Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto? Find Out Here!

Happy Columbus Day Blog Readers!

Now you may be wondering:  what does a PCH SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto have to do with Columbus Day?  Well, I’ll tell you, just like good ol’ Christopher Columbus landed in a new world, I landed myself in a whole “new world” when I joined PCHlotto.  And one of my first questions after playing all my lotto cards was, “Where’s my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto?” 

My journey began when I got an email like the one below that told me I would get TWO BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers after I played my second and third cards at PCHlotto.

Where's my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto

Now, I know I can’t win because I work here, but I still love to play at PCHlotto, and who wouldn’t be excited by the idea of TWO SuperPrize Numbers?!?  So I clicked the “Enter Now” Button, played my first card — the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card — and then came to the second card with the PCH SuperPrize logo in the left hand corner.  It looks like this:


I played my second card, and then went for another PCH SuperPrize Entry with my third card (I knew I got another BIG PCH entry because I saw this logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen when the third card appeared):


Now after I picked my favorite numbers for all three cards, I waited for some indication that my PCH SuperPrize number belonged to me.  I mean, I saw all of my PCHlotto card numbers that I picked … wouldn’t I see the BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers, too?  I was perplexed — and I asked myself, “Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto?”

And just like Christopher Columbus, I had to explore those round (not flat!) PCHlotto balls for an answer!  So I played my cards daily and found out that you can pick your PCHlotto card numbers, but the numbers for the BIG PCH SuperPrize giveaways are assigned behind the scenes.  They become associated with your name – and your name alone.  No one else can claim your SuperPrize Numbers once you do – and then, after they’re claimed, they automatically go onto the Winner Selection List – the list of all timely eligible entries we’ll look to when we search for an eligible matching winning number – and if that number is yours, you would be declared the winner!

So you won’t see the BIG PCH SuperPrize Numbers that are assigned to you on PCHlotto, BUT they do exist in your name AND you’ll definitely know if you have a number that wins you a life-changing PCH fortune!

So Lotto fans, in honor of Columbus Day, please go explore PCHlotto for yourself where you’ll be granted TWO big entries for the PCH SuperPrize by playing your second and third lotto cards.  And if you find yourself asking “Where’s my SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto” – you can feel good knowing that we’ve got it here — assigned exclusively to you and waiting for that big drawing day!

Good Luck on Your PCHlotto Journey & Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

407 thoughts on “Where’s My SuperPrize Number from PCHlotto? Find Out Here!”

  1. I will come and get it if y’all to busy,601 441 5949 just give me a hollar,4900,think I might have win it all dang feel good,pch my hero!!!

  2. Hello ,I want claim my 20000,0000 very badley that’s what my email said I can see that van pulling up in stump town Mississippi ,sure gone be wonderful if they do what they say think I love pch and every body in it. Thank You..

  3. Vance price says:

    I Want To WIN IT ALLOWANCE does your

  4. PCH15p16007
    18-006 18-007 18-008

    1. hattie damon says:

      i know what a new world feels like i been in one since 2001 i broke half my neck both shoulders and crushed eight lower disc in my back along with bashing the back of my head and had bleeding on the brain. my whole world ended that day as i knew it i was a nurse who worked med surg and was trying to getting more education to get higher up in my field. instead i got nothing but pain and surgery on my right shoulder they removed 150 pieces of broken bone and cartiledge in order for me to use my arm then my neck is unoperatable alone with my lower back. now my spinal cord nerves are growing out into my back where all the broken bone shards are and i am in pain all the time. i am also raising my granddaughter due to her mother getting hurt in the army who is a nine year war veteran. i was unable to sue anyone for my medical bills and my life being turned upside down due to the torte act. i now get a whole whoping 609 a month to live on. and i cannot walk far and i do the best i can i have to sit in a chair to wash dishes. everything has changed in my life i am in debt up to my eyeballs. i am constantly worrying. i pray all the time for a miracle to happen in my life along with praying for others as well. there is no miracle cure for me and i have had to accept the way i am for the rest of my life and i keep getting worse never better cause i also have a bone degenative disease as well. i pray no one ever goes through this in their lives. good luck to u as well jennifer and blessings always. hattie damon

  5. when you stated “look out your window” I ran to the window. Guess what! No car, no publishers clearing house anywhere in sight. I had my heart set on a new car as someone stole mine….couldn’t afford aa bill, so no car. I had already planned on putting a new roof on my church, getting my son a truck, my sister a car for all they’ve done for me. Please don’t tell me to ‘look out your window’ again without you all being there. Thanks for the fun in paying contest in hopes of winning.
    Freda E.Quintero (301) 895-4442

  6. marvel marks says:

    Is my superprize number pc 266 I hope so.

  7. marvel marks says:

    I want win the superprize

  8. rebecca westergard says:

    Awesome awesome I may say ! Hope to win the super prize an so many will win with my winning also ! Very good information thanks Laurie an PCH ! Hope the PCH Patrol heads there way to Michigan !! Yippie! Hugs

  9. kathryn wakefield says:

    I would love to win the super prize . So I am claiming my supsr prize number.

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