shot at our sweepstakes and prizes.

And when cheaters get caught, watch out! Anyone who engages in unfair methods, or otherwise breaches the Terms of Use Agreement on PCHgames, may have their account terminated without notice and their access to the site blocked. Any entries they submitted will be invalid, any prizes and winnings they may have been entitled to will be void and/or forfeited, and those already received will have to be given up on demand.

Because at PCHgames, we like to play fair! Our winners never cheat and cheaters never win!

Have fun, and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

139 thoughts on “At PCHgames, We Like To Play Fair!”

  1. Homeless cuz of PCH says:

    PCH failed to pay me over $1,600 that I won last year during tournament play last year. They said the would mail the checks out within 4-5 weeks and I took their word but I never got a single check. I was living in an apartment at the time while I am disabled and cannot work so PCH games that I was playing fair and square that PCH front office decided to ban my PCH account. Guess what? I am now living in my CAR and my 10 year old son. PCH destroyed my life by promising to play their games for a chance to win and I was winning last year until they CHANGED their RULES of GAMEPLAY which only HURT THE FAIR PLAYERS like myself. I called and wrote letters to PCH…and nothing was done to restore my faith in PCH. PCH may pay you sometimes, but they may not pay you at all either.

  2. Sad! says:

    le l. is back in business.

    1. le l BACK says:

      Very sad. Its time he brings in his friends and entire family while teaching them how to play unfairly and win again and again .

      1. Sad! says:

        Like Ken t. of Baldwin Park, CA.

  3. Kristin B. / Kristin G. says:

    Hooray to Kristin B. of Lancaster, CA who became Kristin B. of Las Vegas, NV and is now Kristin G. of Las Vegas, NV. Did you move and get hitched??? Keep on winning the daily Top Token Earner Mobile Mahjongg Minute contests.

    1. Yes, Doris A from Tacoma, WA says:

      You are sooo right, Doris A from Tacoma, WA

  4. Gabriel H says:


    For the games like Blackjack Tournament and the daily Tournament games the software you have placed in to track any cheaters activities is NOT working and it has ERRORS and BUGS. I have had my ACCOUNT BLOCKED by PCH by saying: “You have violated terms of player conduct…” I played each game without opening up multiple browsers, no use if ad-blocker which doesn’t work and I was banned because I can play very fast at some of the games I am good at. I only win by earning the “High Token Earner” for that day.

    Here is just one example why the system of software that you have in place has ERRORS, BUGS and FLAWS. Normally, after 10 games of play, you will click on an ad and type in the “phrase/code” that PCH wants you to enter to continue to play. Throughout the day, when I played really fast the usual video/or phrase/code would be a scramble of letters that would be hard to read, or the a video icon that appears have darken in the background wants me to hit the “play” button to see the code. I know for good reason, this is what PCH software uses to track cheaters. But, just because I play fast and it may be under 1 minute and 20 seconds per game play, perhaps 1 second shorter, PCH software flags me as a CHEATER and I am banned. I wrote to PCH and explained this to them and they directed me to contact: services@ —–.com which I did not ONCE or TWICE but 3 times and I NEVER got a REPLY back at all. I found this to be very UNPROFESSIONAL by the people and security to TREAT CUSTOMERS and (REPEAT) CUSTOMERS with HONESTY and RESPECT as WE the PEOPLE are the ONES who PAY PCH EMPLOYEES SALARIES, COMMERCIALS and PRIZES.

    I have read some of comments on this board and it does seem a PERSON (A ROGUE PCH EMPLOYEE) is posting PAST WINNERS LAST names; meaning only an INSIDE EMPLOYEE (PCH IT DEPARTMENT) knows. I am no computer forensic expert, but I am sure anything that is posted on the INTERNET can be TRACKED down. I hope PCH finds this ROGUE EMPLOYEE.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Gabriel, thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us by phone at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at 1-800-566-4724 between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you.

  5. judy davis says:

    It is no way these winners on the leader board can be accumulating over 150 tokens. I called pch and they said it was their luck that they got over 200 tokens. I love and I want a chance at a honest game prize, but if you can’t see that this isn’t fair and that it continues where is the fun. Please stop these crooks from doing this.If really want to check ,corporate should play the leader board and see how many coins you get. That will tell that people are cheating.

  6. EVERY WEBSITE DOWN??? says:

    Every site has been down for “site maintenance”. Maybe this will fix the hacking problem lol. It would’ve been nice for PCH to notify us ahead of time. Let’s hope they did this update in a test environment first and they’re not blindly making changes. Hope they don’t break their own website.

  7. Momma Greene joins the club? says:

    This month Rose G. of Saint Robert, MO has joined:
    Joshua G. of Saint Robert, MO
    Jerry G. of Saint Robert, MO
    Jonathan G. of Saint Robert, MO

    as daily contest winners. Do I sense a trend? WTG Greene family. Wow!

    1. John W says:

      Do you work at publishers clearing house? I have to agree with the other person writing that only am employee would know a players last name when they win a small prize like 100 bucks or less. When you win one of those super prizes and the pch crew comes by with roses and the camera crew then pch will post the person first and last name to the world to see. What do you gain by writing smack talk about the Greene fam for?

  8. le l. Baldwin Park, CA is back! says:

    le l. from Baldwin Park, CA is back winning the daily games. I see the other day a Teresa L., also from Baldwin Park, CA, won. That’s a new alias to go with Mui V. and the other ones he has used.

    1. Hackers And Cheaters says:

      Finally banned le l… for now. NEW PROBLEM: people keep cheating on the Tri Peaks Rush game for the mobile (phone). Let’s see how many months this goes by unnoticed… like Heather G. and le l. kept winning for weeks until they noticed.

  9. Jurgita M. says:

    Heather G wins again. She changes her name so many times. I see she was playing under Seriously Y and won which showed her name is Heather G. How can a person with multiple identities and cheats to win has won over $1000 this month. Plus, a kicker, Wilson L aka mui v. or le l. of Baldwin Park, Ca is obviously is playing while cheating and I would say FRAUD activity by using other people names? Hmmm…

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Jurgita, let me assure you that all scores earned during a tournament are reviewed for cheating activity before the winners are posted. All players found to be cheating will be disqualified from winning the tournament. Prizes will only be awarded to users who are playing fairly. We apologize for any concern this may have caused and thank you for taking the time to notify us. If you require any additional assistance feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team by clicking here: Have a great day!

    2. Daniel Delmo says:

      Yes this is 100% correct. Heather G. Is one of many. Even the tablet version of the games are hacked. PCH likes to say that “they catch cheaters and ban them”, but I’ve caught and complained about so many cheaters it’s just insane. The Canada call center doesn’t help much and their employees are rude. I spoke with Chris Irving (the legal guy at NYC headquarters) and him and his team don’t know how to replicate the hacking, so they just let it happen and turn their heads and pretend not to notice. I guess it doesn’t matter when the ad revenue is high enough to still earn money from us playing.

      1. Bella says:

        Agree. My account was totally deleted my Gigi B aka Heather G aka Stephanie X and they do nothing

    3. Bella says:

      Yes…they have relatives a pch

      1. Yes, Doris A from Tacoma, WA says:

        Sure Doris A from Tacoma, WA

  10. le l says:


    le l. — BALDWIN PARK, CALI

    1. joe says:

      how do you view the blackjack stats on a mobile device

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