The Secret Behind PCH Scratch Cards!

Hey Blog Readers,

Do you know what gives PCH Scratch Cards their very special flair?

I always suspected that they grew on trees but as a fact-finding blogger and new member of the scratch-tastic PCHlotto group, it’s about time that I did some investigating to really find out the truth!  So, I scheduled a little Q&A time with PCHlotto writer, Nicole T. to hopefully get some answers before I get to work on some PCH Scratch Cards of my own!

And here’s what I found out …

Laurel:  So, Nicole, please tell me — and our Blog Readers — how long you’ve been working on those AMAZING PCH Scratch Cards and how much fun they are to create!

Nicole: I have been a member of the PCHlotto family “tree” for a little over 3 years now. I have personally worked on over 300 lotto cards and each one holds a special place in my heart!

Laurel:  Where do you find your inspiration for such incredible ideas?

Nicole: I draw my inspirations from real life FUN situations. Maybe it’s the excitement of a piggy bank being filled with cash (remember doing that when we were younger?) or a movie-inspired theme like the Frankenstein Cash Jolt lotto card.

Laurel:  I saw the too-cute Felix the Cat scratch card that’s up right now and I think that’s my absolute favorite!

Do you have a favorite card of all time?

Nicole: I’m a BIG baseball fan, so the Bases Loaded Instant-Win always make me think of October playoffs. Also, I LOVE the Cash Cow Instant-win card — I think he’d make a great mascot for PCHotto! What do you think, fans?


PCH Scratch Card Bases Loaded

PCH Scratch Card Cash Cow

Laurel:  Ooh those are great, too!  How’d you come up with them?

Nicole: Card creative tends to be inspired by real life – like current events. The Bases Loaded card was originally created for October and that year, my home team was in the playoffs — so it was ALL I could think about. And that got me thinking, aren’t our members experiencing the same kind of “fever pitch” with PCHlotto? So, we loaded the bases with cash and the rest is history.

Laurel:  Wow, Thanks Nicole!  It sounds like PCH Scratch Cards really don’t grow on trees — and as a new team member, I’ve got my work cut out for me after all.  But that’s okay, at least I know it’s going to be great fun … I just can’t wait to get started!

So those are the facts, blog readers.  And now, it’s your turn to dish, so please, tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite PCH Scratch Cards?  Are there any you’d like to see on PCHlotto?  Let me know below — I look forward to hearing what you think!

Happy Scratching,

Laurel U.

PCH[lotto] Creative

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