Sneak Peek At The New & Improved PCHGames!

PCHGames has got some huge news, and we want you to be the first to know. We’ve got a brand new & improved design for our site coming in just a few weeks, and we know you’ll just love it! Now, don’t get me wrong. Nothing is going to change about the way PCHGames works — you’ll still be able to earn tokens, enter for prizes, and play Instant Win games for cash. Consider it like a brand new pair of glasses. The world isn’t a different place, it just looks better!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is a sneak peek at some of the great features you’ll enjoy with the new & improved design changes for PCHGames:

1.)    Easy access to PCHLotto, PCHSlots, PCHBingo, and!

This one’s no secret. If you’re playing the Instant Win games on PCHGames, odds are, you’re most likely playing PCHLotto, PCHSlots, and PCHBingo every day for your chance to win big, too. That’s why we’ve added some quick and easy links (see below) featured on many of our sites and planted it at home on the new PCHGames. That way, if you’re playing on PCHGames, it’ll only take you a few easy clicks to go between sites and win big all day long!



2.)    Clearer Category ratings!

Now, instead of heading back to your profile to see how many games you are away from leveling up, you can see your progress from the category and gameplay page. That’s right! The gameplay page will excitedly countdown to your next level! In addition, the games page will keep track of your last score and TOP SCORE (!) so you can push yourself to new levels of arcade-style greatness!


3.)    Brand new calendar added to the Events Page!

Ever caught yourself wondering when the next token event or tournament is scheduled for? Or if that tournament falls on a Friday or Saturday? The new calendar on the Events page will tell you exactly that. We think you’ll really enjoy being able to see all of the major events on a handy calendar grid! It’ll also help make sure you don’t miss a single one.


4.)    Bigger, shiner homepage features!

Sure, the current featured games and contests are nice, but this new site design allows us to proudly wear our heart on our sleeve. Is today an unknown holiday granting you bonus tokens? Is it the start of a new tournament with awesome cash prizes? Are we premiering a brand new game?!? Our new homepage design will shout it from the rooftops!

That’s just a sneak-peek of what we’re doing with PCHGames to make it even more exciting and fun for you! There will be lots more to explore when we launch the new site for you in just a few weeks! Of course we’ll let you know right here on the blog as soon as it’s up and ready, so be sure to keep checking back!

Until then, let us know what you think of the changes, and what else you would like to see on PCHGames.

Happy gaming!

Greg L.
Junior Game Designer


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