How Do I Know If My PCH Lotto Numbers Are Winners?

Readers like you have been asking, “How do I know if my PCH Lotto Numbers are Winners”!  Find out here!

Hey Blog Readers,

Did you play your PCH Lotto cards yesterday?

Do you know how to find out if your numbers are winners today?

Now, you may have seen Amanda C. announce winning numbers here on the Play&Win blog, and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite numbers pop up on the screen, but after reading your comments, we’ve come to discover that our PCHlotto “Daily Drawings” page may be harder to find than we thought…

So, get ready to be amazed as I reveal the mysteries behind how to find out if your numbers are winners at PCH Lotto every day. I promise it’s easy — and it’s so much fun you’ll want to check again and again!

Ready?  Here we go…

Step 1:  Go to the PCH Lotto home page at

PCHlotto homepage

*While you’re there, play your numbers if you haven’t already today!

Step 2:  Click on the “Drawings” tab:

PCHlotto drawings

…And you’ll automatically see all the winning numbers from the day before.

You can also find the winning numbers by date if you’re looking for previous drawings:

PCHlotto Drawings By Date

Plus, “View All Drawings” lets you find out if your numbers are winners for past plays, all at once:

PCHlotto View All Drawings

There you have it!  That’s how to find out if your numbers are winners on PCH Lotto.  But you can’t have winning numbers unless you play — so make sure you get your numbers in today — and check back tomorrow to see if you’re a winner.

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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192 thoughts on “How Do I Know If My PCH Lotto Numbers Are Winners?”

  1. james says:

    my name is James I went to play fast lotto and I picked up the wrong visa card by mistake I want to know how I can sign up again

  2. Patsy A nelson says:

    I won’t to know why my tokens add up when I play monkey games and my points score don’t add up? I also won’t to know why tokens don’t add up correctly every game we play ends zeros not 497 253 and so on. please put on some other advertisement

  3. SUSAN COORS says:

    You people there at PCH need to get serious and change the way( for your devoted customers) to check there Lotto numbers. How hard can it be to get your WEB desert team busy to change how your Web site is set to be used. It’s not like your unaware that its a difficult thing to do.You just made a video to to explain how and where you need to go to view the past and current winning numbers.
    It’s almost like you want it to be difficult as to detour people from claiming there winnings. You’ve got a multi-million dollar company, start acting like it. I believe most people feel that your comany is a big sham. You spend enough money on all your campaigns to advertise on TV thru the internet and those huge envelops you send out to people’s mail boxes or POBOX, where most people throw your envelope for Play PCH Sweepstakes in to the trash quicker then lightning. The CEO of this company needs to read these frustrated customers blogs. They need to listen then fix what you’re customers are saying is wrong with your Web site and checking your numbers. I’ve yet to find where your hiding that Web page to find winning numbers. The people who have a say in this company and how it functions, we’ll, they need to step out up. Honestly, you could improve greatly in all your Web sites and Sweepstakes pages. Thank you for listening. Yours truly from a customer who has an opinion and is hopeful for some needed change.

  4. Carlton Rice says:

    Why can’t you notify me if my numbers win? Simple question. Deserves a simple answer

  5. AbracadabraC says:

    Same problem… Loops back to choosing numbers and more games, but nowhere are winning numbers . Then on a day I failed to play, I receive the winning number results via email. Really? What is the deal?

  6. yvette says:

    I cant even check my numbers ive done everything and still nothing

  7. I’m starting to give up on pch.i play every day and haven’t gotten any type of luck. I can never even check my numbers.

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