How Do I Find Past Winning Lotto Numbers At PCHlotto?

Find out how you can find past winning lottery numbers at PCHlotto! 

Hello, PCHLotto Players!

There’s nothing like the thrill of playing the lottery and hearing those winning numbers announced. Every state has its own “lottery personality” – a well-dressed lady or man with a big smile and a booming voice, announcing the winning numbers as the balls magically pop out of the “lottery machine.” If you’ve paid your dollar for your ticket, that winning moment may belong to you!

But you probably know you can play PCHlotto for FREE and win up to $3 Million! That’s right … PCHLotto is our own lottery-style sweepstakes where there is a winner every single day! And if you’re not already playing, I have just one question for you: “Why not?”

Thousands of you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PCHLotto! And you also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE WINNING! You may have seen Amanda C. announce winning numbers here on the Play&Win blog, and there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing your favorite numbers pop up on the screen.

However, several of our blog readers have told us they can’t find the past winning lotto numbers on our PCHLotto “Daily Drawings” page… and we’re here to help!

How to Find Past Winning Lotto Numbers in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1:  Go to the PCHLotto home page at


(All prize amounts are for illustrative purposes only.)

While you’re there, if you haven’t already played your numbers today, give it a whirl!

Step 2: Click on the “Drawings” tab:


Here you will find the previous day’s winning numbers posted.

Step 3: Find winning numbers by date:

You can find the winning numbers by date if you are looking for previous drawings. Go to “Find Winning Numbers by Date” and use the pull-down feature to select the date you want. For example, I am writing this blog on 9/16/13, and I’ve just checked the winning numbers from 9/12/13.


I can also check if my numbers are winners for past plays, all at once, when I click on the “View All Drawings” tab.


So, there you have it!  That’s how to find out if your numbers are winners on PCH Lotto.  But you can’t have winning numbers unless you play — so play PCHlotto today — and check back tomorrow to see if you’re a winner. Remember, unlike your state lottery, it’s absolutely FREE and 100% FUN!

Happy Gaming,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Please let us know if you found this information helpful! We’re always trying to make it easy for our gamers to have the best online experience possible!  And, don’t forget to tell your friends to play PCHLotto, too!

82 thoughts on “How Do I Find Past Winning Lotto Numbers At PCHlotto?”

  1. I am claiming my PCH lotto number for 2/17/2006. I am claiming the cash and tokens for those numbers.

  2. Bigger Bucks Pick 8 my #’s 10 12 13 17 23 27 34 41
    Moonlight Millions Pick8 – 5 (9) 14 21( 37) 40 49
    $2500 Tuscan PICK 7
    5 9 (11) 14 (21) 31 40
    $500 Happy 2016 Pick 7 5 9 11 (14) (21) (24)48
    $5000PHaraohGems PIck7 (5) 9 11 14 21 37 40
    $1000Grand pick 7 4 9 14 21 37 45 (48)
    $10000 Enchanted pick 7 5 9 11 14 21 (35) 39
    $1500 Mamma pick 7 5 (9) 14 21 (37) 40 48
    $2500 Silver Spoon pick 7 5 9 (11) (21) 40 43 (48)
    $500 pick 7 5 9 11 (14) 22 37 40
    $5000 RED HOT pick7 (5) 9 14 22 37 42 48
    $1000 First class pick 7 9 11 14 24 37 40 (48)
    $10000 Bill Blaster pick 7 9 11 21 (24) 37 40 47
    $1500 Pick 7 (9) 11 14 22 24 37 40

    LUCKY PICK (43) for all of above
    I claim my total tokens 3600

    All these are my Lotto numbers for January 29 th .

  3. Umaru Kamara says:

    I’m ask pch officials to please claim and secure my entry to win $1,794,882.46 as this writing the bigger bucks millions jackpot for the tournament games offers we are thanks pch officials for the opportunities.

  4. Umaru Kamara says:

    Yes ! Pch officials I’m ask your to please claim and secure my entry to win $1,794,882.46 as of this writing the bigger bucks million jackpot. For the tournament games offers we are thanks pch officials for the opportunities .

  5. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    How do I find past pch lotto numbers just play enter for the matching numbers to be drawn.Find winning numbers by date click on view all drawings.

  6. AyseP says:

    Dear pch team

    I claim my lotto winning numbers that I played all of them.
    As of today jackpot stood at an $1,765.951. And I claim my prize access ticket .
    I also claim this amount among to other winning prizes of pch jackpot lotto.

    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards

  7. Henry H says:

    PCH LOTTO full page search, a E Mail today is allowing me a full page search and a chance to win the lotto


  8. Lisa A says:

    Ahh help y’all sent me 2 emails & my phone is sending them to
    Archives …. My numbers hit on pch lotto🎈🎈 yea !!! Trying to contact you.
    Before deadline Can only read part of messages Oct. 12 was date u sent. Last
    That I can find. Didn’t no messag wood go ther. Says LISA YOUR NUMBERS MATCH💃💃💃💃 & then. Your server didn’t send message ?????? Help I wanna

  9. Do not understand the last game. Could not figure it out.

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