Congratulations To Our Treasure Hunt Tournament PCHGames Winners!

Treasure Hunt at PCHgames

A BIG congrats to all of our Treasure Hunt Tournament PCHGames Winners!

Hey Gamers!

A very special time is upon us once again!! Can you guess what I’m talking about gamers? I’m talking about announcing the lucky PCHGames winners from the May 15th Treasure Hunt Tournament at!

For all of you who have played this awesome game before, you already know that Treasure Hunt is the coolest! With its mermaids and beautiful jewels, this game is loaded with under the sea adventure! For those of you who missed the tournament but still love a great game, I insist that everyone head over to PCHGames and dive head first into Treasure Hunt!

Now that you guys are all pumped up about Treasure Hunt, it is my pleasure to announce our May 15th winners! The winners are:

Top Scorers:

Brandon winning a first place grand prize of $1,000 emerged from the sea as victorious!

Rose not too far off from our first place score came in second, swimming away with a cool $500!

Kellie rocked the third place boat by winning $250!

Top Token Earners:

Guiying came out on top being our first place token earner winning a groovy $100!

Michelle is our second largest token earner floating away with $100!

Michael ends up as our third largest token earner celebrating with a prize worth $100!

Now remember, even if you’re not a top scorer or a top token earner, with all the tournaments at PCHGames, YOU still have a chance to win by being selected as of our randomly selected winners!

Randomly Selected PCHGames Winners:

Anthony had luck on his side and walked away a winner of $150!

Darlene also was visited by lady luck becoming our other randomly selected $150 winner!

A HUGE congratulations to all the PCHGames winners above! You guys really wanted to win, and now you have cold hard cash to prove it!

If YOU want to end up like this month’s lucky tournament winners, make sure you get your game on in the next tournament — Kings in the Corner! The tournament is taking place next Wednesday June 12th, but practice rounds start TOMORROW! Head over to PCHGames and start perfecting your moves now!

Remember, even if you’re not the best of the best, you still have a chance to be one of our randomly selected winners so please don’t give up! You can’t win it if you’re not in it!

Best of luck and happy gaming to all you PCHGames fans!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below if YOU plan on participating in the next PCHGames tournament!

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  1. Well I hope this gets me a chance to win 70,000.00. It would solve a lot of problems in my house. Good Luck everyone***

  2. thelma francis says:

    ihope to win soon , i want to win i tried so hard to win then i just had 2 surgers. back and stomc.

  3. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish in some day my name will be on the PCH Blog’s list too. :)

  4. eyvonne kerns says:

    I’m happy for all The winners.

  5. Ann Shepherd says:


  6. Ann Shepherd says:

    Congratulations everybody to you all one day I will be on that pch highlight MUCH CONGRA

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