Free Lotto-Style Games, Plus Winners Every Day at PCHlotto!

Hey PCHlotto Friends,

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the buzz about the big winners at PCHlotto recently, including Gerard R., the $1.25 Million winner this past December. But, did you know that along with free lotto-style games, we have new winners every day?


That’s right! Daily winners are GUARANTEED! I guess our Motto ― Free To Play, Winners Every Day ― says it all!

Speaking of WINNERS… did you know we have a “Sweet Daily Cash” winner EVERY NIGHT? It’s true — Are you playing every day to claim your numbers for the nightly drawing? You have nothing to lose, because it’s absolutely FREE. Plus, there’s lots more lotto-style fun to be had ― including chances to win instantly!


Go to PCHlotto and take a look at the “Instant Win” tab — You can unlock a FREE Instant-Win scratch card with your daily game play. Just play your Pick Quick cards, then scratch for your shot at instant cash! Think you couldn’t become an instant scratch card winner? Think again! Just ask these four recent instant winners:

Debra N. of Springfield, MO won $100.00 Cash!

Laura W. of Streamwood, IL won $50.00 Cash!

Vera D. of Brunswick, ME won $50.00 Cash!

Norma P. of Stockton, CA won $50.00 Cash!

Do you want to see YOUR name on that list next? Well then why not give PCHlotto a try? There’s winners every day, plus who can forget about our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, where the jackpot increases with every game play!

Good luck,

Matt S.
PCH Creative

P.S. What have YOU won? Have you won at PCHlotto or PCHSearch&Win? How about a few bucks in your state lottery? Maybe church bingo? Whatever it is, please share in the comment section below!

20 thoughts on “Free Lotto-Style Games, Plus Winners Every Day at PCHlotto!”

  1. Henry H says:

    Hello PCHLotto I Receive A Prize Access Ticket YR15, for the prize of $1,020,500.00.
    Please acknowledge all of the inputs to the lotto system.

    Thanks for the opportunity as always,


  2. Tashanta says:

    I received a msg from pchlotto stating I matched six winning no.Which to my understanding is I am now a million dollar prize winner.What now?

  3. Kenneth to says:

    This is about a winning ticket in my position the real date of the ticket is not 6/16/15 I have the real ticket and date want do I do please respond

  4. I have a ticket with six matching number for ticket Issued 6/11/15,it is confirmed but nothing want to do.

  5. Hello PCHLotto I Receive A Prize Access Ticket in My Position Has A Row of Matching Numbers 382-101-2015 ( 08 12 25 31 34 49 ) Ticket Issued on 6/11/15 Prize Eligibility Over $1,020,500.00

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    Great opportunity to win Cash.

  7. Lori Coryell says:

    This site doesn’t show all the daily winners! And I have crooks calling me saying they ar PCH AND THAT I WON 2.5 million dollars. But they want money! And I believe them to be terrorists. They made the comment that the American Govt. Must be stopped ! What kind of people are you to be affiliated with terrorists?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      PCH does NOT contact anyone via phone, text message, or on Facebook.
      PCH does NOT send out friend requests, private messages, or chats on Facebook.

      We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers:
      Please report any scammers to Thanks!

  8. I recieve a prize access ticket with a roll of matching numbers on 8-2-2013 from pchlotto and havent received anything.The ticket was confrimed by pchlotto but still nothing.ticket was also granted, but still nothing.Ireally belived in pchlotto,but now i have to wonder was everybody else right.This has ruined my life and cruel and unsual pumishment. After posting this IF i were going to be paid probably wont now, but at least maybe i can go on with my life and do damage repaires of its not to late.THANKS PCHLOTTO.

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