What’s Your Favorite Number To Play On PCHlotto?

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Hello PCH fans!

We all go through life picking favorites. People have a favorite everything — from favorite food, to favorite place, to favorite movie. Another favorite that most people have is their favorite number. Personally, my favorite number is 8 because that is the date of my birthday! For some reason, I feel as if my favorite number brings me more luck than any other number because of it being my favorite! Do you think so too? I’m sure you must have a favorite number too!

At Publishers Clearing House, one of the ways you can incorporate your favorite numbers is by playing that lucky number on PCHlotto! For example, our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is one of the PCHlotto games that allows you to pick any 8 of your favorite numbers that you want! By having the option to pick 8, you can include ALL your favorites if you have more than one!

Although there is no guarantee that picking your favorite numbers will increase your chances of winning, picking them still makes me feel more confident every time I play! As I told you guys before, my favorite number is 8, but I was curious to see if my coworkers had favorite numbers as well. After going around the office and asking what other peoples’ favorite numbers were and why, here’s what I found:

Play Your Lucky Number on PCHlotto!

Amanda C’s favorite number is 5 because there are five people in her immediate family!

Alyssa C’s favorite number is 13 because it was the number her dad picked when he played sports way back when!

Genevieve P’s favorite number is 12 because her birthday is on the 12th!

Nick P’s favorite number is 2 because his favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter and he wears #2!

So whether you choose to play your favorite number or any random numbers (maybe you even quick pick!), the most important thing to remember is to play! Who knows…maybe your favorite number will become your lucky number and you could win the prize of your dreams!

As always, best of luck with winning your dream prize!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us what YOUR lucky number is!

66 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Number To Play On PCHlotto?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    My number is 8

  2. My lucky numbers are 3 468 12 I don’t no why but me and my family are far from beimbeing lucky except we have each other and a gentleman name Tim. This poor man has been thru hell and back but he’s 78and I don’t think I could never defreind him I met him in chief land fl we moved back to stpete but I wish I had the money to move back up their but things here are a dam struggle I was born and raised here but the backstabbing and the wet you get treated by people here is badi was in a car deck and I’m stuck on these godforsaken pain meds but because of a drunk driver really hurt my back bad and people look at you and treat you like ur junk or u asked for someone to hit u and run then the pain gets so bad sometimes you just wanna give up but theirs no wet in gods name will I give upu get tirerd of the saveire headaches are so saveire and your hands and legs go num for hours at a time and I have has I don’t no how many doctorstell me to stop working you get very depressed and hate what sand the wet you are judged when you goto pharmacy to pharmacy to be turned away I don’ . Have that or we don’t Carrie that or sorry I don’t like your doc or we don’t wanna give it to you we don’t now you they tell you to goto the pharmacy by your house you don’t know how my back feels o then theirs come back next week or I only take cash what the hell is going on I don’t wanna be in this kind of pain I’ve even taken my medical records with me man a person can goto any store and kill your family and say oh I was drunk but my god let some one find out you take pain meds and anti deressments on your the devil your a drug attic when all your trying to work and feed my family and work I dare one person that has half the pain I feel just trying to play ball with your kids haha knowing if u twist to hard you may end up parelized for the rest of your life and your wife is loo present disabled and be told u don’t fit the criteria to get you’re meds how can a person sleep at Knight I thought your doc are supost to know what you need and a pharmacy is to help you by filling them I see three deffernt doctors and can’t stay at one pharmacy to be able to fill themjust like if you break down and just simply helping someone move there car to safety instead you goto jail instead or watch some elderly man fall down and drive off likes its not your problems what is this race turned into god has . a nice place for them we all have to awnser for what we do for each other. As god will pass his final say ultimately

  3. Julian Ceasar says:

    Favorite number is 7

  4. High I’m still trying to get my numbers fore the superprize and I’ve played lotto three x s I’m trying to fallow to get my set of winning numbers but may be not understanding what your saying to pick or get the numbers for#4900

  5. Donna Rouse says:

    Hi,my name is Donna Rouse, i pray to God i can win this. I have played for 34years so i am praying this will be the best year ever.

  6. jmasias305 says:

    Mine would 888 GODS number GO PCH PRIZE PATROL ROCKS

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