Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto? Find Out Here!

Happy Columbus Day Blog Readers!

Now you may be wondering:  what does a PCH SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto have to do with Columbus Day?  Well, I’ll tell you, just like good ol’ Christopher Columbus landed in a new world, I landed myself in a whole “new world” when I joined PCHlotto.  And one of my first questions after playing all my lotto cards was, “Where’s my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto?” 

My journey began when I got an email like the one below that told me I would get TWO BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers after I played my second and third cards at PCHlotto.

Where's my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto

Now, I know I can’t win because I work here, but I still love to play at PCHlotto, and who wouldn’t be excited by the idea of TWO SuperPrize Numbers?!?  So I clicked the “Enter Now” Button, played my first card — the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card — and then came to the second card with the PCH SuperPrize logo in the left hand corner.  It looks like this:


I played my second card, and then went for another PCH SuperPrize Entry with my third card (I knew I got another BIG PCH entry because I saw this logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen when the third card appeared):


Now after I picked my favorite numbers for all three cards, I waited for some indication that my PCH SuperPrize number belonged to me.  I mean, I saw all of my PCHlotto card numbers that I picked … wouldn’t I see the BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers, too?  I was perplexed — and I asked myself, “Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto?”

And just like Christopher Columbus, I had to explore those round (not flat!) PCHlotto balls for an answer!  So I played my cards daily and found out that you can pick your PCHlotto card numbers, but the numbers for the BIG PCH SuperPrize giveaways are assigned behind the scenes.  They become associated with your name – and your name alone.  No one else can claim your SuperPrize Numbers once you do – and then, after they’re claimed, they automatically go onto the Winner Selection List – the list of all timely eligible entries we’ll look to when we search for an eligible matching winning number – and if that number is yours, you would be declared the winner!

So you won’t see the BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers that are assigned to you on PCHlotto, BUT they do exist in your name AND you’ll definitely know if you have a number that wins you a life-changing PCH fortune!

So Lotto fans, in honor of Columbus Day, please go explore PCHlotto for yourself where you’ll be granted TWO big entries for the PCH SuperPrize by playing your second and third lotto cards.  And if you find yourself asking “Where’s my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto” – you can feel good knowing that we’ve got it here — assigned exclusively to you and waiting for that big drawing day!

Good Luck on Your PCHlotto Journey & Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

1,462 thoughts on “Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto? Find Out Here!”

  1. Jean Tippens says:

    PCH I am so afraid i won’t find my numbers. I work very hard to get. Help me .Thank you pch.

  2. I’m claiming my pch superprize bonus numbers and gwy 6900 7,000.00 a week..cause I’m in it to win it all…see ya prize patrol at my front door..

  3. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    I’m claiming my entry to win a superprize bonus, and the early special look out for $7,000.00 a week for life on October 21st, and my local tv area Springfield MO. Yes I do want to win. Thanks PCH.

  4. cottie lopez says:

    PCH Guadalupe I am searching the activate my notice deposit to claim ballot price number Winner selection list button to the wind giveaway 8035 for 1 million plus the 25000 bonus cash I am answering and climbing my giveaway for $7,000 a week for life plus the winning selection last number activation for 10 million superprize activation confirmation has already been done plus I would like to enter 10 10 thousand a week for Life Alert claim code c – 42 initial GL for October 20th 2016 in September 24th 2016 at 10:22 a.m. I am in training claiming for this giveaway prize winter selection last number is activated plus I’d like to enter confirmation activation responding for an to receive claim unique price number registration $7,000 a week for Life confirmation received timely and turd number 21007 activation registration 7000 a week Time Life timely answered sweepstakes entries I am in pain in claiming and securing my giveaway post prize Patrol delivery and sensory claiming $7,000 a week for Life direct deposit direct receive for this dispatch celery deadline 9:25 2006 I’m in it to win it plus I like to secure my VIP access reward for 1 million from giveaway 8055 plus I would like to enter my 3 surprise numbers claiming not one not two not three and in the winner selection list for giveaway 1830 I would like price. I’ll be waiting for you prize Patrol.

  5. Rose Scheuch says:

    search to activate Notice of Deposit & claim valid prize number from winner selection list Button #2 entry to win pch gwy 8035: $1,000,000.00 cash prize

  6. Cynthia Marshall says:

    I’m claiming my entry for a chance to win $7,000 a week for Life!

  7. Elena Tedtaotao says:

    I’m claiming my entry for a chance to win a $1,000,000.00, and plus the $25,000.00 bonus, and the early special look out for $7,000.00 a week for life on October 21st.And my local tv area Springfield MO. Yes I do want to win. Thanks PCH.

  8. Hello pch I am claiming my entry for $1 million superprize. I pray to God that I will win the next superprize.

  9. Rosemary Portokalis says:

    maybe my Irish luck would be with me and the Cunningham Family would be celebrating in the clover for me . thank you pch you are great good luck to all

  10. Lottie sampson says:

    My claim number is 803 i want win one million dollars for my family pick me

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