Instant Win Game Fun Abounds At PCHGames!

Know what I like best about PCHGames? The amazing variety of ways to have fun! Especially when it comes to the instant win games you can play when you first sign in daily. They’re so exciting and when you play, you’ll get chances to instantly win cash prizes of $250, $500 or even $1,000. Plus, you can score tokens and even get an entry for a $10 Million SuperPrize!

Let’s take a tour of these great instant win game opportunities. First comes Sunken Treasures.

Instant Win Game Sunken Treasures

It’s a thrilling journey to the bottom of the sea where you need to click on groups of 3 or more gems to advance. Here’s a hint: click on bigger clusters of gems to move faster. Complete the board to unlock an instant win opportunity for $250 cash … and there are also tokens up for grabs!

PCHGames Sunken Treasures

Next, head on down to the farm and play Mah Jongg Moolah (“moo-lah,” get it??) to unlock a chance to win $500 cash. You’ll need fast fingers to click and eliminate matching tiles. Finish and unlock your $500 instant win chance. Pick a barn door to see if you’re a winner or if you scored any tokens. Will you win? You won’t know unless you try!

Mah Jongg Moolah at PCHGames

After that, ante up for Riverboat Poker.

Riverboat Poker Instant Win

Play your hands to unlock a chance to spin and win $1,000 instantly! But the excitement doesn’t end there….

Now continue to collect your bonus sweepstakes entry for a $10 Million SuperPrize. Plus, you’ll unlock a bonus multiplier for 2X tokens on every game for the rest of the day! Keep playing and use it to your full advantage, as tokens are redeemable for chances to win gift cards, cash and more.

Play these games EVERY DAY for daily chances to win. If you want more instant win opportunities at PCHGames, you’re in luck. You can still play Daily Jigsaw, Universal Crossword and Prize Patrol Party to get amazing chances to win instantly.

What are you waiting for? You could be moments away from becoming an instant winner.

Have fun and good luck!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Which is your favorite instant win game at PCHGames? Sunken Treasures, Mah Jongg Moolah or Riverboat Poker? Comment below and let us know! Then be sure to “SHARE” this blog to let your friends in on all the fun!

45 thoughts on “Instant Win Game Fun Abounds At PCHGames!”

  1. Mrs. Toole says:

    PCH games, Sunken Treasures, Mah Jongg Moolah, and Riverboat Poker, all part of the games to play for $7,000.00 a week Gwy. 4900 giveaway.

  2. I would like to win 75,000.00 to pay my bills

  3. William says:

    Can’t sleep. Too many things on my mind. My PCH games keep me occupied at this late hour. Thanks PCH

  4. Hello Elaina R, I finally get to see who one of the creative artists are that help create all the various games, to answer your questions I like almost all of the games as it helps me with my dexterity and helps keep my mind active. Thanks to you and all of your staff at PCH for making the games for all of us to play. I learn a little more each day playing all of the games. But I have not mastered them yet. Keep up the great work!!

  5. thurman reinhardt says:

    I like riverboat poker .I would like to see it as a separate game by itself for tokens in the card games thanks

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    I would like the opportunity to win 1000.00 instantly and ten million Gwy No 4900

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    How exciting!

    1. Carla M Antee says:

      Sunken treasures, All the games you can win up to ten million instantly

  8. all of the above games are my favorites, how can i play them again?

    1. David Jewell says:

      it would be nice to win once in awhile

    2. David Jewell says:

      I liked the coin dozer

  9. trenetta williamson says:

    Please consider making River Boat Poker accessible to play all day. I love this game :)

  10. Katrina says:

    I wish you would bring back token splurge, it was my favorite… It is disappointing to play alternate games and lose out on this one…. BRING IT BACK

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