PCHgames Manager Danny Answers More Fan Questions!


Hi everyone! As promised, we’re back with even MORE answers to fan questions about PCHgames. If you remember from my post last Friday, we asked fans on the PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook to comment with any questions they had about our site. PCHgames Product Owner Danny answered a lot of those questions of Friday, but he has even more for you today! So let’s get to it…


Karen P.: How do you determine the number of tokens awarded for each game?

Danny: We base the token awards on two factors: difficulty and time.  We start out by playing the game many, many times and looking at what score we are able to achieve in a certain amount of time.  We then come up with score ranges and assign a token payout.  The games that are more difficult or require a longer time to complete (like Jigsaw) will generally have a higher token payout.


Anita N John T.: What does leveling up do?

Danny: Leveling or leveling up is related to your Player Rank on PCHgames.  Check out the “Gaming Elite”  on our homepage.  You can see which players have the highest rank on the site.  Each week we award tokens to the top players!


Debra K.: How do you pick the winners when we enter for prizes with game tokens…is it random with a computer, do you pick favorites or throw a dart at an email addy?

Danny: It’s a totally random drawing done by computer.  It’s a good thing too, because I’m terrible at darts and we’d end up with a bunch of tiny holes in the office wall. :)


Diana P.: What do you like most about your job?

Danny: I’ve been with PCH for almost 12 years now, and I’d have to say the best part is that there has always been an opportunity to grow here.  I started my career working in technical support and about 2 years ago began working on the PCHgames website.  The best part about working on PCHgames is creating opportunities for people to win prizes.  We are always looking for ways to incorporate more chances to win on the site. 

Sally Jean M.: Can you make an app for Android phones that opens up with the PCH game toolbar and games?

Danny: We’re working very hard on bringing all the fun of PCHgames to phones and other mobile devices.


Well there you have it folks! Do you feel like you know a lot more about PCHgames now? I know I do! But remember, if you ever have any other questions, comment below and let us know! We’ll do our best to answer them for you :)

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

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10 thoughts on “PCHgames Manager Danny Answers More Fan Questions!”

  1. sharon lowery says:

    I play token games a lot, but I really don’t understand how the leaderboard for each game works. Does it reset every week and what I earned the week before goes away?
    i’m curious and I bet others would like to know how it works also. thanks if you find time to give me a heads up on this, i’ll check back

  2. I rank 5,912 is that High or low , cause the more I play the higher the rank becomes. or is 1 the highest rank. How does this work.

  3. I just found this. lots of help and answera here. bookmarking this now. thanks for the games. lots of fun.

  4. Debbie Rhodes says:

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong on PCH.com? I enter everyday in all the sweepstakes, instant win games and scratch offs, but I only receive about half the tokens that everyone else does on the Leader Board.

  5. rod klein says:

    I enjoy playing Tri Peak Solitaire. Two days ago you could win in the 2,000 token range per game. Yesterday, the per game awards plummeted to 200. Why is that?

    How do people get in the millions range on tokens? I have constantly raised my rating level, but it does not seem to earn more tokens. p.s. My rating is 41.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Rod, thank you for your inquiry. Please send us a message using our Ask Us page found here: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask so that we can look into this for you.

      - Jussie W. at PCH

  6. Patricia Thompson says:

    Hi ! I have been playing Prize patrol with the daily chance to win and just today I have gotten the bonus 3 times. However, it reads that I will receive the scratch-off once and then I can pick between house party and the other game for my bonus. Neither one came on the screen, just the regular money scratch-off. WHY cant I get the other scratch-off games ? It doesnt seem fair that I only get the 50 points for the first scratch off then nothing because the same game comes up….I want block party like the instructions say

  7. Ann Shepherd says:

    that check will be great for us

  8. Ann Shepherd says:

    love the new setting something new but have that big fat check will work out great for me and my family at our time of need love the games tokens at all great love pch blogs

  9. Jorge Ramirez says:

    check, check and check :]

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