Who Will Be The PCHlotto Mascot?

Hey Gamers,

I’m about to let you in on something that’s been totally hush-hush for the past few months.  Are you ready?  Brace yourself for this:

We’re Getting Ready to Pick a PCHlotto Mascot!

It’s true!  And we want your opinion – so take a look at these cool characters and let us know which one YOU like best:


Who wouldn’t want to hop on over to PCHlotto after seeing this little lady?  I know I would!


This guy makes me want to play the Scrrrrratch card I get after playing all my PCHlotto cards even more than before!


Looking at this ducky just makes me feel lucky – how about you?


This guy sure makes gettin’ green look easy – and let’s face it, he’s just ‘toadily’ cool!


And speaking of green, how’s about a bit o’ the old Irish spirit to get your numbers pumping?


Picking your numbers is always black and white with this fella – and he’s so cuddly I just want to play with him all day!

We’re still deciding, but we want to know what YOU think — who would make the best PCHlotto Mascot?

• The cute bunny

• The scratchy cat

• The lucky ducky

• The fun frog

• The lovely leprechaun

• Or the playful panda? 

COMMENT BELOW and let us know, and keep checking back here at the blog for when we announce the winner!

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

20 thoughts on “Who Will Be The PCHlotto Mascot?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Carla Michelle Antee

  2. The queen can solve thumbs down wrong.

  3. Michelle Eaton says:

    wish for home makeover

  4. Alfred Flores says:

    The lovely lerechaun is by far the worst of them all, dont trust him hell rob you, if you can find him at all.

    Ill tell you the one, thats perfect for the job, hes yellow and so lucky, just like a rubber ducky….hes known as a lucky ducky.

  5. Alfred Flores says:

    A bunny can be cute, but very hard to catch, those PCH lotto numbers will make it very difficult to match.

    The scratchy cat, will trade it all for a big fat rat.

    The fun frog some say that it brings you goodluck, its green like your dollars, well so is the hulk.

    The playful panda is an endangered speceis, i wont press my luck on that, for you will pickup the brokn peices

    The lovely leprechaun i

  6. Judy Peterson says:

    I would love for the leprechaun to be PCH’s new mascot!

    The rainbow, and the pot of gold at the end are a sign of hope, faith, opportunity, adventure, and prosperity. All words that can be associated with winning PCH prizes.

  7. Mildred B.R. says:

    I nominate the scratchy cat as the PCHlotto mascot.

  8. Barb S. says:

    Scratchy Cat!

  9. stephanie wurtz says:

    Thu lucky ducky.s

  10. sharon beckham says:

    I really like the frog. I don’t know why I like the slimy things but I do!

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