Why Do People Play Lotto? — PCHlotto Wants to Know!

I’ve always wondered, why do people play lotto ? Please comment below and share your reasons!


Hello Out There Gamers!

You’ve seen me on the blog sharing my experiences with PCHlotto – like back in April when I told you all about The Secret Behind PCHlotto Scratch Cards and earlier this month when I showed you the importance of answering PCHlotto emails.  I feel like it’s always about me, me, me!  And, since my mama taught me that friendship isn’t one sided…

I want to hear from YOU!

If you haven’t played at PCHlotto yet, please tell me why.  If you have, please tell me what you’d like to see. It’s open forum folks, go crazy!  Tell me anything!  I’m a great listener.  And to get you started, I’ve put together a list of questions for you to think about:

1)  Do you play PCHlotto through your email or go directly to PCHlotto.com?

2)  Do you play every day or once in awhile?

3)  When do you like to play?  While sipping your morning coffee?  At lunchtime?  Or after your dinner dishes are put away?

4)  Are there some prizes or cards you think you’re more likely to win than others?

5)  Do you know what the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is?

6)  What gets you more excited, the prizes on the PCHlotto cards or the SuperPrize entries we offer?

7)  Is there a specific reason you play … like to win money to pay off debt?  Dreams of going on vacation?  Wanting to spoil your loved ones?  Desire to own a home?  Or do you just play because it’s fun and you’d like a few extra dollars in your pocket?


Now, please don’t feel confined by these questions.  Like I said, you can tell me anything at all about PCHlotto!  We’d love to use some of your answers in future Play&Win blogs and reach out to you for your very own blog interview! Wouldn’t that be cool?

I look forward to seeing your answers in the comments section below, and since we’re friends, I’ll even share my own answers, too.  Like my answer to #3 … I’m off to play today’s PCHlotto cards right now because I like to play in the morning!  I’ll come back with my other answers later, but for now …

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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Barb S. said...

1) Either, but since I’m a bit “OCD” I prefer using the email link. Otherwise I will just “have to” use the link later anyway, and if I’ve already played, the email link doesn’t count for that day but will redirect me to search or some other page of the site. So for me better to just begin with the email!

2) Try to play every day!

3) Usually mid-morning. Sometimes late night on weekends.

4) No, I think it’s totally random. Luck of the draw and all that.

5) Not…really…? (Feel like I should know this.) Sounds like a mouth full and a lot of $dough$ though!

6) It’s all good!!

7) To win … it’s fun … for extra cash.

kasha frye said...

I play everyday unless it won’t load properly.I loveeeee pch LOTTO. Growing up my dad played tue lotto everyday he entered pch he went to bingo those fees add up. Here at pch its FREE so I LOVE it.

I did however get a letter in the mail saying I won 3million but I need to send in a form conferming my address and 12.99 I would fall for this fake pch looking logo on the envolope . My question is how are you guys protecting our address and information this a scam targeting your real fans!

Natasha Davis said...

I been playing the lotto for a while now, I play when I am waking up, I play all the games and scratches, I love it because its fun to play, and for a chance at millions I’m all in lol. But I can say playing these games really give me something to do. I answer all emails, if I don’t get a email then I go to the website and start playing more games, its cool and its fun, and just maybe the Universe will be on my side=).. I play because its a chance even if I don’t win I still play —> If I do win, I can take care of my family, I love taking care of people even when I don’t got it* it’s in my nature lol. paying off debt—> I have no negative feedback on the lotto.–> I am always trying to WIn……xoxo

Tasha P. said...

1) Do you play PCHlotto through your email or go directly to PCHlotto.com?
I would rather play through emails as I feel those give me an extra entry in on going sweepstakes.

2) Do you play every day or once in awhile?
I try to play everyday

3) When do you like to play? While sipping your morning coffee? At lunchtime? Or after your dinner dishes are put away?
Usually morning coffee but whenever I get the email.

4) Are there some prizes or cards you think you’re more likely to win than others?
Not really I just use auto pick every time.

5) Do you know what the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is?
NO but its sounds like a lot of money so I play it.

6) What gets you more excited, the prizes on the PCHlotto cards or the SuperPrize entries we offer?
All of the above… of course everyone wants to win the BIG prize but I would take any!
7) Is there a specific reason you play … like to win money to pay off debt? Dreams of going on vacation? Wanting to spoil your loved ones? Desire to own a home? Or do you just play because it’s fun and you’d like a few extra dollars in your pocket? All of the above… I would love to pay off debt, go on an awesome dream vacation, move to a bigger house, help out family members that have worked so hard, spoil my boys a little and take my hard working husband to a wonderful dinner and not have to worry about how much we can spend!

Michaela G. said...

Hello Laurel U. for that great letter to all of us about gaming.

I love to game and I try my best to play everyday, but I’m not a heavy gamer, so I really do not have anything to say about gaming, for you today.

Happy gaming to all that enter to win PCH!!!

Wilensky Saintil said...

I play PCHLotto via email and directly on the site. The experience online is fun and exciting and gives me the same thrill from buying a lotto ticket which I dont do as often as before but the PCH lotto website is very appealing with great graphic designs and a pretty neat web layout.

I also noticed how much more simplified and compatible the recent mobile updates are. It makes it easier to use on my smartphone. I use to play the sames numbers but now I’ll try mixing them up a bit or quick picking.

As far as emails I would get from PCHLotto, there’s one in particular which drew my attention with an 11:59 pm deadline. It was from Rose Winley and it had the ‘Bigger Bucks’ logo. Whats interesting is that I actually found a similar email template with Google out of curiosity when I searched for Rose Winley’s name from Prize suite… Heres the link below if youre intetested in seeing it.


Overall, I think PCHLotto is a fun and convenient way of playing lotto online in the comfort of your home or mobile device.

Im also a huge fan of PCHSlotts, I matched 6 out of 7 once. Great stuff!

Happy Gaming,

W Saintil

Dorothy Turner said...

I play and wish maybe one day I could win something, if not happy for the ones that do.

Yvette Cabiness said...

I play everyday from my app on my phone, right now I can’t afford to the state lotto and I have dreams of a Big payday …Thank you and stay Blessed

John Furstenwerth said...

Hello all you PCH Gamers!
I am able to play Publisher’s Clearing House several times a day via my emails and on facebook. I start my morning with one or two cups of coffee, with my laptop loading and the TV is on NBC Today Show.

Just all games of chance PCH games I would think are all legit; It’s the “Luck of the Draw” and laugh at players who think it’s a scam!

I don’t have a clue what Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is, But I will definitely check out it’s link.

I got most excited when a spammer friend on Face me and said I had won the $10 million Super Prize, until I found out it wasn’t true. Sob! and SOB!! …and its the SuperPrizes that are most exciting when I get my emails to enter.

My reasons to continue entering PCH are because I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran and my fixed income has not had a raise in years. So we are house poor, no vacations or going out. It wasn’t what I am paid, it’s the cost of living increases each year that is slowly closing the gap of poverty. So I need to win. Paying off the house and cars, finishing our basement, buy a RV and go on a vacation; plus share my fortune with family, friends, Church and Red Cross.

Charlene Dean said...

I play for the fun of it and a chance to win big!

philip holland said...

i have played state lottos for 30 years half of my life and with no results . i have played pch games for the last 30 days and enjoy it and much better chance winning if not no loss , more power to you pch family and be blessed and have a great fall of the year

Maria Miranda said...

1. If I get it by email then by email.
2. I used to play randomly but now I try to play it everyday.
3. Whenever I get a chance to.
4. Nope.
5. Yup.
6. Can’t complain about entering for free.
7. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes but more than a few dollars please. Thank you!

philip holland said...

p.s. i play all day off and on mostly when i have my coffee early in the day and the most prize i need is the ford f150 my old dodge truck has seen its days old and not moveable and may the roads lead you to my house and be safe

david hawn said...

I hope they are doing better at winning then I am.

amed nelson said...

I play and now i want to win !

said samatar said...

i wonder if price patrol give me chance to win

Keeper of the Birds said...

ok Danielle, Christa and Laurel, you want my story on #PCHLotto…I play everyday unless it’s a doctor day…Honestly, I start my day almost everyday opening my PCH emails to play Bingo, Lotto, Slots, Pch Games or Play&win, Search&Win, and PchFrontpage email and any extras you may be sending to the emailees like me….I do this while I listen to a daily audio bible( so my only complaint is i wish i could permanently set the volume to off instead of having to do it each game, each time in the morning while i am also trying to listen to Brian on the audio bible. I game to honestly help ‘wake up’ my hands…i have Nueropathy in my hands and feet and have for years. I actually do PCH gaming in the mornings to get functionality back in my hands in the mornings. Then I game thru out the day Slots and games at PCH.com….then in the evening after my therapy bath i play some more on PCH.com all the sweepstakes and giveaways then play some great games like star Quiz or one of the Mahjong games or one of the gem games, while i watch my evening TV shows…dang i could spend all day playing with PCH and all of it for free…wow. now that is sending ripples …gracing the world with Hope ! just sayin’ ps doing the corrections on the Blogs helps me with memory etc kinda issues since a TIA back in nov 2011. You really are a huge part of my daily therapy! many blessings to all of you for that!
yes I know what Bigger Buck Million Rolling jackpot is…play it everyday ! and I love them all, all the games, lotto, slots, all the many many ways you have to play and really win BIG ….so it all gets me excited and it all keeps me very HOPEFUL! there is my story……just sayin’….
Why I play…i have been on disability since May 1990 and raised 4 children on less than 500 per month back then….today I get 647 ssa and 9 ssi to live on. I was living in my truck after the TIA in end of OCT 2011. Then got sicker with the flu vaccine they gave me so when my step sibling whom i had talked on and off again thru the last 10 or so years texted to wish me a happy thanksgiving that year Roger Jr (jimmy is his family name) had a fit and told me to bring my butt up to reno area and come stay with him. Christmas rolled around and I was still sick and living in my 93 GMC truck and he told me then he too was facing cancer in one of his kidneys….and after all the many health issues including cancer he knows i have gone thru…he wanted my help to get thru his surgery. I agreed to come as soon as i was well enough to drive….which took couple more months. I made it here for my birthday finally in april. He had his kidney cancer surgery in june….and i kinda got hung out to dry with who i was seeing for medical in southern cal. I had no health insurance until feb 2013. Meanwhile, my best friend, Roger Jr.,went back to work and was literally let go from work the week he returned to full duty. So he went on the hunt for new work, he has never been outta work longer than a month in his life. Its been a year. New employers take one look at his left side which was cut from belly button to spine; and assume he is unfit for work. Interview over! Breaks my heart to ride with him. The only job he has been able to get is the state of nevada, thru Consumer Direct, pays him to help me for a total of 12 hours a week. Unbelievable i know! So here comes this past Christmas, and we get informed his son, Roger III, has just been diagnosed with a life long illness that someday will require alot of the same assistance i require and am not getting due to money and lack of money to the state funds. So I fear since i was dsiabled at his age that he may have to deal with some similiar issues in the areas of lack of treatment due to lack of right medical issurance or monies like the co pays.
.Roger jr’s youngest daughters graduated high school June 2012 and left for college…. but due to no money, one of the twins took a break this year and we have no idea how we are gonna cover the other one’s tution….. Roger jr. has used every single penny of his 401k and is fixing to lose his house. Which i too now live in. I am on oxygen almost all the time and he is on a CPAP machine….and the electric is fixing to be cut off, the house phone has already been cut off months ago…there are no corners left to cut….but what i worry about is the cell phones are also fixing to be cut off….and on monday when Roger took me to the doctors i was informed my own cancer cell count for my thyriod is up again and now since it is in the endocrine system we need to start the hunt and peck procedure of finding where it went to. and i get whatever Medicare and NV medicaid will aliow for treatment…period……unless i have money…i could finally go to a cancer treatment center of america and maybe finally be done doing what i refer to as’ the dance’ with cancer.
So I play today for many reasons, PCH is my only HOPE of being able to do anything to change any of these things. PCH is ALWAYS free which fits a no money budget which i have had to live on for almost as long as PCH Prize Patrol has been around…..I started playing via snail mail back in 1989 actually….been playing ever since but i so love playing online….somedays it is the mental emotional safe escape i need that at least leaves me with Hope for tomorrow. many many blessings to EVERYONE (interns too) at PCH.
and to answer one final question not asked here but was asked recently about changing your name and to what and why…. I am half cherokee and half irish…it is told the Catholic home for unwed mothers that i was born in; covered up in daytime and nighttime birds during my birthing. By old native tradition I am told the birds came to greet me into this world….hence the native name of Keeper of the Birds….but I did not claim this name until such time as my only son son was murdered by his 12 step recovery sponsor in 2002 and i felt the need to do some undercover work of my own….I literally moved right next door went to the court house and reclaimed my native name and denounced my name I had been living under Veronica Marie McGuire/Ordway when my son died. It took 4 years but one day the federal marshal’s knocked on my door………then my trek from western North Carolina across the entire country to southern California began…..when I made some agreements with this god of my own MIS understanding….s/he gets me and truly that is all i NEED. but hitting anything in PCH would be an everyday MIRACLE in my life. JUST SAYIN”

Valerie Gleason said...

I play through the e-mails sent out mostly and play everyday! I like to start in the a.m. and finish the games throughout the day. I play because we have had a lot of medical bills and at one point, were really behind. We are trying to get all caught up with everything. The biggest reason is to get some extra money for my four children and grandbabies. Life has not been too easy for them either. I would love to visit my dad in San Diego who is now in Hospice. I really don’t have the extra money to do it.

Sandy Kukarola said...

I play every day hoping my entry on some lotto cards for 7000 a week for life will be a winning entry or the ten million entry might be a winning entry. I love to enter every lotto card every day.

jacqueline said...

If i could win the 100,000.00 a week for a year is all that i would want to win. I could do a lot of stuff for my mamily. I wouls beable to stock up on food and get a half of cow and a whole pig from the best meats in spokane.
I could als have our roof replaced cause community action center will not do it for us but they will do it for the next door neighbor. I could also get our windows replaced as well. I would also get the vaccum that i really know works well

Karan kiser said...

I get it through my Email, I play every day, it all depends when I play sometimes it late &sometimes it’s Early ,no to win & yes

Katarina shirey said...

I play through my email because I don’t have a computer and I mostly play for fun I really don’t expect to win but if I did that would surprise me lol

Latravis London said...

First off i think its pretty cool to play free lotto.I play everyday hoping i really win one day. Lord knows i could use the money.Weather its through my email or PCH lotto.com i am in.I don’t spend no more cash at stores for lotto i just play for free wow i love it i am a big fan of PCH i talk about PCH everyday to friends etc.Its just so cool to be a part of everything PCH has to offer us their fans i am in it to win it momma needs a new home lol.

Latravis London said...

I Just enjoy PCH lotto

Ellen Gidding said...

I play everyday, I was brought up with my mother playing and that got me started, and I just never stopped. First it was through the mail, now it is so much easier on the pc. Of course there is always the hope of being able to live a better life. I don’t mean spiritually, I mean financially. And besides its fun to play!!!!!!

Shanicka Harris said...

I really like everyday when i look check the my watch time 12:00 am, but i can wait when you come to here who will be won who never possible happening. All times checking my email but i feel sometime forget it, and busy

coryanne engelson said...

I love playing lotto, cause if i every hit 7 or 8 out of 8 numbers,i will be in the money,(smiling ) living in Las Vegas, i have seen it happen so many times where,a person that was sitting next to me hit a 10 out 0f 10 numbers, for a whole lot of money, it just looked so easy, like how hard is to get 8 or 10 of my favorite numbers, believe me its very hard. So i am on a mission, i have to win it at least one time, dos’nt, it look easy,? i keep telling my self that. Yeep! i love the PCH lotto, so i am going to keep playing,till i win, to me its something i must!!!!!, and i also LOVE winning.and I love a challenge..

Natasha Davis said...

Hey Laurel,

I play every day… I play because it is enjoyable and I might have what it takes to be 1 in a million…….

#nevergiveup <3

kristi burkhalter said...