How to Win the Lottery: Facts & Superstitions!

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It’s an age old question … I mean, everyone has wondered how to win the lottery at some point or another, haven’t they?  I know I have – from the very first card I played until this very day as a writer at PCHlotto!  It has become a bit of an obsession and I’ve been on a mission to find out the truth!

That’s why I’m writing today!  After doing very extensive and fun research, I’ve gotta tell you that although the lottery is fun to play, I think PCHlotto is way better – and here’s why:

1)      I have to pay the lottery – PCHlotto is FREE!

2)      I can’t get my daily lottery tickets right my computer screen

3)      The lottery makes figuring out how to win the lottery so very complicated (and expensive).  How many games do I want?  Do I pay for extra numbers? It gets very confusing!

4)      When I play the lottery, I sometimes buy my ticket early and forget to check it when the drawing date comes.  I know they won’t email me my numbers like PCHlotto does! (Imagine if I won the state lottery and I didn’t even know it!  That’s crazy!)

5)      Filling in all those bubbles with tiny pencils when I play the state lottery makes my hand hurt!

Now, you know that since I work here I can’t win with PCHlotto, but you sure can!  Which makes it even more fun for you … and I don’t know why you would even consider playing anywhere else … but, if you insist, I’ll tell you all about the global facts that I’ve discovered about how to win:

1)  You’ve gotta pick your numbers (or have them randomly assigned if you prefer)

2)  You’ve gotta play

3)  You’ve gotta check to see if you’re a winner

Sounds simple, right?

But what I think matters more than any of that is all the things I do before those steps even take place — the superstitions and funny rituals that I get so busy doing, I don’t even know why I do them in the first place.  Like for me, on my quest to find out how to win the lottery it has become second nature to …

Find my three lucky pennies and carry them in my pocket…

How To Win The Lottery Lucky Pennies

Put tiny pieces of paper with the numbers 1 to 59 in my lucky hat and pull out 6 of them without looking…

How To Win The Lottery Lucky Hat

Kiss my daughter (she’s my real good luck charm) and head to the store.  And I’ll tell ya, I feel luckier every time!

What about you?  Do you have any special routines or facts about how to win the lottery that seem to make sense to you?  Please comment below and let me know that I’m not alone in my lotto-winning obsession!

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

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    Thank you for sharing

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    How many numbers you have to match to win


  5. Robin Smith says:

    My “lucky” technique is to play the lottery using Lotto Magic! I get to play the lottery all while building a residual income by introducing Lotto Magic to fellow lottery players like myself.

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    hope that maybe I could win , that would be nice….

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    I want to win

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    Hi Jussie thank you for answering my question,you all are great at THE PCH for all that you all do.Taking the time to answer question from all the comments you all get,and everything else you all do, that is a bless.Thank you so very much again and you have a bless day.

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      You’re welcome! =)

      – Jussie W. at PCH

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