Exclusive PCHlotto Black Card Event Preview!

Winning is the “new black” with PCHlotto Black Event!

Hey Gamers,

I’ve got some exciting behind the scenes news just for you!  Now you know that this week our PCHlotto cards are all “Winning in Wonderland” fabulous, and now (drum roll please!), they’re getting all dressed up AGAIN for the BLACK CARD EVENT OF THE SEASONSeptember 1st to September 15th!  So make a date — and you could soon be winning in style!

Now for some, this is going to be a “blind date”, but for you, as a PCHgames blog reader, you’re getting an inside preview of what these gorgeous cards are going to look like and how much fun a date with PCHlotto can be! Take a look!

It all starts with the SPECIAL BLACK EVENT Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card!  How can you resist the sleek lines and elegance that could win you up to $3,000,000.00?

Black Card Bigger Bucks

Then, the PCHlotto party keeps on going with six more SPECIAL BLACK EVENT cards including the toast of the town — the $3,995.00 Cheers to Cash Card:

Cheers To Cash

And the fun’s only getting started when the $5,000.00 Free lottery card dream — Fortune Fantasy — swoops in to take your breath away:

Fortune Fantasy

Take one look at the bow-tie clad $25,000.00 Big Time Bucks card and you’ll be hypnotized by its charms:

Big Time Bucks

And the $1,000.00 Dream Night Funds Card will really sweep you off your feet:

Dream Night Funds

But if slow dancin’ isn’t your scene, don’t worry — you can get groovy with the $10,000.00 Cash Blast Card:

Cash Blast

And who can forget the sophisticated look of the Pick 5 Quick Cash Card … where a $100.00 Winner is Guaranteed Nightly!


But all that’s just the “clip of the cufflink”!  Play all your cards and you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TIME $25,000.00 INSTANT WIN SCRATCH CARD!  That’s right — you could win TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS INSTANTLY!  This prize is GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED — so make sure you get in on all the PCHlotto free lottery card action between 9/1 – 9/15!  And comment below to let me know which PCHlotto BLACK EVENT card is your favorite!

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. While you’re waiting for our SPECIAL BLACK CARD EVENT to start, make sure you check out all the PCHlotto Winning in Wonderland cards we have up RIGHT NOW!

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