Free Lotto-Style Games, Plus Winners Every Day at PCHlotto!

Hey PCHlotto Friends,

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the buzz about the big winners at PCHlotto recently, including Gerard R., the $1.25 Million winner this past December. But, did you know that along with free lotto-style games, we have new winners every day?


That’s right! Daily winners are GUARANTEED! I guess our Motto ― Free To Play, Winners Every Day ― says it all!

Speaking of WINNERS… did you know we have a “Sweet Daily Cash” winner EVERY NIGHT? It’s true — Are you playing every day to claim your numbers for the nightly drawing? You have nothing to lose, because it’s absolutely FREE. Plus, there’s lots more lotto-style fun to be had ― including chances to win instantly!


Go to PCHlotto and take a look at the “Instant Win” tab — You can unlock a FREE Instant-Win scratch card with your daily game play. Just play your Pick Quick cards, then scratch for your shot at instant cash! Think you couldn’t become an instant scratch card winner? Think again! Just ask these four recent instant winners:

Debra N. of Springfield, MO won $100.00 Cash!

Laura W. of Streamwood, IL won $50.00 Cash!

Vera D. of Brunswick, ME won $50.00 Cash!

Norma P. of Stockton, CA won $50.00 Cash!

Do you want to see YOUR name on that list next? Well then why not give PCHlotto a try? There’s winners every day, plus who can forget about our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, where the jackpot increases with every game play!

Good luck,

Matt S.
PCH Creative

P.S. What have YOU won? Have you won at PCHlotto or PCHSearch&Win? How about a few bucks in your state lottery? Maybe church bingo? Whatever it is, please share in the comment section below!

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Kanika Loeung said...

I playing PCHlotto and Bingo every night. For the bonus” Jackpot” I’d still need one more letter “O” to go. So I’d have my mane on that list next! I hope to win any prize in sone day! :)

Jessica Elmore said...

A gift certificate to a local hair salon at our church fall festival.

Mrs. A.T. said...

I have always been “lucky”. My dad always said I could fall in a pile of sh–, and come out smelling like a rose. I’ve won at Bingo, Raffle give-aways, Friendly Poker games, Dice games, and PCH to name a few. Granted some were for small amounts and some were hundreds of dollars, but I love to win! I win because I don’t give up. My sight is set on a Big Check from PCH. Lucky would only bring me more luck in my life.

Kanika Loeung said...

New week are starting coming up the same as I re-entries PCH again.

Richard Radtke said...

Still looking for the letter “O” in the spelling of the word JACKPOT. I have been playing for a long time, and have NEVER seen an “O”. I get multiple J’s, A’s, C’s, K’s, P’s, and T’s; but NO “O’s”. Could someone at PCH please arrange for me to get an “O”?

Jorge Ramirez said...

a simple game can make you a millionaire over night and its a dream everyone’s dreams of hitting keep playing you guys and you never know you might wake up with millions

DeLayne Perry said...

yes I play the lotto cards… I love the scratch and win…

Joyce boudreaux said...

Hi PCH. I was wondering when will ibe paid from PCh Lotto games I hit 1 Million dollars I’m poor i need help as well I thought it would be deposited in my bank I want to go back to school I need a desk top. Computer and I could have payed for school this not the first time I have hit o r the second time I was just wondering why I haven’t got 1 dollar

    PCH Staff said...

    Hi Joyce, while we have many draws, unfortunately not everyone can win a prize. Winners are chosen completely at random so everyone has the same chance of winning. Every new entry is a new chance to win so don’t lose hope!

    - Jussie W. at PCH

Joyce boudreaux said...

I thought I had won 1$Million on PCH lotto so when do I receive that I just would like to know when I will get paid and my numbers from last night didn’t come I need to know because the fortune lady said luck is on my side

Michaela G. said...

Hello Matt S.

I just wanted to Congratulate everyone on your list and let you know that I am very happy for everyone that wins MEGA BIG or small at PCH!!! And, YES, YES, YES I did win $100.00 a couple of years back but not sure what it was for, it just came in the mail and I wanted to thank you all at PCH for that, it made me want to play even more, so I did…it is my dream to win so I just keep on playing and entering everyday in hopes that I will win MEGA SUPER BIG from PCH!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone “GOOD LUCK” in playing PCHlotto!!!

kathy Thompson said...

I recieve a prize access ticket with a roll of matching numbers on 8-2-2013 from pchlotto and havent received anything.The ticket was confrimed by pchlotto but still nothing.ticket was also granted, but still nothing.Ireally belived in pchlotto,but now i have to wonder was everybody else right.This has ruined my life and cruel and unsual pumishment. After posting this IF i were going to be paid probably wont now, but at least maybe i can go on with my life and do damage repaires of its not to late.THANKS PCHLOTTO.

tammy barnes said...

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