How To Spot A PCHlotto Scam — Top Three Warning Signs!


There are amazing free online lotto opportunities at PCHlotto — every day! Our fans know all about them — unfortunately, so do the criminals who use the Publishers Clearing House name in PCHlotto scams!

In fact, just the other day, I was talking to Sarah on our Social Media Team. She was telling me about a message she received on Facebook from a South Carolina fan who had gotten an email from a fraudster pretending to be from PCHlotto. This smart lady was able to tell that it was a scam and alert PCH right away. Good for her! We want you to be able to spot a PCHlotto scam right away, too!

Here are the Top 3 ways to determine if something is a PCHlotto scam:

1. You’ll know it’s a PCHlotto scam if you receive a notification via email or Facebook notifying you that you’ve won. The fact is: Publishers Clearing House and PCHlotto NEVER contact our big winners in advance. When Gerard Rivera won $1.25 Million from PCHlotto on 12/12/12, he found out when the Prize Patrol showed up at his door!

2. You’ll know it’s a PCHlotto scam if you’re asked to send money to claim a prize. Publishers Clearing House and PCHlotto will NEVER, EVER ask you to pay a fee  if you’ve won.  Nor would we ever ask you to load up a Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card. At PCH the winning is always free!

3. You’ll know it’s a PCHlotto scam if you’re being asked for excessive personal information. When our entrants sign up, we get the information we’d need to surprise them in the event that they’ve won — we won’t contact you to ask for more!  In the scam email described above, the scammer requested the following information: Full Name, Address, Sex, Nationality, Age, Occupation and more. If you’re actually won a BIG prize from PCH or PCHlotto, that just won’t happen!

So there you have it! Please remember the Top Three Warning Signs described above because playing at PCHlotto is much more fun when you have all the tools to protect yourself against PCHlotto scams!

All the best!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

70 thoughts on “How To Spot A PCHlotto Scam — Top Three Warning Signs!”

  1. melody kollar says:

    The scammer broke my heart ive been poor my whole life i talked to dave for about the hrs on messenger really thought it was him showed me an id and a picture of them printing out the big check they had me till they said i had to pay the irs three hundred dollars so they could finish up the paperwork im so sad i hope they catch this guy or organization that did this im filing a report tom im so sad!!!!!! I love pch and i know someday they will come to my house in bolivar,ohio..

  2. vince coleman says:

    Ok i receive. My pch letter in the mail filled. It out. Sent it i had a scratch off in my letter. Worth. 35.000 sent in aug 6 2014. I also order. Some merchandise. I got. The merchandise. But nothing was said about. My 35.000 scratch. Off ticket oh but i did get a biling statement. An i did make acopy of my scratch off an. Al paper work my namr is vince. Aka pay me dont play meZ

  3. lisa hilgert says:

    I just received a Facebook friend request and message from a person saying and pic of Diane Lam prize patrol. This person said hello. Asked if I was feeling lucky. Told me I won a million dollars & new car. Said congrats ect. I questioned them& said if they are real to give me their number so I could talk to them.. They blocked me after that. . I just want you to be aware of scammers posing as PCH Prize patrol.
    Lisa Hilgert

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have been informed that I won 1,000,000.00 prize and to email pdp express with my award claim and they would contact me because I was so far from the PCH main office or something. So the optimist that I am wants to but now they want valid identification or passport etc. and copies mailed? I want to believe but I guess I shouldn’t. Right? Thoughts anyone?

  5. Simmons says:

    I enter to win and never win! I get email saying I am a loyal member and friend and I could become the next millionaire! Still broke! I unsubscribe everytime I get a new email and continue to receive these misleading entry emails!

  6. keisha says:

    I won $10,000 on bingo and they never contacted me, so I gave them a call and they told me they were having difficulty’s and that they couldn’t do anything about it, I was so mad and the worst thing about it my daughter and I are still living in a motel and I’m disabled, I think if they should scam people they should be shut down and since then I decided to play again Just to see,so I went to check my numbers and it wouldn’t let me check them at all!! Now all it does is take me to the game and now it keeps saying technical difficulties or my cards are invisible and I’ve also had to forfiet my chips and alot of times, really when you think about it if they can get away with this why shouldn’t they go to jail and you never see a really poor person or a disabled person winning! Sorry but im still mad and I still want my money!

  7. Andrea says:

    Was sent a $10,050.00 cashiers check off Whidbey Island Bank says winning claim number says I need to pay taxes on my million dollar winnings signed by Deborah Holland

  8. Michael says:

    How to check my numbers it takes me to more cards and surveys

  9. Sandra Wrigley says:

    There is no way I can check my daily numbers. It just goes to more games. There are no tabs!

  10. Rickie says:

    June 28 2014 . Yesterday I got email at the very beginning it said PCH congradulation you have won $5000, aweek from publishers clearing house, at first I was excited and called my grandchildren to come and look I finished up the processthen decided to go back through it to make sure. The wording was not the same, to my unbelievable dismay it did not say what I read only to finish this process for an entry. I couldn’t beleave what had happened. I must have been hacked.or scammed. Only a scam would want money.of some sort. Thanks to reading up on how scammers ask for money, they didn’t do that. I followed through finished ordering process again. Only this was the real thing. . I have a ??? How can PCH have the same prizes as before June 30 drawing I have entered into the new PCH only to find some of the same prizes to be awarded. Example. $5000, for life I entered back in Feb. 28th drawing. Never to see if there was a winner. Now it’s. Back AGAIN. Is this the same or new? The $10 million also?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Unfortunately there will always be scammers impersonating us. They steal our pics, create fake profiles, and try to fool our fans by asking for personal info and money. We have no affiliation with them at all. You NEVER have to pay to claim a prize! You can do your part by reporting these scammers to Here are great safety tips:

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