Instant Win Games Galore (And More!) at the New PCHGames!

Hey Gamers!

The new & improved PCHGames website is finally here, and it has come with awesome new features, ease of use, and a whole new look!  The menu bar now places “Instant Win Games” as the first option, making sure that you, our gamers, receive the true PCH experience of having opportunities to win cash INSTANTLY!  Did you know that our Instant Win Games don’t only give you the chance to win thousands instantly, but they also score you bonus entries into some of our Million Dollar Sweeps?!

Instant Win Games at PCH

Publishers Clearing House is always looking to give our fans chances to win, and PCHGames is no different!  We want to give our Gamers the best possible gaming experience, PLUS chances to win cash and prizes. Which reminds me…right under our featured slides (which will also bring you more Instant Win opportunities), you’ll now see our Top Token Prizes.  So you can see the most popular prizes that everyone is spending their tokens to try and win!

Top Token Prizes on PCHGames

All of this and we haven’t even left the home screen yet!  We still have all of the classic games you love to play under the “Token Games” section.  Once you’re there, you will now see our Featured Token Games that will be giving out extra tokens on that particular day.  This way you can always stay ahead of the game and keep that token count up! From 5X Tokens to 10X Tokens to thousand Token login bonuses, there will certainly be no shortage of tokens for Gamers with the new and improved PCHGames site!

PCHGames Featured Token Games

If you read Greg’s sneak peak blog from February, you may remember him mentioning the new calendar on the “Events” page.  This page will give you details on all tournaments, special days, and chances at extra Tokens. Keeping up with this new calendar will allow you to experience PCHGames on a whole new level. You’ll never miss a tournament or a chance to rack up extra tokens again!

New PCHGames Calendar

My goodness, all of these great new perks and we haven’t even discussed the games yet!

Well as I mentioned before, the “Token Games” section will lead you to all of the PCHGames that you love to play, with all of the same categories that you already know how to navigate! When you click to play games, you’ll see some helpful information including: your top score, the Token Payouts for that particular game, your player rating, as well as how many games you are away from leveling up.

3 Point Shootout at PCHGames

Once you’re done exploring the great new design and everything the new PCHGames site has to offer, kick back and just play!  Because even with all of the exciting new changes, the fun of playing games will always stay the same!

Until next time Gamers!

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  1. I’m in this to win

  2. Pch im claiming my 2 extra entry. For. Game giveaway
    #4900… the 10,000.00 set for life
    And the 7,000.00 a week. For life
    Anf the 5,000.00 set for life

    As well id like to rmyrt #4650 giveaway. For the Ford F150

    Thanks pch im hopeing for your. Blessing
    J.Comfort, Arlington Tx

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