Go for the WIN at the Tri-Peaks Solitaire Tournament Today!

Tri Peaks Solitaire

Get the HIGH SCORE by clearing the table of ALL THE CARDS, and you could be the Tri-Peaks Solitaire Tournament winner!

Today, July 24, is your turn to “Tri” your luck at turning your card-gaming skills into BIG MONEY! That’s right, this game of solitaire isn’t just for passing the time — you can win lots of cash!

You don’t even have to be a Tri-Peaks Solitaire die-hard to win some dough. PCHgames will be awarding two random prizes of $150.00 each just for playing along! Of course if you know the game pretty well, that can’t hurt your chances either! No matter what, there’s prizes to be won, so what are you waiting for? Get playing!

Tri Peaks Solitaire at PCHGames

Playing Tri-Peaks Solitaire is pretty easy. You want to clear the playing area of cards as quickly as possible. You can do this by clicking on a “face up” card that is either one value below or above the current card at the top of the discard pile at the bottom of the screen. Nope, the suit of the card doesn’t matter! A correct card selection then ends up on the top of the pile. As cards are removed, pieces of the pyramids are revealed, giving you more card options to play!  And keep moving ­– points are deducted as the countdown goes!

If you haven’t tried it before, I’m sure you’re itching to go! And don’t forget, playing TODAY means serious chances at money! Over $2,300 in prizes MUST be awarded. Will you be one of our winners? Head on over and start playing!

Here’s how the Prizes breakdown:

1st Place Grand Prize – $1,000.00
2nd Place – $500.00
3rd Place – $250.00
PLUS, the top three token earners will receive $100.00 each!
AND, two randomly selected tournament participants will receive $150.00 each!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Matt K.

P.S. What game are you addicted to? Tell us in the comments section.

13 thoughts on “Go for the WIN at the Tri-Peaks Solitaire Tournament Today!”

  1. selena says:

    Can someone please tell me what’s up with the cards that don’t turn over to show their face once the top card is removed or the cards that come up next in the row that don’t turn over either? Or is it a glitch? I see nothing about it in the rules. . Please call or text or email an answer. .4066969793 or labertapitcher@gmail.com

  2. James Schlup says:

    I’d like to get off this page and play today’s game, THANKS James Schlup

  3. MARCUS MAYLE says:


  4. Giwak says:

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  5. renee smith says:

    How do I get to play, the link doesn’t work

  6. roy goodson says:

    what wrong with tri peaks

    1. selena says:

      What do you mean?

  7. Mieke De Jong says:

    They shut off my tri peak solitaire AND they took ALL my tokens more than 490.000.- I hope I won this tournament . LOL

    Mieke De Jong a friend

  8. Bridget Gaskin says:

    How do you get grand prize? Highest score?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Bridget, the highest scoring player will win the prize. You can see details under tournament details here: http://games.pch.com/token-games/tri-peaks-solitaire

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  9. Linda Laster-Bivens says:

    I just signed in to play games -and the box said I would receive 3000 tokens for checking in today but it is not in the token history, my points did not go up the 3000 pts. what might have happened? thanks in advance, I will be checking in to see answers to blog

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Linda, if you ever notice that your tokens are not being added to your account properly, please send us a message on our Ask Us page (http://pch.custhelp.com/ap​p/ask/) with the following information:
      – The name of the game you played
      – The date and time you played
      – The score/number of tokens you should have received. We’ll be happy to add any missing tokens to your account once we receive your message.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  10. Kanika Loeung says:

    I love $2,300.00 Award Cash Prize but not that game. Good luck to PCH fans. 🙂

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