What’s Your Favorite Number To Play On PCHlotto?

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Hello PCH fans!

We all go through life picking favorites. People have a favorite everything — from favorite food, to favorite place, to favorite movie. Another favorite that most people have is their favorite number. Personally, my favorite number is 8 because that is the date of my birthday! For some reason, I feel as if my favorite number brings me more luck than any other number because of it being my favorite! Do you think so too? I’m sure you must have a favorite number too!

At Publishers Clearing House, one of the ways you can incorporate your favorite numbers is by playing that lucky number on PCHlotto! For example, our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is one of the PCHlotto games that allows you to pick any 8 of your favorite numbers that you want! By having the option to pick 8, you can include ALL your favorites if you have more than one!

Although there is no guarantee that picking your favorite numbers will increase your chances of winning, picking them still makes me feel more confident every time I play! As I told you guys before, my favorite number is 8, but I was curious to see if my coworkers had favorite numbers as well. After going around the office and asking what other peoples’ favorite numbers were and why, here’s what I found:

Play Your Lucky Number on PCHlotto!

Amanda C’s favorite number is 5 because there are five people in her immediate family!

Alyssa C’s favorite number is 13 because it was the number her dad picked when he played sports way back when!

Genevieve P’s favorite number is 12 because her birthday is on the 12th!

Nick P’s favorite number is 2 because his favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter and he wears #2!

So whether you choose to play your favorite number or any random numbers (maybe you even quick pick!), the most important thing to remember is to play! Who knows…maybe your favorite number will become your lucky number and you could win the prize of your dreams!

As always, best of luck with winning your dream prize!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us what YOUR lucky number is!

80 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Number To Play On PCHlotto?”

  1. Gerald Conley says:

    13 21 7 27 and 29 mine pch.I want win

  2. Gerald Conley says:

    I’m owner GWYNo.6900 and GWYno 6085 pch.I want win

  3. Yusuf Nasir says:

    My Lucky Number 21-13 -8 TO wIN $10,000.00 A Week for Life on December 30th to Become A Millionaire in the December 30th,2015 (Happy Holidays )
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

    1. PCH fingers crossed big numbers to be awarded

  4. PCH IS #46-04 my prize number? Please respond. Thanks.

  5. bogdan szary says:

    7-19- that’s my lucky numbers. But any number witch come next always is big surprise for me so chance is 1-1.000.000 but you never know , So I use quick pick. After those two ,who knows,? But I want to win to $ ( $ ) GWY 4900. luck is in the air. Or just more luck next time. question to some people , if you win , are you planning to come back to PCH, for more fun, Playing and not to worry do I win or not How many people coming back after win, Do you will come back ????

  6. 21 Million Superprize Gwy No 308O

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