Win Big Like $338M NJ Powerball Lottery Winner – for FREE at PCHlotto

Just this week, one very lucky New Jersey man won big – and I mean really big. Pedro Quezada won the $338 Million Powerball Jackpot, the fourth-largest Jackpot in Powerball history. Quezada told newspapers that he never expected to be a Powerball lottery winner, and that he still can’t believe his good fortune. He intends to use his money to help his family.

How about you…would YOU like the win big? Would YOU like to have the power to not just help your family, but change their futures forever? I know I would! Unfortunately, as a PCH employee, I’m ineligible to win…but YOU can!

And I’m not talking about the New Jersey state lottery or other state lotteries. You see, at a dollar per game per day, state lottery tickets can surely add up. In no time, you could wind up SPENDING big, instead of winning big.

But I know a lotto-style sweepstakes that lets you bet on a dream AND keep cash in your wallet. It’s PCHlotto, and it’s always ABSOLUTELY FREE! You NEVER need to pay to play!

And you can certainly win BIG…really big! Take the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, for example. This is a jackpot that increases every time you play — up to $3,000,000.00! WOW!

 PW_3_26_Bigger Bucks Rolling Jackpot

So, you’ve got nothing to lose! Don’t pay a buck when all you need is luck! Play PCHlotto today…and the next person to win BIG could be YOU!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

P.S. What would YOU do with all your money if you hit it big? Comment below and let us know!

10 thoughts on “Win Big Like $338M NJ Powerball Lottery Winner – for FREE at PCHlotto”

  1. Tina Thomas says:

    I would Get my family and my Mom out of state or at least out of our county, i do not know why people have to have drama in their lives to get by or just making people miserable ,if i win that money we would be gone but i would stay and play “Forever” .

  2. Ann Shepherd says:


  3. Kenneth Lucas says:

    Travel by Disneyland.
    A grin from ear ear .dance the Hokey Pokey
    Theres know telling I would look at life a differnt way all good thoe

  4. Kenneth Lucas says:

    This is Kenny Lucas that’s a lot of green green green green .green money good luck everybody

  5. I am 85 yrs old and in my lifetime I have had many dogs, however one stands out, so mellow and layed back, relaxed and happy. He was a Greyhound and had lived a fast and furious life racing at a dog track. I got him because he had been retired since he caught the fake rabbit and would not race any more. He was a wonderful dog and I often wished I could pattern my personality after him. Thank- fully I was finally able to do exactly that and have lived a very casual and happy life after a similar experience to his.

  6. Nan Spiegel says:

    Moderators problem with computer sorry did not know it went in 3 times thank you please leave two out

  7. Nan Spiegel says:

    If I won I would pay off my debts. I would be ableto save my home and cats. I would donate to that organization that feeds people in the US. I would help a friend and her family pay off their mortgage. Another to pay for her child’s braces. I would help the cats and dogs in shelters. I would help the garden where I volunteer to continue its program of conservation and education.

  8. hi danielle. my daughter need,s help she live in lorisville. ky. that money will help us alot. we could live in a house. pay off our bills. our daughter need,s help. she live,s in lorisville k.y. we have to grandkids. we have to boy,s and they could use some help. that money would really come in handy. by faith in jesus it can happen nothing impossible. have a good evening. god bless you all at p.c.h. julia justice to day is 3/ 26/ 13. time is 3:40p.m.

  9. Jorge Ramirez says:

    Well i’m glad for Pedro Quezada for his winnings, i can relate the struggles and hardship a lot of us face and its also a reminder that with faith and luck anything is possible. Just hope for Pedro that the money wont change him and take care of the people that helped him along his journey in life. As for me i would see my self as Moses from Prince of Egypt the saver of many people that would change thousands of life’s free them from their faith. I was born in America my mother and father moved to the US at a very young age alone with no very little help, as i got older i realized the hardship and sacrifices they made to for me to have a better life. 99.8% of my family is scatered around the world some as never even seen or known i even excites, ive heard stories about the hardships they go threw proverty , way of living like still living in the jungles and i sure would be glad to save them from what my faith should have been without the sacrifices of my parents

  10. Cheryl Mines says:

    put money aside for my grandkids education, buy new car remodel my house,help my kids get out of debt.

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