PCHlotto Luck – Play For The Chance to Win $25,000 Instantly

Hey blog readers!!!

Here at the Play&Win blog, we’re always giving you the latest updates about what’s going on at PCHlotto, PCHGames and PCHslots. The reason for doing this is simple.

You love to play and you love to win!

That’s why we’re always happy to tell you about the best ways to score bonus tokens at PCHgames or update you on brand-new fun lotto cards at PCHlotto. And speaking of fun new lotto cards and PCHlotto, have I got a fun one for you! It comes with the chance to win $25,000 INSTANTLY.

It’s called PCHlotto Luck, and it’s a BRAND-new instant win game that lives not on PCHlotto itself, but on the PCHlotto Fan Page on Facebook! Here, let’s check it out!

First if you haven’t yet “Liked” the page, you see this screen. Simply “Like” the page to gain access to the game!

PCHLotto Luck Like

One you click “Like,” you’ll see a prompt asking you to allow the game to access some information!

PCHlotto Luck

Be sure to click OK or else you won’t be able to play! (Note: this permission is prompted because if you win, we need to have your email address recorded in our systems to confirm you are a winner and also, so that we can send you a confirmation email! That’s the only info we need!)

Once you’ve granted permission, you’ll see this screen personally instructing you how to play!

PCHlotto Luck Intro Page

Click the Play Now button and choose your numbers! Just like PCHlotto, you can choose a quick pick or choose your own! (I chose my own!)

PCHlotto Luck Card

After that, just hit submit and let the magic happen! You’ll find out INSTANTLY if you’re a winner.

In this case, I wasn’t an instant winner BUT that’s okay! I still received a sweepstakes entry…which I won’t claim due to the fact that I work at PCH and employees can’t win!

PCHlotto Luck Sweepstakes

As I mentioned before, this new game offers the chance to win up to $25,000 INSTANTLY! That is the LARGEST amount you can win on any of our games hosted on Facebook. That alone is reason enough to play daily!

So what are you waiting for Play and Win fans? Get on that! Go like the PCHlotto page and start playing PCHlotto Luck today!

Sarah S.
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10 thoughts on “PCHlotto Luck – Play For The Chance to Win $25,000 Instantly”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Good morning played PCH Lotto hope to win 25,000 cash

  2. rebecca debraak says:

    i play pchlotttoluck daily and now the golden ticket with all the other games

  3. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch I just want to thank you all for giving me the chance to win a big super prize.

  4. selena charles says:

    I would love to win $25,000.00 . This a good cash prize!

  5. selena charles says:

    I like to play prize patrol games. It is fun!

  6. tara aikman says:

    how can you play without a facebook???

  7. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    If I could win $25,000.00 Cash Instantly that be create for me because I can use buy my books back to college and win Golden Ticket Prize from GWY.#3816. Thank You


  9. Penny Tull says:

    I could really use the funds for the $25,000.00 GOLDEN TICKET. I WOULS HELP my sister who is ill with cancer. It would allow funds to move her and her two handicap sons and Hudson’s who suffered a heart attack and a quadruple bypass to move them to Washington state where they all can recurve cutting edge health care This will save her life. Thanks for this opportunity to enter this contest PCH!

  10. eyvonne kerns says:

    I played The PCHlotto Luck it’s a great game and one thing about it even if you do not pick the right 6 numbers,you still win because you get to enter a SWEEPSTAKES and then you could go over and play,See if you can find The PCH Team to see where they are,and you win there also.It’s a lot of fun playing games at The PCH and you could win, I won a$5.00 card playing Finding The PCH Team I love playing all of The Games from The PCH you never know when you are going to win,I’m going to keep on trying.Anyone could win big at any time and I’m going to wait for my day to come.Thank you Sarah,and Thank you all at The PCH , you all have a bless weekend and I pray to see Danielle, Dave and Todd in person very soon.Thank you all again.

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