Prize Patrol Makes Dreams Come True For Another Real PCH Winner!

Real PCH Winner Shermoya Armstrong had her dreams come true when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol came for a visit!



Hi Blog Readers!

A few days ago, I told you all about one of the $10,000 prize deliveries I made in early February. In case you missed it, check out my blog here. Well now I’m back to tell you about how we made dreams come true for someone else, too!

On Tuesday, Feburary 5th, Marlene from our Play&Win offices and I took an early flight to Washington State. On our agenda? To deliver a Big Check to the first BIG PCHlotto winner of 2013!!!! To whom? Shermoya Armstrong of Bonney Lake, WA! She won BIG on the $10,000 Black Card.

Shermoya was easy to find and a pleasure to surprise. As soon as we walked up to her door — before we even rang the doorbell — I could hear shouting inside. Once she spotted the iconic Prize Patrol balloons, Shermoya knew exactly who was walking up her driveway. And boy was she excited!

“I won $10,000!” Shermoya yelled excitedly into her home.

Yes, she did!

As I handed her the Big Check, Shermoya’s eyes did not leave my hands – where I held the REAL check for $10,000.

“Oh, I see you eyeing this,” I laughed while handing over the real check.


Shermoya has been entering the PCH Sweepstakes on and off for years, more recently playing PCHlotto daily. She won an instant $50 once… the start of her good luck, I say! Shermoya says the $10,000 can definitely be used. She wants to buy her house and that prize is a fantastic start.

Shermoya told me that she often follows the clues and hints that the Prize Patrol (Danielle, Todd, Dave)  post on their PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages on Facebook! This was VERY exciting to hear because I don’t think we have ever surprised someone who has followed the clues before! That day, Shermoya hadn’t logged onto Facebook yet… but if she did, she would’ve seen that Todd Sloane was posting clues that led to her home in Bonney Lake, WA!

Make sure you follow along with clues and hints on the Prize Patrol Fan Pages during upcoming prize deliveries. You never know when they will be pointing to YOUR HOME! And keep playing daily  — our next real PCHlotto winner could be YOU!


Laura @ PCH

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  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Cingrads i wish it wad me……

  2. lorrie velez says:

    Hoping to see yal danielle love ya much:*:*:*:*:*; (

  3. Emma Serna says:

    Hope and pray 10/9/2014 I have a chance to win. Need to pay our house, before with lose it. My husband had to retired so he would take care of me. and I need another back surgery. I have 3 littles one to help support .

  4. Vickie Rechterman says:

    I would love the prize patrol come to my house

  5. Prize patrol come to my address please

  6. I hoping prize patrol coming in my house

  7. adelne says:

    hoping pch comes to my address

  8. Ganesh says:

    Finylla! This is just what I was looking for.

  9. Adrian Lee says:

    I’Adrian lee thinking the prize Patrol for knocking on my door on the 28th. you have to see what you pray for and I believe you received it.

  10. harry westbrook says:

    I hoping for the prize patrol rings my door bell. and I will be blissed with the big prize.

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