Find The Differences In Today’s “Heavenly” PCHgames Challenge!

Can YOU find the differences between these two photos? Comment below!


Hey Fans,
Heaven’s Sevens is a very popular casino-style slot machine game (link to casino games category) at PCHgames. We’ve turned this game into today’s GAMES CHALLENGE. In honor of Heaven’s Sevens, there are seven (7) differences between the two photos above. Can you spot them all?
Comment below and tell us the differences you can “divine.” We’ll reveal all seven differences in Wednesday’s blog, so make sure to check it out!

Have FUN and good luck!
Elliott M.

P.S. After you find the differences, try playing Heaven’s Sevens to get in on the big token payouts!

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Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! Red light and green light, plane, hat on angel, prize check on first row, eagle on second row, number 1 on third row, and three horns on third row. That was fun, fun, fun..thank you!

wind meek said...

(1) the cupid up top has a top hat on.
(2) there’s an airplane or spaceship in the stars.
(3) there’s a winner card where a heaven;y gate should be on the top row, right side.
(4) there’s an eagle where a dove should be middle row left side.
(5) there’s three trumpets instead of two, bottom row, right side.
(6) there’s a green/blue one instead of a green/blue seven in the clouds, bottom row, left side.
(7) the spin bottom is red instead of green.

eyvonne kerns said...

the differences between the two is one have a check on it ,one have a green and one has a brown one where press to play one has a brown bird other one do not, one has a hat on other one don,t one have a airplane in it the other don,t one has four gates and the one has three. The last one have a upside down blue 7.

Rick Ash said...

Bottom scene has airplane
Bottom scene-Angel has top hat
Bottom SQ. 2 has Eagle in middle
Bottom has 1,not 7 in SQ 2
Bottom has Check in SQ. 4
Bottom has only 2 trumpets Sq 5
Bottom has Green spin-not red