Got A Question About PCHgames? We’ve Got Answers!


Happy Friday Gamers!

We have a really exciting blog for you today. Just a few weeks ago, we asked fans of our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook to comment with whatever questions they had for our PCHgames team. Well, our fans came up with some AWESOME questions – and our equally AWESOME PCHgames Product Owner, Danny, was kind enough to answer a bunch of them right here on the blog. Enjoy!

Lily Roxann H.: Does anyone actually win the card games such as Solitaire, and Tri-Peaks, and the Jigsaw Puzzles and so on and so forth?

Danny: Oh yes, you should check the leaderboard for each game.  You can see who has the highest score by day, week, and all time.  You can also see who’s racking up the tokens for a particular game.

Audrey B.: How do you find how to spend points you’ve won?

Danny: You can redeem your tokens for chances to win our gift card sweepstakes.

Betty P.: When do you change jigsaw pictures?

Danny: For Daily Jigsaw we have about 408 different puzzles which covers us till June 27th.  I’d better get starting finding some new ones.

Marahya D.: Why have all the instant win games been changed to require you to have adobe flash player? I only have a kindle and can no longer play or enter certain sweepstakes.

Danny: Sorry Marahya, we’ve always required flash player for our games.  Stay tuned because we’re working on bringing the fun of PCHgames to mobile devices!

Rebecca D.: I want to know, who thinks up the games? They are all good.

Danny: Thanks! The ideas for games come from a few different people and sources.  Sometimes we look at card or board games and translate them to computer games.  Other times we work with other companies or game developers to license games that we think you’ll enjoy.  This is the case with a new game we are working on called Circuitare, which is a fun new twist on classic solitaire.

Karen A.: I personally love to play KINGS IN THE CORNER and am wondering, or rather trying to understand your score system. Seems to me a player should earn a lot more tokens or points for winning in 1 hand or with really high scores!

Danny: Kings in the corner is one of my favorites, too!  I agree you should earn more tokens and I’m fixing that.  Check back with us on 4/11, and I think you’ll agree with our improvements!

WOW! That was great, don’t you agree? I learned so much about PCHgames! And guess what…we aren’t done yet! That’s right…we got SO many awesome questions on our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook, that we’ll be posting ANOTHER blog next week with more answers! So be sure to check back!

Also, comment below if YOU have any questions…who knows, Danny could answer them for you in our next blog!

Happy Gaming everyone!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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60 thoughts on “Got A Question About PCHgames? We’ve Got Answers!”

  1. MJT says:

    Can’t you at least tell me what’s happening with the Instant win and the Scratch off games? Gee is that asking to much? If So I’m sorry Thanks anyway

  2. Catherine E says:

    How do people win the leaderboard. I try and try and can’t come up with the amount of tokens they have. I play the games, sweeps, instant wins and I never come close to the amount they have. What’s the secret??? It is really getting to me

    1. MJT says:

      Have you received an answer yet? Seems they don’t answer and leave people confused, Right now I’m wondering why I’m not allowed for the past 4 or 5 days able to finish the Instant win games and the Scratch offs If you don’t finish them you don’t get to open the vault In either game which means you will never even get close to the leader board Not that it happens often but I did at least get on there 2 times didn’t win but it felt good to at least join others… Come on PCH why are you not letting me finish the Instant and scratch off games..

  3. MJT says:

    What’s wrong with the Instant win & the Scratch off games All but one of the Instant win games, and 2 of the Scratch off games do not work. So have not been able to get to the vaults on either game Thank you for any help you can give me

  4. bobgaray says:

    how can i connect to the daily token leaderboard

  5. MJT says:

    Why am I not surprised? Hey “O” where are you hiding? Yup another week no “O” OK I will shut up from now on you won’t hear from me any more.. But congrats PCH you hold the record for the most teases.. Thank God I stopped holding my breath waiting for that “O” to appear Had I not I wouldn’t be alive to write this one last time.. Have a great day and great week end…

  6. MJT says:

    OH here we go again, I stopped counting the weeks, Here is another week coming to an end and GUESS what folks I need the “O” come on PCH tomorrow Give me that “O” Pleasssssssssssssse

    1. marjorie says:

      same here just waiting

      1. MJT says:

        Are you as frustrated as I am It’s been over 2 months of trying and only missing that “O” which btw I’ve never seen an O yet Have You??

  7. MJT says:

    Another week has come and gone “Still No “O” to be found. Is this game a joke? On Mon. all needed was the “O” & “T” one Tues just the “O” AGAIN 7th week now, What gives? I’m sorry about what I said but gee it gets pretty frustrating, when you can’t even get an answer to questions.. why do you set up something to ask Q’s when you hardly ever give answers??

  8. teresa says:

    How do you keep your leader board score
    without losing your score by the end of the night?

  9. MJT says:

    If John F is Number one on the leader board how come Frank V. won the $100?? Just curious.. Have one more thought, This is the 6th week where all I needed was the “O” for the Jackpot It would be really nice to see that O Or maybe you can change the missing letter now and then..It’s becoming more then frustrating..Have a nice evening or day

  10. MJT says:

    I see someone won the Jackpot Just want to say Way Too Go PCH.. 5 weeks in a row I needed the “O” Nice of you to continue making fools of most of us.. You’ve not only lost a good customer You can take all your games and shove them

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